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The Last of the Famous International Playboys

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All the new crimes that you are perfecting.

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Yep, I'm a pervert.

If you chose to ignore both the genres and the warnings, this chapter is like, romantic. Not in the traditional sense, obviously, but, y'know. No actual sex per se, but let's just say the younger siblings should be safely locked up before we begin.

Well, come tothink of it, why would someone really show their kid brother/sister FicWad?

Wouldn't you just be kinda a freak then?

Or keep them locked up? Okay this is getting just a little creepy so I'm gonna stop.

Dunno. Do what you will in your personal time. If you read my fics, and if you like Morrissey, then as far as I'm concerned, you're pretty awesome.


xo lorna

By the way,the thing on Gerard's gun is a variation of a slogan in Northern Ireland. I wrote Ode to my family from the holiness that is The Craberries and the real one is ode to Ulster.

The First Of The Gang To Die
The Last Of The Famous International Playboys

"Frank," the Don breathed into the young man's ear, "will you do everything I say?"

However attractive and welcoming this man was, Frank was fully aware that his fiancee of nearly three years was sitting in the corner. Duct tape dressed his sinful mouth as James watching his fiance's every move.

Watching him with his enemy. His arch nemesis. Way seemed to be smirking as wide as the Cheshire cat.

"Are you going to hurt James?" Frank asked, tears brimming in his eyes now, making his orbs glitter and gleam. "Please don't. Please. I...I love him."

"I'll only hurt him psychologically," came the smooth reply. "And if he's lucky, I won't stay long."

For some utterly absurd reason, Frank felt a part of himself disappointed at that statement. He didn't want this man to leave; didn't want him to leave Frank in the arms of Romano. He tried to reinstate the mindset of being engaged to James.

"Come, Frank, "he said,beckoning a long, thin finger. "Come sit."

" to you?"

"No, no," he purred, pulling Frank gently to himself, ravishing in the boy's warmth. "Like this."

Frank gasped as he was pulled into the older man's lap, trembling slightly. He began to blush at his sudden revelation.

"St-str-straddle you?"

"Mmmm," Gerard replied, clearly satisfied. "Is that a problem?"

Frank suckled his lip softly. He attempted to shake his head. He heard James swear in the background.

"Good to know. James," he said lightly, "are you watching this?"

A grunt passed for positive verification.

It was with that verification that Way then did something even Frank didn't see coming; he kissed him.

No tongue, no spit swapping, no gaudy gasping; Way simply pressed his lips to Frank's, deaf to the screams of protests from the corner of the room. He was enjoying himself immensely, having this gorgeous boy to take as his own and to tease and torture that fucking bastard that had been tormenting him for all these years.

Frank, meanwhile, was thrown aback when the air had been sucked out of him-he knew he should be scratching this guy's eyes out, pushing him violently, screeching indignantly that he was happily engaged to another man-but he didn't.He remained still against the mouth of this killer, this murderer, this ruthless gangster.

Gerard began to tug on the boy's lip carefully ,as so not to hurt him ,but just gently pulling his bottom lip out, so that the boy wouldn't get scared and cease the romance. Gerard could have screamed with joy when he heard Frank let out a small mewl of appreciation. He craved the young one's warmth, his soft, hesitant touches, his plush lips and warm mouth.

The problem occurred when Way began to unbutton Frank's shirt; the latter gasped and pulled the material quickly back to his chest. He thought Way would go livid and erupt in violent fury-but he just looked slightly confused, sad even.

"Why?" He questioned softly, his light, liquid eyes searching the darker pair.

"I just-please don't," Frank muttered miserably.

Gerard, slightly perplexed, began to do it anyway. Sure,he didn't want to upset the boy, but at the same time his irrational reaction had confused Way.

He stopped at the third button and felt his jaw clench in anger, in rage, in disbelief. Knuckle marks and hand prints decorated Frank's pale chest. Frank blushed as Gerard traced the injuries, scrutinizig the bruising.

"Who did this to you?" He growled. Then his eyes fell on James. "That fucking cunt?"

Frank whimpered and tried to return his shirt to it's original form, but Gerard grasped his wrist and gazed into his eyes.

"James did it, didn't he, Frank?" Tears were silently making their way down his cheeks, falling into their intertwined legs. "The man who won't let me touch you abuses you and lays his hands on you." He looked to James. "I think there might be a slight change of plan today."

"Should I get off?"

"No." He was angry now,much angrier than he had been several minutes ago. "Stay with me."

Frank remained where he was, his legs on either side of Way's waist.


The boy rasied his head. A lone tear slunk down his nose.

"Kiss me." He saw the flicker of worry and fear in the chestnut lamps, and gave his thigh a reassuring squeeze. The fear, soon enough, would morph into enthusiasm. "Don't worry that it'll hurt him. He's hurt you enough."

Frank nodded and leaned forward. Then,taking a deep, labored breath, he crushed Way's lips with his own, twisting his fingers in his dark hair. Way moaned at the sudden pleasurable pressure and moved his hands to cup Frank's ass and massage him, causing the subject to let out a shaky sigh.

Gerard moved his lips quickly down Frank's neck and grazed against his collarbone. Frank was making delicious noises of want and pleasure, and Gerard felt blood rush down south-he didn't care. He wanted this boy, and when bloodthirsty gangsters want something, they normally get it.

