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Chapter 7

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(Franks P.O.V)

I wandered around aimlessly outside. It was actually still quite early freakily enough, for some reason we'd all woken up at like 3am (probably because we were still used to touring sleep mode, a few hours sleep here and there and thats it), and this was Belleville, New Jersey so the guys who got pissed to the passing out point were probably just heading home. I really wasn't being very clever but that didn't bother me, I was too busy thinking about what happened with Gerard. After a few minutes I found myself at the nearby park, I was tired so I sat down on the closest bench. A drop of ice cold water hit my hand. It wasn't raining. "Shit" I moaned as I put my hand to my cheek. Yep I was crying, the release of my frustration, confusion and anger was tears. Another drop of cold water hit me, on the head this time. Okay now it was raining. Well at least this will hide my tears I thought.

My thoughts confused me. I thought I knew Gerard better than that, I guess I was wrong. I thought I was straight, I guess I was wrong about that too. What else was I wrong about? Ray and Mikey being my friends? No I was right about that but what was I wrong about? I knew there was something else but I wasn't sure what it was.

I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn't notice someone come up behind me. They placed their hand on my shoulder. Saying I jumped slightly would possibly be the understatement of the fucking year. "Ray!? What the fuck man!? Do you realise how shitless you just scared me!?" I yelled at him. "Yeah well if you weren't such a moron that wouldn't have happened. You are coming back. Right now. No buts. No questions. No complaints. End of." he said grabbing my wrist and attempting to drag me back. "Fuck no! I am NOT going back there so he can fuck with my head again!" he sighed. "This is when you and Gee being completely oblivious is a right pain in the fucking ass." he moaned. I frowned "What the fuck is that meant to mean?" I asked him. "Never mind. Just get your ass moving." he said dragging me back, ignoring my complaints.

A/N: sorry the update took so long! I was away all summer and now I'm starting year 11 so loads of shit needed to be sorted out and it was shannleighm's surprise party at the weekend. I'll try not to be so late next time! >.
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