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The Date?

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Does Rachel say yes?

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A/N: All right, so this has to be the longest chapter I have ever written, but I really like it(: As usual I hope you all do as well! R&R you guys! My writing is so much better when you do! Okaaay you guys are so amazing for reading! Enjoy! I love you all!

Chapter 8: The Date?
Rachel's POV:

"Come on Rachel one date that's all I am asking. If you don't like it we can be friends, if you would even want that..."

Can someone just tell me what the fuck happened? Did Gerard just ask me out on a fucking date? I mean I know I was thinking about giving him a chance because of what Laura had said, but I didn't think he would be asking me out today. Of course I couldn't go out on a date with him, it would be a complete disaster? Right? What if it wasn't? I mean after how Laura described him he didn't sound all that bad. I mean he just say it was all a front, the way he acted towards girls. I mean I never have been one to not give someone a chance. I looked at his face, his hazel eyes glimmered with hope that I'd say yes. He was practically begging now, I found it kind of funny. I wanted to laugh, but I felt like that would insult him too much. Eh well I guess it wouldn't kill me to go on one date.

"All date." I said finally giving into my curiosity.

"Ah yes! Rachel Waters you have just made me the happiest man on earth!" he exclaimed charmingly.

Gerard shot me that ever so charming smirk, and it made butterflies erupt in my stomach. I had no idea what I was thinking going out with him. But hopefully my better judgment would be wrong this time.

"So I'll pick you up at 7 tonight?" he said to me breaking the silence.

"Tonight? Well aren't you eager." I said playfully.

"Well I mean it's not like you have anything else to do." he said carelessly.

"Excuse me?" I said a little irritated.

"Oh! I didn't mean it like that. I mean its just that you are new around here, so you probably don't know what there is to do around here." he said flustered, realizing he had upset me.

"Good save Mr. Way. But yeah 7 sounds good." I replied calmly.

"All right well do you like Chinese?" he asked.

"Love it." I winked at him.

"Great" he smiled widely.

Frank is going to get a kick out of this...

Gerard's POV:

Holy shit! She said yes! Never in a fucking million years did I expect her to say yes. I was actually really happy. I already knew what we were gonna do, I was gonna take her to this great Chinese place called Noodletasia; they had the best sit in Chinese food in Belleville, and were really affordable.

"All right you guys take out your sketch books and just draw whatever you feel right now. Just so we can get back into the swing of things." Mrs. O'Shea ordered kindly at the front of the room.

I saw Rachel take out her sketch book and just draw swirls and song lyrics in different ways. I on the other hand just drifted off into how our date would go later. I would walk over to her house and knock on the door and her cheery mother would answer. I would introduce myself and she would tell me that Rachel would be ready soon. I would go in the living room and sit on the couch, while Mrs. Waters offered me something to drink. I would politely decline and Mr. Waters would sit on the couch and give me the 'you're not good enough for my daughter' stare. Then Rachel would emerge from the upstairs, I don't know what she would be wearing, but whatever it was she would look amazing. Her auburn hair would bounce up and down with each step she took down the stairs. Then we would walk back over to my drive way, hop into my Subaru XT and go and have a lovely Chinese dinner filled with wonderful conversation---

"DIIIIIING" the bell echoed through my eardrums.

I snapped back into my sanity, dude Gerard what the fuck you sounded so....girly there. Eh never again will I go into a full descriptive detail about my dates. Even though I was sure tonight was going to be awesome.

Rachel's POV:

Oh dear lord what have I just done? Tonight was going to be a total disaster, at least that's how I am feeling. Ugh, whatever, I need to try new things, and even though Gerard is well...out there. He certainly is new, so hopefully it would be that bad.

After the bell rang I walked slowly to English, until I realized I didn't want to go. I really didn't feel like seeing Frank right now. I mean yeah we were just friends, but I though maybe things could have been different. But his failure to mention his caked faced girlfriend Holly really made me mad. But I shouldn't be mad, because he was just being nice. But it's just the fact that we told each other so much about ourselves when we first met. I guess we're just destined to be good friends. It bummed me out a bit because I really thought ... never mind what I thought. I walked down a hallway and out to the parking lot. Of course with my luck Frank was out there as well smoking a cigarette.

"So you smoke and you skip. You're just a rebel now aren't you." he said playfully, and opened his arms to greet me with a warm hug.

"Yup." I answered and walked past him straight to my car.

"So did Gerard try to make anymore moves on you?" he asked eagerly as he followed.

"Sure." I answered him shortly. I wasn't really that mad until I saw his face, and that he could just smile at me like that.

"Uh okay?" he said a little disgruntled. "Hey so how was your official first class?" he chuckled, obviously trying to start a conversation still. All right, if he wanted me talk, I would. I threw my stuff into my trunk and turned to him and leaned up against my car.

