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Rachel meets another friend, and gets surprised.

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A/n: Okay so I got really excited when I wrote this today. I was gonna put it up later but I couldn't wait! So here it is! Enjoy! R&R!

Chapter 7: WHAT!
Frank's POV:

Well shit I couldn't help but laugh hysterically at the story Rachel told me earlier. She called Gee cute... he was gonna be all over her now. But this morning started off really well, even though I had the worst hangover. But as Rachel and I talked I totally forgot about, after I walked her to her Pre-Cal class I felt it creep up on me again. My headache was pounding like crazy; I continued on to my Calculus class and squeezed into the door right as the bell rang.

"Ah just made it did we Mr. Iero." Mr. McMartin said jokingly as I made my way to the back of the room.

I was really good at math so Mr. McMartin gave me a break every now and then; he was pretty cool for the most part. The thing I liked the most about him was that he didn't believe in homework, he always said "Most of you won't do it anyway." Also, he was just one of those teachers that let you decide for yourself whether if you wanted to fail or pass. So in other words he was pretty awesome. I never told Gee or anyone that math was my favorite subject, I was just good at it. But today I just couldn't concentrate; Rachel just kept popping back into my head. How her auburn hair gleamed in the sun, her big brown eyes. I mean I just met her, but it feels like we've known each other for awhile. I mean I could totally see us just hanging out talking about nothing...I mean she was pretty cool. Jesus Frank get a hold of yourself you sound like you like this girl...but you couldn't? Could you? Plus Gee was after her first so there was no way, it was against the code. No, Rachel is just a friend, that's all it was right?

Rachel's POV

Well this morning got progressively better after I talked to Frank, like I said before I couldn't help but laugh or smile around him, even though he was making fun of me for calling Gerard cute. His laugh was contagious and his smile was infectious basically. It was really sweet of him to walk me to class, but he was just being nice I'm sure of it. Anyway I was actually on time for Pre-Cal today, which made me very pleased. I stepped into the door and was greeted with a giant smile from a tiny dainty woman with blonde hair at the front of the room.

"Well hello dear! I suppose you are the new student that I was supposed to have yesterday! I'm Mrs. Bello" she said cheerfully welcoming me into the room. "Why exactly were you not here?" she suddenly changed to a more serious tone.

"Uh well I lost my schedule so I went to the front office to get a new one, and the woman at the desk sent me to lockout." I said sheepishly twiddling with my thumbs.

"Oh Ms. Alieo she is a terribly grumpy woman. Don't you worry dear I printed out your notes for you, so go take your seat next to Laura." she said compassionately as she pointed my seat out.

I walked over and there was a girl with long black hair, with a red streaks scattered through it. She seemed pretty cool; she was wearing an Iron Maiden shirt, with jean caprice's, and these Toms that had swirls on them.

"Whoa your Toms are awesome!" I exclaimed with excitement. The girl looked up at me with a startled face "I wanted those I just can't afford them yet." I continued not realizing I hadn't even told her my name or anything.

"Oh sorry my name is Rachel." I said feeling myself turn bright red from embarrassment.

"Ha it's all good. Hey I'm Laura." she shot me a bright smile. "So how do you like Belleville so far?" she asked in a whisper because Mrs. Bello had started teaching. I looked at the board and saw it was just a view of quadratic equations, something we had learned last year, so I paid no attention, and kept talking to Laura.

"Its all right I guess, I mean it's only my second day or so here, so I don't really know what you guys do for fun or anything." I said shyly.

"Well considering your new and all, and you seem pretty cool..." she trailed off and leaned a little closer. "There is a party this Friday, and you could come with me?"

"Yeah that sounds awesome." I said happily, I was glad I had finally met one sane girl in this town.

"So met any boys yet? We've definitely got the cream of the crop here." she said sarcastically. I could hear her thick New Jersey accent come through.

"Nope no boys for me, I am solely focused on theatre." I stated proudly. Laura obviously wasn't buying it because she gave me this 'seriously' look.

"Oh come on. You're telling me there isn't one boy that has caught your eye."

