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So the day went on then- Whoa Frank!

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Delilah is in a giddy mood after lunch and when they get home Frank does a little something bad.

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Don't any of you get annoyed of often I update? Hehe anyways, hope you like this one! And tell me what you thought of the Eliza part in the last chapter, I was kinda iffy on that. Anyways, enjoy! xoxo

Delilah's POV
Gerard Way made me giddy. I don't know if it even meant anything but I locked that message on my phone because it made my day! Not that school was going bad, yeah I missed the girls but I had Frank by my side in every class and Mikey was there during lunch and now we had a new friend Mike! And a few girls I could talk to occasionally, so all wasn't horrible! But that text message, the words he did not speak but truly meant, it made me all warm and fuzzy inside. A feeling I hadn't felt for weeks, months.
There was this jerk I fell in love with. It ended bad. I really did love him and well he dumped me when I was holding his hand. I didn't know why but he did. I later found out he'd been cheating on me with my next door neighbor. I just was a wreck afterwards and it took me forever to fully recover. I was still hurting, but not as bad. Luckily I felt nothing towards that jerk anymore. I didn't need to when I had so many people in my life who really deserved my love and kept it safe.
Sitting there in Johnny's I couldn't wipe the grin off my face. Mikey thought nothing of it as he and Mike were talking about Iron Maiden, Misfits, and newer bands. But I could feel Frank's eyes on me. As soon as I was going to ask him what he wanted Mike told us it was time we walk to school, so I followed but Frank, being his Frankish self pulled me aside.
"You guys go ahead we'll catch up," he said grabbing my arm. I heard Mike ask Mikey if we were dating and I heard Mikey's little giggle that always made me smile.
Then I turned to Frank who had a devilish grin upon his face. Fuck, he was up to something.
"So lovely, what did Mr. Way text you that put you in such a damn good mood?" he asked crossing his arms.
Now I know I should've been able to tell him but I wanted to keep it a secret. Mine and Gerard's secret. Something sacred to me. Weird, I know but I just didn't want him to know anything.
"Oh nothing," I say already walking back to the high school, "just what I read you. Just made me happy to know he cares," I continued with what was partially the truth.
I got caught up trying to think of the next partial lie that I trip on the curb of the sidewalk almost falling flat on my face! Luckily Frank was there to catch me. When he caught me our faces were a bit too close.
"Really Delilah? I have a feeling you are hiding something from me," he says making me feel his warm breath on my lips giving me the chills.
There was no point in trying to deny the fact that I was attracted to Frank. He was amazing and so flamboyant I was just instantly attracted to him, but oddly enough I didn't want him that way. He was a great guy but he was the kind of guy I'd rather be friends with. He did make me feel special, but not in the right way. That was just the problem, he wasn't the Way. He wasn't Gerard.
"Frank, your breath is giving me chills please let me get up and let our faces be further apart please?" I say with a small smile. He lets me get up and I straighten myself out and relax my shockingly excited nerves.
"Wanna tell me now?" he asks as we continue walking.
No, I think but I just nod and lie to my friend.
"He just told me that he loved us all so much and that we could never imagine how proud of us that we were doing well. It was sweet, that's why I got happy," I say partially lying and partially telling him the truth.
I look at him and I know he doesn't buy it but we leave it at that since we are already at the school.
I walk to the girls' restroom, a place I know he can't follow me in. My head was still spinning from everything over the last three weeks. Gerard and Ray and Frank and Mikey, it was still hard to believe I had met such amazing guys, but two in particular made my head spin. Frank Fucking Iero and Gerard Fucking Way. I wanted Gerard, everything about him made me want him but he was still a mystery to me, he still hid things from me and then there was the age difference. It would never work. Then there was Frank, sweet Frank who I could tell did care about me and really it would work out amazing for us, he was the perfect age for me and was just all around amazing but he wasn't what I wanted. Of course what was good for me wasn't what I wanted, typical.
The rest of the day of went by in a sort of blur. We only had 5th and 6th period left but they were two of the longest of the day. 5th period went by very slow, maybe because I knew that I only had one more period to go before I could feel Gerard's arms around me, hugging me. And that next period Mikey would be in my presence to put a smile on my face like he has done since I met him three weeks ago. It was hard to believe it had only been three weeks since I met these amazing guys.
While in 5th period Frank sat by me and underneath the desk he grabbed my hand. At first I was surprised then I just let it happen. Then I noticed some girl staring at our hands entwined from the desk over. When our teacher turned her back I confronted her.
"Excuse me but why are you staring at me?" I ask in a small sweet whisper so I wouldn't get on her bad side.
She looks me in the face with a small smile. "Well I think it's just adorable how two little emo freaks are in love, it's kinda cute y'know?" she said immediately turning around after she did.
It shouldn't have bothered me, it wouldn't have bothered me, but she used the word. Emo. It was a stupid title that made no sense because if it stood for emotional well weren't we all emo? Didn't we all have emotions? Out of anger I let go of Frank's hand, seeing him get hurt a bit. The rest of the period I don't even turn his way.
Frank's POV
