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Chapter 5

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(Gerard's P.O.V)

I did as Ray said and slept only my dreams, wait the right word would be nightmares actually, were plagued by the same awful vision but a new one formed as well. One where I tell Frankie how I really feel about him but he freaks out and he tells me I'm a freak, I'm fucked up and he hates me. I know he won't really react that harsh if he doesn't share my feelings but it scares me anyway.

"Hey Gee! Sleep well?" Ray asked as he came into my room, snapping me out of my thoughts. "Not really." I murmured. He sighed "I thought as much." he said. "So did you and Frankie decide to use the beds in the spare room instead of the sofa tonight?" I smirked. "Hey we fell asleep while watching a film!" Ray yelled. "Of course you did." I said sarcastically. Ray knew I was joking, after all Frankie would NEVER do that... Ray I'm not so sure about. "Anyway want some coffee?"
"Yes please!" I said, jumping out of bed. "Well I'll go make it and you get changed." he said as he walked out and closed the door.

A few minutes late I was wearing a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and I had sorted my makeup. I walked into the living room to find Mikey, Ray and Frank sitting on the sofa, four coffees on the table. "Morning." I murmured, trying not to look at Frank too much. "Hey here's your coffee." Ray said handing me a cup as I sat down on the only available space, next to Frank. "Thanks." I said and sipped it. "Hey Mikes can you help me look for my phone? I couldn't find it earlier." Ray said. "Sure. I thought yo-" Mikey was cut off by seeing Ray wink at him. A smile spread over himself as he caught on to what Ray was planning. He jumped up and they both walked out. I glanced over at Frank to find he was staring at me, whether he himself had noticed I'm not sure, causing my cheeks to flare up. He obviously hadn't noticed because he suddenly turned away, face flushing.

We sat there in silence for a few minutes not knowing who would speak first. "Um Gee?" Frank finally spoke. "Yeah?" what did he want to tell me? "I'm sorry... About last night I was such a dick wasn't I?" I sighed. Not quite what I was hoping for but could tell he wanted to say something else so my hopes didn't disappear completely. "It's fine. You were tired. I get it. Now what else do you want because it's so obvious you have something else to say." he frowned. "Why are you in such a bad mood Gee?"
"Could you answer my question first?"
"Fine. I... I think I like you... As more than a friend." I stared at him, my mouth fell open slightly. Really? He felt the same way? Score! I pulled him close and pushed my lips onto his.

After about a minute he shoved me away. I frowned, wasn't this what he wanted? He loved me and I loved him so it was fine. I looked into his eyes and saw nothing but hate, anger and sadness which hurt me worse than any injury could, I could feel the tears form. "You can't do this to me! I was being serious. Stop fucking around with my head!" he yelled and walked towards the front door. My heart broke into tiny pieces and the newly formed tears threatened to flood out. "I was being serious to Frankie." I whispered, unable to make my voice loud enough for him to hear. The door slammed. My nightmare had become true.

I ran out of the living room, accidentally slamming the door open in my brothers face but that didn't bother me at the moment, as I sped to my room and slammed the door behind me. I collapsed onto my bed and cried into my pillow. I didn't hear my door open on close but I know it must have done. "Hey Gee calm down okay?" I heard Ray say "Tell me what happened." he sat on the bed beside me and put his hand on my shoulder. I sat up, turned to face him and tried to stop the ongoing tears. "I'm such a fuck up. He said he liked me as more than a friend so I kissed him and then... Now he hates me and I'm such a failure! You guys must be so fed up of me. I'm only ever a burden to you." I choked. "As I told you last night you must never think like that again okay!?" he said hands firmly on both of my shoulders. I nodded slowly, still fighting my tears.

"Now I am going to have a word with Frank and you are going to stay here and not do anything stupid right?" it was more of a statement than a question but I said yes anyway. He got up and walked out of my room closing the door behind him, leaving me to my thoughts as the tears flowed loose.

Authors note: Sorry I haven't updated in ages in kinda doing stuff for my GCSE's so please forgive me? >.
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