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Well now what?

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What Ray and Gerard do while Delilah, Mikey, and Frank are at school. Leading up to the text session between Gerard and Delilah.

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I like to write so yeah, I might do another update again after this one. Hope you all enjoy. R&R PLEASE. xoxo

Gerard's POV
I need to hug them before we drive away. I get out the car and hug each one tightly.
First Frank who takes a deep sigh. He knows that even though we have a deal there is no doubt that we will always be best friends and in each others heart.
Mikey comes next. My little brother, the boy I'd die for. He knows this and just squeezes me. I want to stay there with him to let him know I'll always be there for him. But he already knows this and lets go.
Last, Delilah. She had become the center of my heart over the few weeks and I can't imagine how scared she is. I hug her close and whisper in her ear, "I will always love you, so just be strong for me and yourself."
I can sense her smile, along with Frank's eyes driving into the back of my head so I let go and get back in the truck.
Ray and I drive off in silence until we are by the cemetery leaving Brawley. That's when I explode.
"Ray dammit I love her! But Frank wants her and ugh FUCK! I can't love her, she's barely going to be 15! She's better off with Frank but he can't have her! If he has her I'd hate myself forever knowing I lost her, just no! Right now I wanted to drag her into the truck and take off with her and leave you all behind and be with her! That's all I want! But I can't this is eating me up inside!" I don't realize it but Ray has pulled over and I was crying, tears streaming my face. I was a fucking wimp. A young man crying over my love for a 14 year old.
I cry for a good 20 minutes. Ray just sat their in silence. I sniffled a bit and he spoke up.
"Better?" he asked looking at me.
I couldn't lie, I was feeling better. I had just revealed to my best friend the inner feelings I had for a girl I couldn't have. I nod wiping my eyes.
"Gerard, I know you love her but just wait. For the love of God, please just wait. You must wait for the perfect time or you can mess everything up with her. I'm not choosing sides, she might end up loving you or Frank but it's he choice, not your's. So for once be patient, just wait until you see who she ends up wanting. Hell she might want Mikey for all we know!" he says taking me into his arms, "just relax."
As much as I hated to admit it he was right. I couldn't make her love me, I had to let her choose her own way. All I could do was sit back and wait. Fuck that was going to be hard.
"All right, all right. You have a point, as always. I'll just... wait. Can we please keep driving now, I want to get home," I say already thinking of lyrics in my head.
"It's time for another song isn't it?" Ray says entering the road again with a smirk crossing his face.
Damn he knew me too well. I didn't care though, it was nice to have someone like that in my life. Not a lot of people had a friend like Ray.
Through all the bull shit that has happened he's been there for me.
When I found Mikey's body in his room, when I had the many black outs, when my grandma got sick, when I tried running away from home, when.... Eliza broke my heart...
That still stung. Eliza was the first girl I ever loved. She was everything I wanted, or so I thought. I had met her the summer before my freshman year in high school and she was amazing. Smart, artistic, funny, beautiful. She was everything. I had apparently caught her eye and I was honored to have her as mine. To my family and friends it did seem as if we'd be together forever, until I had my first black out. We'd been dating 5 months happily, enjoying every minute together. But I had gotten angry at some jerk that was messing with Frank and sadly I was with Eliza when I found this out. This is when I blacked out because of anger. My first black out and I punched the wall behind her. Screaming. I only knew this happened because she had told Ray afterwards. It only lasted for a few minutes and once I came back to reality, but it was too late. Eliza's face showed pure shock. She tried to play it off by caressing my hair and having me relax while she got me water. I thought she understood, I thought she could handle it. For a week we became distant, she wanted to spend less and less time with me. Exactly a week after the incident I walked over to her house around 6 o' clock carrying flowers to apologize for what had happened, hoping we could work past my illness. I knocked on the door and her mother answered it. I asked her where Eliza was and she just looked at me strangely.
"Gerard, Eliza is out with Jeremy. I thought you two broke up?" she told me.
Those words hit my ears and I thought I could hear my heart breaking. I couldn't, didn't want to believe she'd just go out with another boy with out even telling me, without giving me warning that we were through. I drop look at Mrs. Cuts and just nod and whisper thank you. I walk away from the house and then run to Ray's. His mom wasn't home and he let me in instantly. I explained everything to him; the black out, the distance that had evolved, my hopes in repairing that, her just leaving without a warning. I cried and cried and Ray just sat there hugging me, letting me know things would be okay.
