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Death & Disenchantment (A Musical)

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A twisted tale of love, regret, and vengeance. A musical using all MCR songs.

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A/N: This is a musical I wrote just for fun. I got the idea from the song "Dead!". It helps to understand if you play each song when it's put in there, try to imagine it on the stage. Skylar's personality is also strongly based on what I imagine Gerard's personality to be, but he looks more like Frank. If I can get 2 reviews and 2 ratings, I'll post scene 3. (: Enjoy!

Act I

Scene I:

A hospital bed sits on stage right. A heart monitor beeps faintly next to the bed. A figure lies in the bed, motionless, covered with a white sheet. A doctor enters from stage right, looking grave. His gaze flickers to the patient in the bed. The “room” is dark, and the stage is not yet lit. People stand behind the hospital bed, all of them dressed in black/funeral attire. Some of the women hold (colorful) flowers. Shaun enters, walking purposefully towards the bed. He looks regretful and depressed. He stops at the doctors side. The both speak in empty and emotionless tones, as though strictly professional, their gazes fixed only on the figure in the bed.

Shaun: How is his condition?

Doctor: There is nothing more we can do for him. I’m sorry.

The doctor bows his head, then slowly turns and walks offstage. Shaun kneels by the hospital bed. The heart monitor continues to beep, and the opening number (The End.) begins.
**Note: Before the second part of the opening number (Dead!) begins, there is a pause in which everyone stares to the heart monitor as it begins its high, sharp tone which leads into the second part.

Scene II:

Stage right now contains a small table/counter with a bar stool in front of it. On the counter sits a half-empty beer bottle. Shaun sits on the stool, slowly spinning the bottle on the counter in his hands. The bartender stands, with an empty glass and a rag, cleaning out the glass. An eerie silence fills the “bar” and both men appear immersed in though, until the bartender carefully breaks the silence.

Bartender: Rough Day?

Shaun nods silently, still intently focused on spinning the bottle. The bartender, now unsure, tries again.

Bartender: Seems like the whole town is dressed in black, but you’re the only really gloomy face I’ve seen all day...(he trails off, still receiving no response from Shaun. He then half jokingly continues with a weak, half-hearted smile.) Somebody die?

Shaun looks up slowly and stares at the bartender. For a long moment, the two men stare at each other until the bartender looks away. Shaun takes a long drink of his beer.

Shaun: Yeah, actually.

The bartender, now taken aback, hesitates before answering.

Bartender: Friend of yours?

Shaun: You could say that.

Shaun takes another drink of his beer, then sets it down and resumes spinning the bottle almost absentmindedly. The bartender puts the first glass away and begins to clean a second.

Bartender: Fell on hard times? Yeah, I’ve had that happen before. Makes you really regret all those little things that didn’t seem so bad at the time. Experienced that with my parents. After they died, made me really regret being such an ass when I was young...

he trails off, staring into space. Shaun nods very slowly, then abruptly drops his head into his hands and begins to sob. The bartender snaps out of his trance, shocked.

Bartender: Shit man, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean-

Shaun: (he still takes a few deep, hoarse breaths when he speaks) No, it’s ok. I’m sorry for having a breakdown. Here he gives a deep sigh, then quickly regains his former composure. There was a lot of history. Between me and my..)he pauses, cringing ever so slightly at the word)...friend.

Bartender: Yeah..(he pauses uncertainly)...You wanna talk about it?

Shaun: It’s a long story.

Bartender: I’ve got nothing but time. (he says this while absentmindedly cleaning the glass. He sets it down, then looks Shaun in the eyes, waiting for the beginning of the story.)
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