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Leading Up To School

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Gerard comes out of the room to learn more about the girls and soon all the guys like them. Also fast forwards to the first day of high school for Delilah, Mikey, and Frank.

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In this one the girls loosen up a bit to the guys. I have to get this story going on more so I will be fast forwarding to the first day of school after a few POVs from everyone. Hope you like xoxo

Mikey's POV
Gerard seemed in a better mood. That was good. We both walked out the bedroom to sit in the living room, that only had a couch may I add, to better get acquainted with the girls that Delilah introduced us to. So far they were sweet. Robin and Arienane made Mikey and I laugh a lot. I found Robin to be very cool. She liked a lot of the stuff I liked, it was nice to meet someone like that. The only other people who liked things like me were my brother, Ray, and Frank. So it was really very nice to meet some other people who found things I liked interesting. I was glad I had met Delilah. She was this kind of girl that made me feel safe. I wasn't like interested in her, but she was a great friend, a friend I could hang out with and talk to.
"Oh, hey Gerard, nice for you to join us!" Frank said who was sitting on the ground with Delilah's head on his lap.
Gerard tensed up a bit which I found weird, but would ask later about it.
"Yeah, well yes I am back be happy, all can be joyous now!" he replied laughing and sitting next to Frank on the ground. "So what happened while I was still in the bedroom?" he asks crossing his legs.
"Well, we learned about the girls more!" Frank replied.
Frank's POV
In a way I forced Delilah to lie on my lap, but she seemed to not mind. The rest of the girls had gotten used to us once we started asking them about themselves. Arienane and Robin even started making jokes! It was great meeting them! And I could tell it made Delilah happy to see us getting along.
Gerard was here now, sitting right by me, a little tense, but he knew the agreement, he knew it was every man for himself. Fair game in my mind.
"So ladies, tell me about yourself a bit, I'm behind in knowing you!" Gerard said looking at the three girls on the couch. Mikey and Ray were on the counter paying a bit of attention.
"Ummm well I just turned 14, I love Delilah with all my heart, and I love music. Not much to say, oh! I'm also a bad ass beast!" Arienane said laughing making Robin, Miranda, and Delilah laugh with each other as if it was some inside joke only they would understand.
Delilah's head bounces on my lap as she laughs and I just continue playing with her hair catching Gerard's eye as he clears his throat and continues.
"All right then, someone's cocky! Haha, anyways, how about you umm Robin, it is right?" he says laughing and scooting closer to me as if he was trying to get Delilah to notice him more. Fuck, he was so smooth sometimes.
"Yes! I am Robin," she replied with a grin and continued, "and I love to read, write, listen to epic music and well just be weird we these girls!"
Ray and Mikey laugh and Mikey says, "Look you aren't weird trust me! You guys are just... fun! And interesting!"
Ray nods with a smile. "Oh shit, I didn't even ask, did any of you want something to drink?" he asks feeling like a bad host.
The 4 girls look at each other and Delilah is the one to speak for them all, "Got any Dr. Pepper, Toro?"
Ray looks at her with a devilish grin, "Can't live with out it!" he says getting out 8 cans with Mikey's help and they pass it around to us.
Suddenly Miranda says something unexpected, "This is weird but do you guys have any sour skittles? I love skittles with soda!"
Delilah starts busting up and says, "Of course! Miranda can't live with out them skittles!"
We all end up laughing at this and then I realize Ray, Gerard, and Mikey are all looking at me.
"Ehhhm Frank? Would you like to share your skittles with Miranda?" Gerard says laughing.
Fuck, they all knew of my stash! Nooo!
"Be nice Frank, she's our guest!" Mikey says with a smirk.
I knew it was immature but I hated sharing my skittles. "Ummm I ran out!" I say trying to be convincing. I clearly wasn't.
"Whatever I know where his stash is!" Mikey says casually walking to our new room.
"Excuse me love," I say moving Delilah's head, "MICHAEL WAY GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!" I scream almost tackling him.
Ray's POV
"Are they always this way?" Miranda asks.
I laugh having to admit that they do. But who could blame them, they were teen boys who were best friends. Them acting that way was better than how half the other teen boys in the world acted.