"Well I met Mikey's girlfriend Laura in Pre-Cal, and she showed me your girlfriend. Holly. She seems lovely." I said far too sarcastically, it was more anger than anything. "So is that all the questions you have Frank?" I questioned him a little annoyed.

"Why are you so mad?" he asked a little defensive.

"I'm not mad, I am just a little frustrated that this morning you were flirting with me, walked me to class, and you didn't think it was important for me to know that you had a girlfriend." I justified my anger. "I mean I expected a hidden girlfriend from Gerard, but not from you." I said smugly.

"I mean...I wasn't flir--Okay I was, but I didn't think it was that important." he said flustered, I could tell he knew I wasn't buying it. "Rach---"

"Whatever Frank, if you aren't happy with her you should break up with her. Not flirt with other girls who might actually have started to like you and then let them find out for themselves that you have a girlfriend." I said more calmer, but still really irritated with him.

"Oh and just thought you'd like to know. I have a date with Gerard tonight." I said as I got in my car, he stood directly behind it, in attempt to stop me from leaving.

"I will run you over." I sighed as I turned my car on and started to back up. Frank quickly moved out of the way.

Right as I was out of my space, I looked at him one more time. He looked genuinely apologetic. But I just didn't want to deal with him now, so I just drove off.

Frank's POV:

"God damn it Frank how could you be so fucking dumb." I yelled out as threw my cigarette on the ground and hit myself on the head.

How could she go on a date with Gerard, just yesterday she was saying how she couldn't stand him! Ugh, fuck, I am so frustrated. Like seriously, Gerard treated girls like shit half the time, and I didn't wanna see her get hurt. Damn I really fucked shit up this time.

Fuck, Rachel was starting to like me, and I was starting to like her too. At first I thought we were just friends so I didn't think I needed to tell her about Holly, but I was going too. But then this morning, I felt something. Something I hadn't felt with Holly in a long time, it was like a rush in my stomach, I felt all anxious and I just couldn't explain it. To be completely honest I lost my affection for Holly about the fourth month we dated, and we've dated for seven months. I just couldn't break up with her, I mean I've tried but every time I got close she would just pounce on me and make me forget about it. I mean I don't even know why I was with her anymore; when we first met she was awesome. She had dark brown hair, barely wore any makeup, we had the same love of music, and we just could talk about anything. But over summer she started changing, first she dyed her hair blonde which I didn't think was that big of a deal, it looked good on her. Then she started working with Ashley Peters and she just completely changed. She started listening to that pop bullshit they call music. Then she started wearing loads and loads of makeup, and finally she was just being a bitch to all of my friends. The one time I actually got close to ending it she just started balling and I couldn't do it. I don't know, Rachel's right I'm not happy with her. But I don't know what do, I mean we barely see each other or talk; she seemed more distant than usual lately.

"Fuck it." I muttered as I stuck another cancer stick into my mouth.

I started walking towards my car; I have had enough of today and was ready to go. On my way to my car I saw Holly's car, it was rocking backing and forth. I figured since she was my girlfriend I should go check it out.

"Holly? Babe?" I said as I knocked on the back of the car. Nothing.

I could hear moaning now; oh fuck you've got to be kidding me. I angrily reached for the door and yanked it open, and saw exactly what I expected. Holly underneath of Todd Owens the quarterback of the football team.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" I yelled out, I could fell my face flaming red.

But then I felt myself calm down, I actually wasn't that angry that she cheated. I was actually a little glad; this gave me a reason to break up with the bitch.

"Oh fuck, Todd get the fuck off me." she sighed apathetically.

"Well it looks like Gerard, Bob, Mikey, Ray, and Laura were right, you are a slut." I said lethargic.

"Oh come on Frankie, its not like you didn't know this was coming. I mean come on look at me, and look at you." she said smugly as she put her bra back on.

"Yeah well four months ago you were just like me." I sighed.

"Yeah well people change sweetie." she replied.

"That's true, but usually people try and aim for a positive change. Not a change that requires you laying on your back and spreading your legs for every single football player." I said cruelly. "Oh hey Todd, those steroids seem to be doing you a lot of good." I continued as I looked down to see Todd exposed, he blushed a quickly covered himself up.

"How dare you! You little emo fuck." She screamed. Her face scrunched up into snarl.

"Whatever cunt." I usually wouldn't speak to a girl so degradingly, but she deserved it. I started walking away then I turned around. "Oh in case you didn't know, we're fucking done bitch." I said carelessly as I flicked my cigarette on the ground, shoved my hands into my pockets, and continued onto my car.

Rachel's POV:

"Hey mom I'm home!" I shouted as I ran through the door, and hurried up my stairs.