"Well there are two." I said sheepishly.

"Ooooh who who?" she asked intrigued.

"Well the first one's name is Frank Iero." I stated. "We have English together and he's really cute and sweet, but I think we are just friends." I explained to her.

"Well that's good because he has a girlfriend anyway." she chuckled.

"Really? Who?" I was a bit surprised Frank hadn't told me about his girlfriend. We practically poured our hearts out to each other the other day in English.

"Her name is Holly Connolly. She is actually sitting in the front desk up there." Laura nudged her head towards the front of the room.

"Oh...That's not what I expected at all." I looked at the girl from behind she had blonde hair and wore a bright pink top and was a little too slender for my liking. When she turned around to speak to one of the girls behind her I saw her face was caked in make up.

"Yeah no one really did. She is a huge bitch." she chuckled. "So who is the other guy?" she asked.

"Well he's kind of a pig sometimes, and he started hounding me from the moment he saw me. But I am a little intrigued. His name is Gerard Way." I said quietly.

"WHAT!" she yelled out.

"Excuse me Ms. Bowers and Ms. Waters is there a problem?" Mrs. Bello had turned away from the board and directed her attention towards us.

"Umm no there was just a really big spider. Sorry!" Laura said apologetically, I nodded in agreement and Mrs. Bello just faintly smiled and turned back to the board.

"Gerard Way! Every single girl that's single has the hots for him. I don't really know why? He can be a real ass to girls. But that's probably why the bimbo girls like him." Laura explained.

"Oh...well what about you?" I asked.

"What about me?" she replied.

"Do you have the hots for him?" I laughed.

"Oh god no! I actually am dating his brother Mikey for about a year now, we met in sophomore English last year, and ever since we've been really happy." A huge smile plastered itself on her face while she talked.

"Awh that's cute." I smiled back.

"Yeah and dating Mikey for a year, I have gotten to know Gee pretty well, and even though he acts like an ass to girls. If he pursues you more than a day he is really does want to try with you. Like to him you're the girl to take on a date. " she explained to me.

"Well I live next door to him and last night I was out on the side of my house smoking and he came home plastered, so I helped him into his room and he said he liked me." I blurted out to her; it was nice to have a girl to talk to.

"Well Gerard even when he is drunk would never say that to most girls. So maybe you should give him a chance." she said wisely.

"Yeah." Was all I could say.

The rest of class I thought about what Laura had said to me about Gerard.. Maybe I should give him a chance. It's not like I could date Frank now even I wanted too. I was still a little frustrated that he didn't tell that he had a girlfriend...oh well.

"DINNNNG" the bell sounded off and I was on my way to art...great.

Gerard's POV

Damn Rachel didn't even want to talk to me this matter. We had art together everyday and she sat next to me so I was definitely going to speak to her about last night in art. I really did want to just take her out on a date and show her that I wasn't an ass all the time. I got to Art pretty early and just sat and waited. The final bell started to ring and I watched Rachel shuffle in at the last minute, her auburn her got caught in her face and she blew away, which was pretty cute. She hurried and sat down in her assigned seat next to me.

"Hey." I said faintly.

"Hi." she said back awkwardly. This was it Gerard she couldn't runaway now go for it!

"Okay listen. I am really sorry about being such a self righteous asshole, it's the only way that works when I go after girls. They usually hate that sweet shit, so I gave up on it years ago. I really did mean what I said to you last night. I do like you, and I want to get to know you better and everything, but in the right way. I want you to now who I am too." I rambled until I was out of breath, she probably thought I was a fucking pansy.

"Yeah...I kinda met to say you were cute when you're plastered too. But only when you're plastered." she chuckled.

"Does that mean I have to be stupidly drunk when I take you out this weekend." I smirked at her, turning on the charm.

"No it doesn't because we aren't going out." she shot me down again.

"Come on Rachel one date that's all I am asking. If you don't like it we can be friends, if you would even want that.." I was practically begging her now. I was getting embarrassed.
She thought about it for a couple of seconds, and then she finally spoke.
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