Delilah was now sitting up next to Gerard and I saw him trying to coax her to lie on his lap but there was no denying it though, he was too scared to. But she got the hint and just lied on his shoulder, he seemed happy enough for that. Strange, Gerard only acted this one time before and that was with... Eliza. Ugh I still hated her. I didn't want to let anyone see the disgust in my face so I went back to talking to everyone waiting for Mikey and Frank to stop their fighting.
"So tell me girls, how did you all become friends?" I asked, already knowing from mine and Delilah's talk earlier, but for Gerard's sake I asked.
"I hated her but last year she texted me while she was in the parking lot of Wal Mart now we are best friends!" Arienane said smiling at Delilah.
Gerard just looked surprised but I guess he decided to ask Delilah, or me, about it later.
"Uhhh all righty then! Haha, how about you Miranda?" I say moving on
"Oh well I've-"
"MIRANDA CATCH!!!!" Mikey interrupts throwing a pack of sour skittles towards her as Frank tackles him to the ground a second too late.
She catches with shocked face and laughs almost spilling her Dr. Pepper. "Thanks Mikey!" she says as Frank gets off Mikey pouting and sitting back down by Delilah leaning his head on her shoulder since he was almost exactly her height which did make me laugh. Miranda decides it's safe to continue and says, "As I was saying, I've known Delilah forever but never really liked her but hey now I can't get her damn voice out of my head!"
Delilah laughs and replies, "Yeah, I'm in your dreams huh!" Miranda throws a skittle at her hitting Frank instead who has no shame and eats him. Typical.
"Wow, why were you so hated Delilah?" Gerard asked stroking her bangs from her eyes.
Robin responds, "Because, excuse my French, she was a bitch, and she knows that but now she is who she truly wants to be and is the true beautiful person she always has been beneath it all."
Delilah smiles and so do I because I already knew this. It was hard to believe that this sweet, yet head strong, young girl used to be so cruel to people but she admitted it herself.
"Whoa, really?!" Frank, Mikey, and Gerard say together and she just nods with a sort of apathetic face on.
I suddenly realize it's getting late. "Hey girls we can all hang again soon, but I think you should all get home, it's getting kinda late," I say even though it's only 6. Delilah gets up making Frank hit Gerard's shoulder and they both laugh and walks towards me, "Yeah listen to this man, he knows stuff!" she says laughing.
I just hug her knowing that was what she was asking for and yup I was right.
So the girls call Robin's mom and just casually converse with us for awhile. Once Robin's mom calls her and they all leave giving a hug to each of us and Arienane apologizes again, making me just embrace her tighter which she giggles about. Delilah doesn't go with them saying she needs to talk to us and that she'll see them tomorrow.
Once they are gone she starts talking.
"Guys, I just... thank you. I know I just met you all but just wow, I mean you are some of the most amaizng people I've ever met. I want our friendship to last a long long time," she says getting a bit watery eyed.
"Aww don't cry Delilah!" Mikey says pouncing on her giving her a hug making her smile. We all join in except Gerard who waits for a solo hug.
"Delilah, I can promise you we will be friends a long time," He says hugging her making Frank make kissy noises making them both laugh.
"Ray, give a me a ride home please?" she asks kindly.
I give her a look that offers her to stay here but she just shakes her head no so I nod in agreement.
She gives her good bye hugs and we walk out to the car in silence knowing that silence was what she needed sometimes.
Miranda's POV
I like them. Frank's nice. I plan on stealing his skittles. I'm glad our weenie found friends.
Arienane's POV
Gosh I still feel bad about yelling about them, but I am glad Delilah made friends for next year at Brawley. I still think Frank is a little to friendly to her though.
Robin's POV
They are all so nice and funny and just cool! Delilah's lucky to have met them. I like Mikey a lot.
Delilah's POV
Sitting in the Ray's pick up I can't help but smile like an idiot. Things went well. I had new addition to people I cared about. It was amazing.
Ray stops in front of my house and I kiss him on the cheek saying good bye, thanking him for everything and he just smiles a sweet smile.
I get off and go into my bedroom and turn on some Misfits. All was okay in my own little world for a while. That's all I needed. An hour or so later I call my mom and we have a normal conversation and she wishes me safety as I wish her luck in New York (yes New York. Ugh) and that was that.
Nothing could put me down at that moment. I was on a happy high.

