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an audition ._.

by xxXLadyOfSorrowsXxx 3 reviews

a small role :3

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Well, hullo again.

Thanks for all your kind reviews and I'm working on chapter three right now.

So, I'm going to need someone to date Pete. I want her to be kinda a bitch to mikey and lacey, as Pete and Lacey hate eachother and Mikey will take Laceys side. You can still be nice, just a bitch to Mikey and Lacey. It can be out of jealousy for Mikey, defending Pete, whatever the hell you want, just be creative. Not a major role but you'll be in two or three chappys for sure and will most likely be at least mentioned in others. So I need:

Name:(first and last)



Reason for hate:


Something to brag about:

Something about you and Pete:

Well, thanks. I kindof have a vision for the character and I will choose who I see fit.

Thanks. And good luck. X
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