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Scene 3

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The beginning of Shaun's story (no songs in this scene, sorry).

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A/N: Thanks for the reviews & rating, I'll put one more chapter up right now so there's some music! No songs in this scene (it's a short one), but it explains some stuff.

Scene III:

The bar stool and counter have disappeared, and the stage is empty. The house door still faces the audience. The stage is dark, so that visibly there is only the silhouettes of people gathered in a line as though standing on a platform at a Train Station. A few suitcases are scattered among the crowd.

Shaun (offstage narration): Exactly a year ago, I was at the Train Station.

Shaun hurries onto the stage. The people around him begin chatting quietly. The stage lights up as Shaun hurries on, then darkens again, with a single spotlight focusing on Shaun. His narration continues. He speaks to the audience.

Shaun: I was waiting for my girlfriend. She was coming home from a trip to visit her family in Ontario. Her name was Julie. She had been gone a week, and the house wasn’t in the best shape. She’d probably go crazy once she saw the state it was in, she would go on a mad cleaning spree...he trails off, smiling fondly at the idea, and runs a hand through his hair. He then snaps out of his trance, and continues (seriously) with his story.

Shaun: So then the train pulls in. I’m standing there on that beautiful, warm, sunny day with a smile on my face when I see her. The smile on my face gets a little bit bigger, but then I see him.

Julie enters from stage right, silently talking and laughing with Skylar.

Shaun: Well, what was I supposed to think? I see my girl talking to some strange guy, and they’re both having a perfectly good time. She walks over to me, with this new guy in tow.

Julie walks over with Skylar while Shaun is speaking. Skylar then stands awkwardly off to the side as Julie goes to hug Shaun and kiss him on the cheek.

Julie: Did you survive all week without me? She smiles playfully at Shaun.

Shaun: he smiles back, then quickly kisses her on the lips. Just Barely.

Skylar, still awkwardly to the side, looks around him, taking in the looks of the train station.

Shaun: Who’s your new friend? He nods toward Skylar, not overly happy with his presence.

Julie: She answers easily, clearly without any form of guilt or specific emotion towards Skylar. Oh, this is Skylar. I met him at the station in Ontario. He’s moving to town. He’s actually going to be just down the street from us!

She says this cheerfully with a smile on her face, obviously excited at the prospect of a new neighbor. She motions Skylar over to where she stands with Shaun. Skylar walks over shyly, clearly uncomfortable.

Julie: Skylar, this is who I was telling you about, Shaun. My fiancée.

Skylar: It’s really nice to meet you. He awkwardly thrusts his hand out to Shaun. I’ve heard a lot about you.

Shaun nods, then shakes Skylar’s outstretched hand. He then unexpectedly addresses Skylar.

Shaun: Say, where in town are you staying?

Skylar: he is clearly surprised by this question, but still answers. I’m not really sure. The house isn’t ready for me to stay in yet, so I was hoping I could find a hotel.

Shaun: You could stay with us if you’d like. We have a spare room you could stay in. I mean, as long as it’s ok with Julie.

He looks to Julie, and she smiles and nods, holding back her excitement. Skylar, clearly shocked by this act of kindness, stammers for a moment before speaking.

Skylar: That would be great, thank you. he says this with obvious sincerity and relief.

Shaun: Well now that’s settled, let’s get both of your bags and head to the house. he smiles, but doesn’t look at Skylar, instead focusing his gaze only on Julie.

Julie: We ought to stop at the store first, so I can make something special for dinner. Especially (she turns to Skylar, beaming.) since we have a guest!

The trio walks offstage together, Shaun with his arm around Julie (in a possessive sort of way), and Julie is beaming with a large smile on her face.
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