a few weeks later. AKA first day of high school in Brawley

Delilah's POV
Over the weeks leading up to school I spent each day with Ray, Gerard, Mikey, and Frank. My girls were with us most of the time and that was the way I liked it. Ray became close to Arienane, who was still apologizing which made me laugh every day. Frank and Chanya became like bickering brother and sister and that was always entertaining to see. Mikey and Gerard got along great with Robin who loved art and music and books. They would talk for hours. I stayed close to all four, especially Ray who was like a new best friend/therapist. Frank was a bit attached to me, he would always be in my personal space, I didn't mind but it did get awkward sometimes in front of the girls and Gerard who liked to spend time alone with me discussing his art work that I still marveled over.
So after a wonderful few weeks with them school was here. I woke up at 5 AM to get ready and I called my mom who wished me luck and the routine thing every parent says to their kid on the first day of school, expect most parents were there for that day.
Once I was dressed and ready I called Gerard to pick me up to wait at the apartment until we had to be off. Gerard and Ray were going to be my ride, if they liked it or not they had to drive me to and from, just as they promised. But I knew they didn't mind.
Gerard's POV
I sleepily walked out of my bedroom and grabbed Ray's keys while I screamed for everyone to wake up because I was going to pick up Delilah.
After spending the last 3 weeks with her or so my feelings could not be denied. I had fallen in love with her but I could not say anything about it. As long as Frank kept to side of the deal I had to. It was shitty to me but I was a man of my word.
Once in front of her house I don't honk but I get off in my pajamas still, and knock on her door.
She opens it and I see her in a new Avenged Sevenfold shirt Ray bought her, against her will, black jeans with cuts in the knees, and her usual black eyeliner that made her gorgeous eyes pop.
"Please tell me I look decent enough to not be thrown a dumpster once I get there!" she says worriedly just standing there holding her black Jansport backpack in one hand.
Before I could stop myself I told her exactly what I thought, "You look perfect and gorgeous. If you weren't only 14 I'd throw you on a bed right now."
I suddenly get super embarrassed realizing I had said that out loud but she thinks of it as a joke and laughs locking her door and walking towards the truck.
I just mess with my messy black hair following her wondering why the hell I just said that.
Once in the truck she looks at me lovingly. "Gerard, thank you. You seriously boosted my confidence right now," she says reaching over to hug me making me smile and I am able to smell the perfume she is wearing.
"Of course Delilah, by the way, the perfume smells nice," I say already starting the engine once she let go.
She just laughs and inhales. "You cannot believe how worried I am. I didn't even have the guts to call the girls since well Brawley school starts earlier than Calipat but yeah I just am so nervous," she says closing her eyes the way Ray does when he is trying to think.
I never realized how much alike they were. Both kind yet assertive people. It was amazing.
"Don't be worried," I say driving into the apartment parking lot continuing, "you have Mikey and Frank. Since Frank is a smart class you should have all your honor classes with him so relax, you aren't alone. Plus right after school Ray and I will be waiting there for you." Hoping this helps a bit I smile at her. She smiles back revealing the darn adorable smile she doesn't show off often.
I turn off the truck and walk out following Delilah who is walking at a faster pace than me.
Once at the apartment door I open it for her and see Mikey and Frank on the floor and Ray tugging at Frank to get him off Mikey. Both our eyes just grow wide.
Frank's POV
"Hi Delilah! This is not an orgy! I repeat, not an orgy!" I say to her as Ray lets go off me and Mikey slips out of my grip.
"Nice to know, but what was going on?" she asks laughing and sitting on the stools we got for the kitchen.
"I was stealing back my new Fall Out Boy shirt from immature Iero over there!" Mikey said slipping the shirt over his bare chest.
I laughed and so did Ray and Gerard, Delilah just sighed and smiled. "You guys are so ugh sometimes, it's funny," she says walking to the fridge for a water bottle. "Anyways, Frank get decent, it's time we leave! It's already 7:20!"
I laugh at her and salute walking to my bedroom to get my Misfits t-shirt that I also stole from Mikey.
"All right! I'm ready!" I say grabbing my backpack.
"Hey! That's mine too! Dammit Frank," Mikey says staring at my shirt.
"Get over little Way," I say walking towards the door leading Delilah out.
We all get into the car and are actually silent the drive to Brawley. I knew why Delilah was worried; first year away from Calipat school. Mikey, well I could guess. Gerard and Ray, they wanted us to be ok. And I couldn't deny it; I was scared to get beat up again, I was afraid of that. I guess Delilah sensed my nerves so she grabbed my hand and held it. She did the same to Mikey because she was sitting in the middle and just whispered, "We can do this, I promise."
We both nod and take a breath in. Before we know it we are in front of the big high school, well big compared to CHS.
"We're here," Ray says pointing out the obvious.
"No duhh," I say sarcastically trying to lighten the mood. Nope, it didn't work. I was still nervous.
Mikey's POV
Fuck. I was scared. Very scared. Frank had Delilah, I was in a whole other grade... alone! But Delilah gave me hope, she believed in me. That was enough to keep me confident.
I open the car door first. Delilah follows behind me and Frank gets out the other way.
"Guys, we will be here at 2:30 promise. You know just in case. Don't worry, you'll do fine," Ray says with a small smile. I actually believe him a bit. A bit.
Gerard gets out of the truck and walks towards us, giving us each a hug. First Frank, then me, then Delilah. He whispers something to her that makes her smile a bit.
We bid our farewells and face the school. We grab onto each other's hands, Delilah holding Frank and mine and walk towards the gates of hell... I mean school.

gasp! What will happen!? You shall find out in the next chapter! R&R please! Hope you like it. Tell me what you like about the entire story so far please? It would mean the world to me. Anyways thanks for reading. Until tomorrow. xoxo
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