I had spent the rest of the day at the mall, just window shopping until three when I could actually go home.

"Oh hey sweetie! Doing your homework?" I heard her yell from downstairs.

"No, uhm, actually I have a date. . ." I said nervously.

"What? Oh honey that's wonderful! With who?" I heard her footsteps rush up the stairs. Then I looked up and she was in my door way.

"Well its Gerard Way. From next door." I replied absent mindedly I was too busy stressing myself out

"Oh well he seems like a lovely boy! What times is he picking you up?" she asked excitedly rushing into my room.

"Oh uh 7." I replied as I scrambled around my room looking for something to wear. My mother got up and grabbed my shoulders to hold me still.

"Well sweetie it's only 3:30 you have plenty of time to get ready." she said soothingly.

"Its 3:30! ALREADY! I still have to shower, do my hair, and eat. Wait I don't have to eat I'm going out to dinner. BUT STILL I have to shave, do my make--." My ranting was interrupted by the sound of my mother chuckling, as she sat on my bed.

"And just what just is so funny? If you don't mind me asking?" I narrowed my eyes at her.

"You are so nervous." she smiled sweetly, and patted on the empty space on the bed next to her. I slowly sat down.

"I am not nervous...I just... don't know what to expect." I said hesitantly, I mean of course I was nervous. I was just trying to avoid a 'just be yourself' lecture from my mom.

"If you say so." she said plainly.
"Yeah, well I have to shower now, so if you don't mind." I got up and opened the door, and showed her out.

She was out the door, and turned to face me. "One more thing Rachel." she said softly.


"Just be yourself." I smacked my hand to my head and just sighed.

I grabbed my robe and went into my bathroom, and tried to mentally prepare myself for the several hours that lied ahead.

Gerard's POV:

"HEY MA!" I yelled as I walked in the house.

"Yeah!" she echoed from the kitchen.

"I'm not gonna be home for dinner tonight."

"And why is that?" she questioned as she emerged from the kitchen, her bleach blonde hair shining even in fluorescent lighting.

"Well I have a date." I said proudly shifting myself into a manly posture.

"Oh poor girl." my mom sighed.

"MA! What gives?" I let out a slight laugh.

"All I'm saying is that I've heard you and Frankie talking about girls, and you don't treat them all that well, and I know I raised you better than that." she said motherly.

"I know know, but she's different. I feel like she is at least." I said thoughtfully.

"Well as long as you're good to her." she smiled and walked back into the kitchen.

I ran upstairs to spend some time with my bed before my big night tonight.


Gerard's POV:

"BEEEEP BEEEP BEEEP." I could hear my alarm clock going off, I rolled over and forced my eyes open, it 6:50 and I had to be next door in ten minutes. No problem.

I rolled over on back, doing a giant stretch that loosened all the muscles in my body. I threw my legs over the side of the bed, and pushed myself to my feet. I walked over to my mirror and looked myself over, I looked all right I guess. I turned my straightener on and changed into a plain white V-Neck tee while it heated up. I returned to my mirror, and picked my straightner up and started dragging it through sections of my hair. When I finished it was 6:55, I stood in my room for a minute thinking about how tonight would go. I could feel myself getting really nervous. I just hoped Rachel would enjoy it, and wanna give me a chance. I shook my hair around one last time, grabbed my leather jacket, said bye to my mom and walked next door.

Okay Gerard you can do this, I said as I approached the door, she's just a girl. A really pretty girl. Just be yourself, well no, yes, be yourself. Okay breathe in, breathe out. I reached my hand which was slightly shaking out to the door bell and pushed it. I could hear the bell echo throughout the house. I heard footsteps shuffle to the door. I straightened myself up, and saw Mrs. Waters open the door.

"Hello dear, I assume you're Rachel's date?" she said cheerfully, I didn't understand how this woman was so happy.

"Yes m'am." I stuttered, she smiled and led me inside.

I remember the house from the other day.

"Just take a seat anywhere. Would you like anything to drink dear?" she asked. I knew she would ask.

"No I'm fine. Where is Mr. Waters?" I asked taking a seat on the leather couch.

"Oh Jim? He's away on business for a couple weeks." I breathed out in relief at least I didn't have the intimidating dad thing to worry about.

"Oh wee--"

'Honey you look beautiful!" Mrs. Waters cut me off. I turned around to see Rachel walking down the stairs and her mom was right she looked gorgeous.

She was wearing this cream colored tube top dress that had yellow flowers scattered all over it. Her red hair was straightened perfectly, and layed gently on top of her shoulders, and her brown eyes popped out. I don't know what she did but, she looked even better than I could have ever imagined.

"Mooom." she said in an embarrassed groan, as she walked down the stairs.

