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Chapter 6

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(Mikey's P.O.V)

Me and Ray stood by the door trying, and failing, to hear what was going on. Suddenly Frank started shouting but we couldn't make out what he was saying. "What do you thinks going on? Do you think everything will be okay?" I asked, panicking slightly. "I'm sure it will be-" Ray was cut off by the door being slammed open into my face. "OW! FUCKING MOTHERFUCKER!" I cursed at no one in particular, grabbing my now throbbing nose. "That... That looks painful. You look like you've been beaten up by a bunch of jocks. Gee what the hell did you do that for?" Ray said, wincing as he looked at me. "Thanks for the sympathy." I muttered. "No need to get sarky. I'm going to go see what's up with Gee you need to clean yourself up." I was about to protest when I noticed the blood on my hand. "For fucks sake." I groaned as I walked to the bathroom.

Once I was in the bathroom I had a chance to look at my new injury. Ray hadn't been joking, I looked shit. My nose was bloody, my lip was busted and I had a nice bruise forming around my right eye, thank god I hadn't had my glasses on! Can doors really do that much damage? I guess I got off lucky when I walked into one a few years ago, in my defence I had just woken up and I'd had no coffee at all when it happened. I washed off the blood, wincing as the cold water touched the open wound on my lip. Even through the pain I still couldn't help but wonder what had happened between Frank and Gee, what had made my brother so upset he didn't notice hitting my face with a door.

Once I'd finished cleaning myself up I left the bathroom and nearly walked into Ray. I really wasn't doing to well today was I? "Well you look slightly better I guess." he said after glancing over my face. "Thanks." I glared at him "How's Gee?" I asked getting to the issue on my mind. Ray told me what Gerard had said happened between him and Frank. "Damn it! That idiot!" I moaned. "Who? Gerard or Frank?"
"Both. Gee for even thinking like that and Frank for being so dense! I'm going to sort Frank out!"
"That's not such a good idea. How about you go stay with Gerard? He's in a delicate position at the moment. He needs you. And it'll give him a chance to apologise for your face." he pointed out. "Oh ha ha very funny. But yeah I get your point." I said and walked to Gerard's room as Ray went to find Frank.

"Gerard can I come in?" I asked as I knocked on the door. "Yeah" I just barely heard from the other side of the door. I opened it to see Gerard sitting up on his bed staring into space, tears streaming down his face. "Oh Gerard." I said, out of pure shock mainly, as I sat down next to him and put my arm around his shoulders. "What am I meant to do Mikes? He hates me." Gee said as he turned to face me. "Ow that looks painful... Was that my fault because of the whole door thing?" he said grimacing at my face. "Oh come on it's not that bad! And well yeah it sort of was but it's fine. I know you didn't mean it." I told him. "Sorry." he mumbled. "Look Gee it's fine Ray's going to talk to Frank, the morons so dense he didn't even notice how you feel for fucks sake, and everything is going to be fine!" he forced a smile at me "Yeah." he said. "Now I'll get us some coffee." I said, knowing that would help. The smile became more real. "Fuck yeah!" he said.

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