Gerard found himself now at Frank's torso, brushing his lips against his nipple, making the younger man writhe in desire. He licked and sucked at it, before finally rolling it between his teeth. He blew gently into the boy's bellybutton, making Frank arch his back and squeal in delight. Gerard smirked; no other lover had ever been this responsive whilst being intimate.

Then Frank was brought crashing back reality:he was engaged. To a different man. A man who was now watching him, hearing him basically have sex with another guy. Frank flicked his eyes open, Gerard was biting his neck in an authentic vampiric impression.

"Gerard," Frank whimpered, heaving with pants of lust. He felt weak and light-headed. "Oh no-"

Frank's jeans had become painfully tight, and now he was whining a high-pitched, shaking whinge that shook his body.

Meanwhile, James was going crazy, thrashing about, tugging and pulling his wrists from their leather binds. He was gonna fucking whip Frank into oblivion after this shit. Michael and Raymond looked at each other over the heated groans erupting from the room-this punishment, while unusual, seemed to be carrying out the desired affect on Romano.

Michael, four years younger then the infamous older Way brother ,was particularly surprised. He'd only ever before heard two people call his brother by his Christian name; his father and the Government, neither of which were high on Gerard's list of appreciation. Outside of those two, he was referred to as the Capa or the Coro-names of formal devotion in their mother tongues of Italian.

Back to Frank, who was now becoming kiss-swollen and restless. Gerard, realizing the time had come ,dragged himself from the boy.

"There," he announced roughly. "You can get off if you like."

Frank did so and fell awkwardly onto the bed.

"Now, to deal with you, "Gerard muttered, sliding off the bed, wiping his mouth. "Take the tape off him.I want him to see his own blood spill."

The tape was removed from James' mouth harshly, leaving a red print along the muzzle around his mouth. Just as he opened his jaw to speak, said bone collided with Way's fist, causing a crack to reverberate around the room, and for James' chin become detached. It stuck out at an right angle.

"Give me my stick," was the order from Way now,and it was fulfilled by the sharp fling of the metal against Romano's face. It stabbed his eye, sending nerves of pain shooting across his face, and blood dribbling slowly down his cheekbone.

"Did you hit him?" He asked evenly, swiping at the man twice more on you and him. His anger was growing by the minute ,with James doing what all gangsters do during interrogations: staying fucking silent.

"I said, did you fucking hit that boy?" His tone was venomous and harsh. "The boy you're meant to fucking love?"

This time the stick split his nose, spurting scarlet streams. His head had been opened as well; Gerard could see the soft pink mush that could only be brain.

"Funny, I thought I asked you a fucking question, Romano," he continued,driving the sharpened edge of the stick into his enemy's foot. He turned to Frank. "Do you have tweezers,or some tongs?"

"Like for bread?"

His innocence struck Gerard, and made the gangster's heart ache. He was going to rip out various bodily envelops, and here the boy was, offering tongs for baking.

"Yes," he finally answered, smiling sweetly.

Frank returned moments later, carrying a pair of metal tongs.

"Thank you Frank." He bent down to stabilize at Romano's level.

Frank copped on. "Please don't, no-"

Gerard took no notice, smiling innocently up at Romano, whose face was now meshed in upon itself.

"Did-you-hit-that-boy?" He had placed the tongs on you and ripped on boy. A blood curdling scream followed. From Frank, not from James. He was perfectly silent,apart from wheezing.

"Well. Someone's being exceedingly difficult today."

Gerard took Frank by the elbow ,steering him in front of James.

"Look at him." Gerard pulled up Frank's shirt, displaying the disgusting patterns of light yellow and deep purple across the boy's chest. The bodyguards even flinched. "Did you do this? Did you beat the boy after he talked to me at the race, because everyone in the fucking state knows that James Romano cannot stand anyone else talking to his possessions?" His shoulders pumped up and down as he yelled. Frank's spine was pressed up against the Don's abdomen. "Well?"

James stayed perfectly silent.

"ANSWER ME,GODDAMMIT!" A never-before-seen pocket knife was drawn and slashed off the thing that was James' right index finger. Frank flinched.

"It was out of love," James finally panted, not meeting either eye of his enemy or his fiance "It was an act of passion."

Gerard glared at him. Wrong answer.

Then he smiled.

"Frank," he said, opening his waistcoat. "Get my gun for me."

James rolled one remaining eye. Trust Way to shove that in his face before killing his sorry ass.

Nonetheless, Frank began to work nervously at the holster belt strapped around Gerard's waist. Mace, three pocket-knives, a pair of brass knuckles, and two Colt's. Pearl handling, bone barrel, etching in the side. "Alla mia famiglia" traced the butt.

Gerard smirked at James as he held his arms up in the air, letting Frank unhook the pieces and unbuckle the belt. See how quickly he fell for me? The self-indulgent smirk said. See how he values me more than you...already?

When Frank was done, Gerard took the weapon and felt it in his hand, admiring the expensive gun. Then he walked over to Frank, pressed his lips to his forehead, returned back in front of Romano, chuckled at a remembered joke, and shot James in the head.

Frank gasped right from his stomach. He stumbled suddenly and fell back. The Don caught him in his arms.

Gerard blew the smoke from his gun, and spat on the ground.

"Murder. Ultimate act of passion." He snorted. "Frank, come with me. You are mine now."
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