We weren't like most teen boys. We weren't afraid to hug and cry with each other. We had been through too much to care about image. We just wanted everything to be okay. That's all we wanted. Towards the end of freshman year, when news of my recovery got out Eliza tried coming back to me. I would've taken her back if Ray hadn't stopped me. He literally stepped in front of me when she came up to me and just glared at me. He then turned to Eliza and said words that proved to me how much he cared about me.
"Ever hurt Gerard again I won't just hurt you, I will destroy you. Stay out of his life you selfish whore," was what he said.
I couldn't believe he said that. He had never talked so disrespectfully to a lady but he later told me Eliza was no longer even human to him, she was nothing. After my freshman year I gained a new respect for Ray and I learned to keep feelings to myself so I wouldn't get hurt again. Never again did Eliza Cuts get near me.
Before I knew it we were home and I just ran into the apartment and instantly sprawled myself across the couch and began to write my frustrated heart out.
Ray came in a grabbed both of us water and went to get his guitar. I showed him the song I had written a while back when Delilah's friends were over and he gave me the perfect name for it.
"Call it Demolition Lovers. Loving one another can kill you both, plus it's a bit like the drawing of the two lovers," he said tuning his guitar.
He was right. It really was the perfect name for the song, really did describe what my life for Delilah could do to us.
"Ray?" I said looking at him hoping he'd sense that I needed him to look up. He did.
"Yes Gerard?" he said with a smile. There are no words to describe the kindness of this man. He was the sweetest person in the whole world.
"Thank you for everything, I mean it. I don't know where I'd be today if you hadn't been by my side through this all. And I don't give a damn of how sappy that sounds," I say with a grin.
Ray smiles at me and just starts to play a few chords which is a sign to me that he feels the same. Ray always was a man of few words.
"So what do you have so far?" he asks referring to the song.
Ray's POV
Gerard had secrets that not many people knew and I was honored to be apart of the few that did. I think he even told me more than he told Mikey. His release for it all was through song writing. As long as he got a song down, or just a few lyrics, a week he'd be good, which is why I was so open to playing guitar for all his songs.
"Well I am trying to combine my feelings for Delilah with the hate towards Eliza, you think that can work?" he asks me biting the end of his pen.
He wanted to take a risk with writing a song for the girl he loved mixed in with a song for a girl that broke his heart. Funny part was that I believed he could do it. He had that sort of special talent when it came to writing lyrics, just like his talent in art. But Gerard always wanted my help with songs, he liked my style according to him.
"That would be one twisted song but you can do it!" I say smiling trying a few chords to see which he liked that I'd like as well.
We spent at least a good hour until we came up with a sorta of upbeat one with some chords that sounded peaceful.
"Perfect! Now for the lyrics, I was thinking something along the lines of complete happiness but twisted happiness, you get it?" Gerard asked becoming giddy as he always did when we wrote a song together.
Of course I got it and I even had the first line ready. "Duh I get it, plus I have an idea for the first line. Without a sound, this describes how both Eliza hurt you and how Delilah made you love her. What do you think?" I say hopefully. He contemplates it tapping his bitten up pen on his notebook which lied on his crossed legs. He always sat on the floor when he wrote a song. I never understood why but he just does.
"It works Toro, it does!" he said, and that's what we worked on for the next few hours.
We put lyrics together, took them apart, trying to find the perfect way to describe the love and the hate into one song while showing complete and utter twisted happiness. To say the least, it was the hardest song we ever wrote.
It was also going to be the first complete song. We never actually finished a song together. Just bits and pieces but that's all we needed to know one day, God willing, we'd be able to finish them and let the world hear them. I knew Gerard's dream was to be an artist but I saw the joy in his eyes he got when writing music, I knew he was truly a musician, which was a type of artist. I truly did believe we'd one day become a duo or something of the sort. It was a sort of not so secret dream of mine.
Finally after almost 4 straight hours we got out first song we ever wrote together, done. Gerard had written Skylines and Turnstiles on his own so I had no claim to that one. But this song, it truly was ours.
"Ray, what do we call it?" he asked in awe realizing he had just written a song with me.
I looked at the lyrics and thought of his situation. Of how Eliza was this evil bitch that almost killed him inside and how Delilah was making him drown in love. That was the word, they had both made him drown in hurt, confusion, and love.
"Drowning Lessons," that's all I murmured and he looked at me first confused but I saw something click in those hazel eyes of his.
"That's... Ray that's the perfect name!" he says over excitedly not being able to contain all his excitement any longer. "Okay, time for the ultimate test! Play along Ray, it's time to see if I can sing a full song with full emotion!" Gerard said clearing his throat. I counted to three and we started playing.