"She's right though." I smirked at her; I saw Rachel blush and smile at me.

"Thank you."

"Well shall we?" I asked valiantly.

"We shall," she smiled. "Bye mom! I'll be home by 10!" she shouted as we walked out the door to my car, and were off.

Rachel's POV:

Okay so that car ride was more than awkward, I though as I sat in Gerard's car quickly reflecting over it while he parked.. I had no idea what to say and I don't think Gerard did either. When he was harassing me before, I had no problem making witty comebacks. It just felt so weird to be alone with him, I had no idea how to act. I turned the music on just to fill the gap of silence that filled the car. He had Louder Now by Taking Back Sunday in which was one of my favorite bands so that was a point for him. When we got to the restaurant he shuffled over and opened my door with me. I couldn't help but chuckle, it was just so unfamiliar to me. I saw him turn red from embarrassment. Which made me feel bad, but he quickly recovered.

"This is one of my favorite places to eat." he smiled as he opened the door for me.

The inside wasn't too crowded, but just enough to where you could tell this place was pretty popular. We approached the hostess desk and were greeted by this tiny Asian girl.

"How many?" she said quietly.

"Two." Gerard smiled.
She led us to our table, and said someone would be right with us. The waitress walked over and I had mistaken her for the hostess. All the girls in this place looked alike. She took our drink order and Gerard order us both cokes. When she left the awkward silence crept up again, and I decided just to address it.

"Okay this is awkward." I blurted out as the waitress came back with our drinks and set them on the table, she quickly walked away.

"Yeah it fucking is." Gerard chimed back.

"It's weird because, I had no problem talking to you when you were making vulgar remarks towards me." I said confused.

"Yeah, well maybe its sign we should spend less time talking and more know." he winked and smirked at me. I shot him a look of disapproval.

"Relax, I'm just kidding." he laughed.

"Good. Plus, like I'd ever be that dumb to get with you." I smiled back.

"Well I--"

"Kidding" I smirked. "See it's so easy to talk to you when you are being crude."

"Well let's just start over. Hey I'm Gerard, your insanely handsome neighbor." he shot me another wink.

"Ha! Okay uh. I'm Rachel. I moved from Huntersville NC, but my parents were born in Staten Island. My dad's job got moved up here, and yeah." I stated. "I hate talking about myself." I laughed.

"Me too! Well there's one thing we have in common." he grinned.

"Very true." I looked over Gerard's shoulder and saw the waitress approach us again.

"You ready to order." she said vaguely.

Gerard order us both the chicken lo mien and we just spent the rest of the dinner talking. About music, life, where we see ourselves in 5 years. Which we both didn't have the answer to. He was right he was a completely different person than I thought. When the bill arrived he refused to let pay anything towards it, which made me feel guilty I hated when people bought stuff for me. When he got his change back we both rose up and went to the car.

"You wanna something?" I looked at him as he stared at the road as he drove home.

"Spill it." he smiled, as he quickly glanced at me with his hazel eyes.

"You were right; you are really a different person. I really didn't think you were telling the truth." I chuckled sincerely.

"Well people can always surprise you. But I mainly just act so tough because I was teased a lot and I don't want people to walk all over me again." I saw his eyes surface with a little bit of pain.

I took my hand and placed on top of his free one since he was only driving with one hand.

"I get it, I was teased a lot too, and I had no friends. Depressed, suicidal. But all that makes you a stronger person in the end, and I know that it seems hard to open to people. But when you find the right ones it'll just happen." I smiled compassionately as I took hold his hand. I felt him give it a light squeeze.
"Thank you." He said shyly.

"For what?" I asked.

"For giving me a chance." he stopped the car, and we were outside his house.

"I had a great time tonight." I couldn't hold my smile or the happiness in my voice back.

"Me too." We both sat there for a minute and smiled at each other faintly.

"I really wanna kiss you right now." he said.

"I know." he leaned in closer, and I felt myself being pulled into him.

Our lips were almost touching. I could feel his hot breath on my neck. I smiled and moved the closest to him I could without our lips touching.

I smiled and looked him in the eyes. "I don't kiss on the first date." I said slyly and got out of the car. I was walking back up to my house when Gerard called to me.

"So can I take you out again?" I was looking at him, but I could see that mischievous smirk on his face.

"We'll see." I yelled back and continued happily walking to my house.

I was almost to my door when I smelt smoke on the side of my house. I was a little scared, because my mom didn't smoke and I wasn't obviously smoking there. It was dark so I couldn't really see but I walked over anyway. If this was a slasher film I would be walking right into my brutal murder.

"Hey Rachel." I heard a hoarse voice say in the dark, and then the figure step forward into the moonlight.

"Frank what are you doing here?"
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