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Roses and Coffins

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"Everything hit Lacey at that one moment. He was dead. Gone forever. He left you. And he’s never coming back."

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It was foggy.

Just like the first day.

Today was the last day.

His last day.

Our last day.

She sat against the willow tree, silently, with her head on her knees. The floodgates that had been so desperately tried to seal had opened, streaming down her face.
Stop that. She thought to herself, wiping away the tears that had now come crashing down. He wouldn’t want you to cry. He told you to be strong.

She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t drop that single rose into the hole he now rested in. She didn’t want to believe it was over. Dropping the rose on the shiny black rosewood lid would surely tear her heart in half. She ran away through the cemetery, ignoring the solemn look the pastor gave her, the sob from his mother, the tear from his brother. The attempt to stop her by her best friend. She started running, running free. Running through the cemetery, past the church, past the swings, nothing could stop her. Tearing the black dress he had loved, her lungs screaming on the inside from the distance she had quickly traveled. Her flats were now soaked from stepping in mud and puddles, her hair blowing behind her. She didn’t care. She had no idea what to do, what she was doing, yet she was still running, away from the pain, the loneliness.

Her feet knew where to take her. Their favorite spot. The tree behind the neighborhood playground. Where he first kissed her after chasing her there. Where she went to think, to think about him. And as she sat there, crying, she still held the flower.


“You’re way too fast, Lace” He said, panting, struggling to see through the fog. It was a humid Tuesday in May, around sundown. Where is my inhaler? He thinks.

“Thanks. Seven years of softball pays off. Remind me to thank my mother later.”



“Sucky bass player.”

“Even worse bass player”

“That’s what your mom said. Now can we please stop running? Where the hell are we going anyway? You ate Frank’s skittles again, didn’t you?” He stopped sprinting and was jogging, gasping for air

“First of all, my mom already told you that you sucked, so that comeback was an epic fail. Secondly, you’re the one being a perverted creep chasing me. Lastly, you have no proof.”

“I wouldn’t have to chase you if you just told me what’s going on with you? You’re avoiding me. Did I piss you off? Sorry for whatever I did. Jesus, Lacey! Next time just fucking say something before you send me on a mile run.”

“Just shut up, turn around, and go back to your boy band. You wouldn’t understand.”
Even as she ran behind a huge, dying, rotting willow tree, he still would not let up.

“Lacey, please, just tell me what’s up.”

No answer. Just the sound of vines moving around.

“I knew it, you did take his skittles. He’s gonna fucking kill you. Now get down from that tree.”

Her reply was simple.


“The branch is gonna break off and fall fro-“

“You did not just call me fat.”

“I didn’t. Let me finish. This tree is dying. It’s all rotten. You’re gonna fall.”

“Life’s no fun without a good risk.” She said, matter-of-factly.

“If you don’t come down, I’m coming up.”

“I thought you were afraid of falling. Turning macho now, eh?”

“A really aggravating girl once said to me, ‘Life’s no fun without a good risk’” He says, as he makes it up halfway to where she was.

“Clever. If this girl is so aggravating, why are you following her?”

“Because, I, uh, uhm.”

“Spit it out!”

He was now I branch below she was. “I care about her.” He whispered the next part.


“So, this really aggy girl-“


“Sorry. This really aggravating girl is upset, and won’t share why.”

“Why would she tell you? She only met you three days ago.” Three days was all it took,
Lacey thought to herself.

“Because I really like her.”

Lacey felt her cheeks redden, eyes widen, and the sky spin. Did he really just say that? Or is he bluffing to get her to tell him. Shut up, she thinks. Don’t tell him you feel the same.
“And if she, lets say, felt the same, what would you do?”

“I’d tell her she’s pretty. Cut that fringe she keeps hiding behind. Show her off. Make her mine. Give her this spiny rose that I stole from Ray’s garden. These fucking thorns hurt. Don’t even breathe on his flowers, by the way. His face turns blue, and the next thing you know, you’re on the ground, trying to get pieces of ‘fro out of your mouth.”

Lacey began to smile. The mental picture she got of Ray tackling him. She looked down at him awkwardly.
“Oh.” She whispered, grasping the flower. “I’m sure this aggravating girl, whoever she is, would enjoy that”

She thought she saw him blush then look away, muttering “If the tree breaks, I’m screwed.”

“Well, what if she-“

She was interrupted by his lips on hers.

Then internally praying that the tree doesn’t snap and they fall.

*End of flashback

She threw the rose away from her, frowning. She ignored the sound of her cell phone ringing from that ugly purse she was forced to carry. She threw the purse as well. Ashamed of her childish antics, she stood up, frowning even deeper. She walked over to the other side of the tree, and put her head in her arms against it. Then, it started to rain. How cliché, she thought. I hate funerals. She climbed up to the branch, hoping it would console her. It didn’t. It made the floodgates open again. At least no one will see my cry. Mission accomplished. Hearing thunder in the distance, her annoying ringtone about 10 feet away, and getting cold, she decided to leave. She kissed the branch, and took off the necklace she was wearing, tying it to the branch. It was a bass pick, one that he had given her. It was a Christmas gift.

As she walked back, leaving the rose, and unfortunately taking the maroon purse, she felt nauseas. Her heart ached. The black gown was dripping in the rain, and her hair and fringe stuck to her face. He never did cut it. She smiled at the thought.

This is the end. But with every end, comes a beginning.
Where everything started.
Where My Chemical Romance wasn’t missing a member.
Where he was still alive and in love.

She turned back just for a minute, and saw the tree in the distance. She whispered to no one,

"I love you Mikey."

And the sun,
Will set for you
And the shadow of the day
Will embrace the world in grey,
The sun
Will set for you.

Sad? Eh.
Sorry if this was sappy. I don’t usually write this, and I apologize if this is shit.
It kinda reminds me of Charlie St. Cloud, which I laughed in, and made my best guy friend watch. xP I don’t like Zac Efron. :)

Yes, I killed Mikey Way.
The other characters that you guys auditioned for will be introduced in the next chapter and the results will be done tonight or tomorrow.

next up: the aftermath of the funeral, and then the beginning of the story. it gets happy and less shitty, i promise. im not a really sad person, and i will make this story humorous. the characters will be in the next one. thanks for putting up with this and i hope i didn't waste your time xx
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