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The Next Day

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Rachel and Gerard reflect on the night before. (R for language)

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A/N: Here's the sixth chapter! Well yeah thank you so much for the reviews and rates last chapter! They really motivate me and keep me eager to write! I really like this chapter for some reason haha. I hope you all do too! R&R! Ahhh and 89 more days until I get to see MCR LIVE (:

Chapter 6: The Next Day
Gerard's POV:

"Holy fucking shit." I mumbled as I slapped my hand on my forehead, which hurt like hell by the way.

I sat up in my bed and clasped my hands around my head; I was trying to remember everything that had happened last night. I remember going to meet Frankie at the park, and we downed those beers so fucking fast. I remember laughing so fucking hard at Frank, he had said something about his music as he usually did and then next thing I knew he was on top of a picnic table singing the national anthem as loud as he could. Just when he was about to really belt it out; I remember the table breaking and Frankie collapsing to the ground. We both laughed nonstop for about five minutes, we had a little more drunken real talk, and then decided to call it a night. Then what happened...I can't really remember it. I know I came home and...then...I remember seeing Rachel? Oh fuck that's right she helped me upstairs, not that I needed it. I was blabbering on about something when we got to my room; I looked around my room trying to see if anything would help me remember. Then it just hit me like a fucking ton of bricks... holy fuck I told her I liked her...I got all mushy, ah shit I probably ruined my chances fuck...I was trying to remember anything else. I could feel my headache wearing off so I got up and decided to pace around and try and piece everything together. I was lying on my bed and she came over and rolled me onto my side, so I would choke if I puked. But I never puked, so she really didn't need to do that. Then what happened...come on Gerard...Then suddenly I felt a giant grin spread across my face. Holy. Fucking. Shit. She called me cute; I remembered it as clear as day now. Even though the words 'when you're plastered' followed it, I didn't care she found me attractive in some way, and there was no way in hell I wasn't going to feed off that. I ran to my window and saw Rachel running out of her door and stop for a minute and just stand and admire her surroundings. This was it, I was gonna talk to her, and everything would finally be how I wanted it to be. I ran downstairs grabbed some coffee and my bag, to make it look casual that I was out there the same time she was. I smoothly walked over the lawn towards her; she had her back to me. So I took this as an opportune moment to mess up my ebony hair, which was a bit greasy but I didn't give a fuck.

I put what some girls might call a 'seductive' grin on and said, "Oh Racheeeeeel."

Rachel's POV:

"Rachel! Sweetie! Wake up! You're gonna be late!" I heard my mom cheerfully yell from downstairs. I don't understand how she could be so happy all the fucking time. But whatever, I rolled out of my bed and glanced at my phone, it was 6:45 and school started at 7:30 great, I was late. I walked sluggishly to my mirror while bumping into a bunch of unpacked boxes, which I was far too lazy to unpack. I used all my energy to open up my eyes and look at myself in the mirror. I looked like complete shit, considering I had gotten basically no sleep last night, but that was pretty much my own fault. My auburn hair didn't look all that bad, it was rested in its natural curly style. I glanced at myself a couple more times after applying little make up and getting dressed, realized this was as good as I was going to look today. I shut off my lights, shut my door, and ran downstairs. I quickly grabbed my bag off the dining room table, and a giant mug of black coffee, I hated milk, sugar, and creamer. That shit ruined coffee. I jetted out the door. I could feel the weather getting chillier each day. Fall was approaching rather fast, and I was excited I loved fall it was probably my favorite season. Not too warm, not too cold. I stopped running for a minute and took a sip of my coffee and just soaked in the crisp premature fall breeze. I relaxed a little, threw my bag into the back seat of my jetta. I was just about to get in and head to school when I heard someone yell out to me.

"Oh Racheeeeeel." I heard a voice yell behind tauntingly

"Great.." I exhaled this is exactly how I wanted to start my day.

I turned and leaned against my car and saw exactly what I had expected. Gerard, he was wearing a Misfits shirt with dark blue skinny jeans, and grey converses that he had painted red stripes on. The same clothes he was wearing last night. I looked him over, he didn't even look hung-over, he had coffee in his hand just like I did. At least I assumed it was coffee, if it was alcohol I wouldn't be the least bit surprised. But I saw the steam rising from the mug, so that reassured me that he was a little bit sane and that it was coffee in his mug. He is the last person I wanted to see this morning, because I know he probably remembers that I called him cute, but it was a slip up, and ah I am so dumb! I figured I should just get it over with, so I just stood there as he walked towards me

"Well you look rather tired this morning..." he paused, "wonder why that is?" he questioned me smirking.