Without a sound I took her down
and dressed in red and blue I squeezed
Imaginary wedding gown
That you can't wear in front of me
A kiss goodbye, your twisted shell
As rice grains and roses fall at your feet
Lets say goodbye, the hundredth time
And then tomorrow we'll do it again
Tomorrow we'll do it again

I dragged her down I put her out
And back there I left her where no one could see
And lifeless cold into this well
I stared as this moment was held for me
A kiss goodbye, your twisted shell
As rice grains and roses fall at your feet
Let's say goodbye, the hundredth time
And then tomorrow we'll do it again

I never thought it'd be this way
Just me and you, we're here alone
And if you stay, all I'm asking for is
A thousand bodies piled up
I never thought would be enough
To show you just what I've been thinking

And I'll keep on making more
Just to prove that I adore
Every inch of sanity
All I'm asking for is, all I'm asking for is


These hands stained red
From the times that I've killed you and then
We can wash down this engagement ring
With poison and kerosene
We'll laugh as we die
And we'll celebrate the end of things
With cheap champagne

Without, without a sound
And I wish you away
Without a sound
And I wish you away

Without, without a sound
And I wish you away
Without a sound
And I wish you away

Without a sound, without a sound
And I wish you away

Without a sound, without a sound
And I wish you away

Without a sound, without a sound
And I wish you away

Hearing his voice sing along with my guitar just wow. Our first song together, it was perfect.
"Gerard, we are so fucking bad ass. This song is just," I say speechless with no words to describe how I felt.
He looks at me and nods with a grin. Then he pulls out his phone for some reason.
"It's Delilah! She just texted me! She says all is well and that her and Frank are doing fine and that Mikey made a new friend who is ironically called Mike!" he says happily reading her text message.
The way his face lit up when he thought of her was so different than anything before. He hadn't been this way with Eliza, Delilah truly meant a lot to him.
"Oh and she said hi and that she loves you for everything," he says to me with a smile.
I just smile back meaning to tell her back as I mess with my guitar a bit still in shock of how good the song sounded. Drowning Lessons, written by Gerard Way and Ray Toro. Just the thought of it was amazing.
Gerard seemed happy as well. I saw him texting Delilah and I couldn't help but wonder what he was saying.
"What are you telling her?" I ask setting my guitar down to get up. Gerard inches away from me as I get closer.
"Oh nothing just that I'm glad and that you say hi," he says still inching away.
"You're taking an awfully long time to just say that. What are you hiding Gee?" I ask still trying to peak pushing Gerard into the counter.
"Well I'm just giving emphasis y'know typical Gerard style, haha," he says a bit shaky.
I try to grab the phone but he moves and presses the send button before I can get it. That's when I take him down, pushing him onto the ground taking his phone.
I saw the text it read:
Delilah, I'm glad to hear that! Tell Frank to keep his meaty paws off you and tell Mikey I'm glad he found a new friend and Ray says hi. Also, I want you to know you have become my inspiration, I love you Delilah, the type of love? I don't know yet but all I know is I want you in my life, as a lover or a friend I don't care I just want you near me. - Love Gee
DAMMIT was all I could think.
"Sorry Ray I just, God I'm a hopeless romantic!" he said burying his face in his hands ashamed of himself.
"What happened to waiting?" I ask sternly.
He looks up slowly and stares in my eyes with his big puppy dog hazel eyes and shrugs. He just shrugs.

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