"Hmmm yeah...last night don't read too much into that. I would have felt bad leaving you passed out on the grass." I smiled smugly at him and opened my door to get in my car.

"Uh no... Where do you think you are going? We have things we need to discuss." he firmly stated moving closer to my car. I got in and locked the door started it and rolled the window down.

"No we don't. As far as I'm concerned last night never happened Gerard." I said earnestly and backed out of my drive way and sped to school. In my review mirror I could see him just standing there dumbfounded.

The whole ride to school all I could think about was the night before, and how different Gerard seemeed. I felt like maybe just maybe he had a bit of sincerety in him. But I couldn't tell for sure. I knew I was attracted to him, I mean who wouldn't be...the boy was insanely gorgeous, and his confidence (even if he did have too much of it) just dragged me even closer to him. I was always attracted to boys like him...always, and thats why I always got fucked with. Well not this time Rachel, not this year. I had to focus on theatre, it was all I wanted, and nothing else.

Thankfully I arrived at school before Gerard and with time to spare. I quickly shook myself out of my in depth thoughts about Gerard and pushed them into the very back of my mind. Especially the ones about how his hazel sparkled in the sun...what the fuck is wrong with you Rachel, did you really just think about his hazel eyes sparkling in the sun? Fuck, I looked in my mirror and just gave myself a snap out of it look. I grabbed my stuff out of my backseat, pushed myself out of my car. Which I was so tempted just to sleep in, I could feel myself becoming more drowsy by the minute, so I just kept drinking my coffee. I walked away from my car and locked my doors. I was walking towards the school, when I saw a short black haired boy wearing a white v-neck and black skinny's. I instantly knew it was Frank.

"Frank!" I screamed out hoping he would hear me. He did and turned around he looked like shit, not adorable like he usually did.

"Not so loud Rach, I have got one hell of a hangover this morning." he said his voice sounded raspier than usual.

"Oh fuck, did you go drink with Gerard last night?" I asked him as we walked slowly into the school.

"Yeah we---wait... how did you know that?" he asked and suddenly he perked his head up with interest.

"Well its kind of a funny see last night when I was smoking my cigg Gerard came home..." I trailed off thinking about how he stumbled over to me I the dark.

"And?" Frank asked I could tell he was intrigued.

"Well he was completely plastered." I stopped. " Does he always get that fucking drunk?" I asked Frank a little concerned.

"Yeah but he's fine." Frank stopped walking and sat down on this bench in the amphitheater, he patted to the space next to him, gesturing for me to sit, of course I did.

"Anyway, he was a mess and he looked as if he was going to pass out in the yard, and despite my better judgment I wasn't about to let that happen. So I helped to his house, but then I thought there was no way he was going to be able to make it up the stairs. So I helped up to his room, and turned him over so he wouldn't choke, and then I said something Frank...something bad..." I stopped ranting, and glanced off.

"What did you say?" Frank asked calmly.

"Basically I called him cute...But it just slipped out!" I justified myself.

"Oh shit." he chuckled.

"What's so funny?" I looked at him confused.

He stopped laughing and turned towards me. "You were worried about him." he said and busted out into laughter again.

"No I wasn't!" I exclaimed. "I was just doing what any good person would have done!" I explained.

"Yes you were! I think it's the cutest thing I ever heard." he kept laughing and tears were starting to spew out from his eyes.

"Frank! Stop!" I pushed him playfully. But it didn't work.

"Frank! Frankie! Franklin!" I yelped out and he stopped and turned to me with a look of disbelief.

"Did you just call me Franklin?"

"Yeah.." I said.

We both looked at each other for a minute and starting laughing. I almost couldn't breathe, when we finally stopped I just looked at Frank with that goofy smirk on his face, he looked so adorable, so cute, so good. I quickly shook off the feeling of attraction to Frank and just sat there in silence with him. He looked up at the sky and the five minute bell rang. Then Frank finally broke the silence.

"Well if he was persistent before, nothing is going to stop him now." Frank smiled, "Come on I'll walk you to class." he got up and waited until I was ready and we just walked laughing at the stupidest things, and it felt great.
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