I didn't get it. I thought she cared about me but in 5th period she just let go of my hand like I was nothing. I thought I had become one of her best friends. It didn't make sense to me. And at lunch, I know she was hiding something from me about Gerard, I don't mind if she has secrets but I'd like to know what he's putting into her mind.
Walking out of 5th period she doesn't even wait for me. Weird. I mean I get she likes a bit of time alone but this is our first day of school, of high school, shouldn't she want company. I leave it alone and just walk to our next class, art. Finally Mikey would be with us and hopefully the tension would die down.
I spot Mikey and call him over. "Hey Mikes!" I yell walking his way. He waves to me and walks over pushing his glasses up a bit.
"Why hello Frank, hey uhh where's Delilah?" he asks as we walk into the classroom.
I was about to answer him when she walks in. "Right here Mikey, did you think I'd leave you alone with the weirdo?" she says as she hugs him and smiles at me.
I guess everything was better now, but I was still curious why she acted strange earlier.
Before I had the chance to ask our art teacher walked in. Throughout the entire class the teacher made us all laugh, he was one of those teachers who were made to teach art. He was also the Lang Arts teacher, we remembered him from 3rd period. Mikey, Delilah, and I all agreed this would be our favorite class. Unfortunately it seemed to drag on and on. I just wanted it to be 3:05 so we could be out of here and I could talk to Delilah. As I thought that the bell rang, signaling that we had actually made it through our first day at Brawley Unified High School in one piece.
Every kid in the class starts to pile out and as soon as we are out we head anxiously to the gate. Just as we had anticipated Ray and Gerard were there waiting for us in the beat up black truck.
"Ray!" Mikey says as he pulls Gerard out of the front seat sitting in the front with Ray.
"Hahaha hi Mikey, how did everything go?" Ray asked as I helped Gerard gain his balance as we all got into the truck. I felt like a second grader again being picked up by my mom, but I didn't mind the feeling was great.
Mikey starts spilling his guts out on how school went and how he met Mike, the awesome drummer friend and blah blah blah. I loved Mikey but damn he has a mouth on him. Gerard slid into the back seat next to Delilah who sat behind Ray's seat. Damn, he was good I didn't even realize she's gotten in. The entire ride home Mikey kept talking and talking I sat laughing as did Ray and Gerard and Delilah were having their own little conversation in the coroner heads touching and hands entwined. I didn't like it, even though I knew we'd done that before it just seemed like more than it was when it was Gerard. As much as I didn't want to believe it I was jealous of Gerard.
Mikey's POV
"And he loves Fall Out Boy too! He's a great friend! Don't you think Frank?" I say excitedly as Ray turns off the truck and we all pile out.
Frank looks at me and giggles. "Seems like he is, but he still plays the vagina drums, haha!" Frank replies making me and Delilah laugh but Gerard and Ray just stare.
"It's a joke, from lunch, just go with it," Delilah says walking towards the apartment.
I loved having her around but I hated that her mom had left her alone. Her mom seemed evil and selfish. Delilah insisted that she didn't mind being left alone but it didn't make it any better. And her dad was always with his new family so he had no time for her. It wasn't right but she said she didn't care anymore. All I knew was that I wanted her to be happy.
"Okay weird joke," Ray said with a smile as he opened the door to our apartment.
Delilah went to turn on the tv and Frank and I went to our bedroom to throw our stuff in. Frank seemed, down so I grabbed his arm to ask him what was going on.
"Frank, is something bothering you?" I ask holding his arm. He looks at me with glazed over eyes and a small smile that isn't like him.
"I'm fine, why?" he asks trying to loosen my grip. I just let his arm fall limp as I let it go.
"No reason, never mind," I reply knowing he wouldn't tell me anyways.
With that we walk back to the living room where Gerard, Ray, and Delilah already are.
"Delilah, are you going to call the girls to come over?" I ask kinda hoping I could tell more people how my day went. She looks up thinking about it.
"Not today, I don't want to share you guys today," she says as Gerard moves closer to her wrapping his arms around her.
I laugh and sit on the ground and Frank follows but says something unexpected.
"Don't you mean you don't want to share Gerard?" he says in a non-teasing way. I'm shocked at this and just turn to look at him with my mouth open.
"What the hell Frank where did that come from?!" I yell kind of insulted he'd say that about my brother and Delilah. Ray looks at him too and comes over to us.
"Frank, why the hell did you say that?" he asks sternly with a hint of anger in his voice. I look up and see Delilah's face in a hurt reaction. Shit he hurt her. Now something's going to happen.
Ray's POV
Frank's comment angers me more than it should but he knows Mikey or Delilah don't actually know how Gerard feels for her. Now he was pulling this, fuck.
"Well Frank you have an explanation?" I ask raising my voice getting angry. He hurt Delilah and her face showed it. She even was get watery eyed. Fuck.
"Shit guys I.. Delilah... Gerard guys I... I didn't mean it I just dammit," he managed to stutter out jumping up to apologize to Delilah.
"It's... okay Frank," she says getting up to hug him as he softly sighs and I think I even spot a tear or two fall down his cheek. He turns toward Gerard with apologetic eyes.
"Gee, I'm sorry I just... It seemed like she just wanted to be with you and my thoughts got the best of my, no my feelings, and well forgive me please?" he says stretching his arms out towards him. Gerard takes the offer and squeezes him, as if they are sharing some sort of deep secret connection that needs no words for it.
I walk to Delilah and so does Mikey. We both hug he squeezing her in a double bear hug. She giggles.
"Now see here, Frank and Gerard, she is actually our girl, right Mikey?" I say kissing her the top of her head making her laugh.
"Hell yes! She was actually mine first since I was the first to see her!" Mikey says taking her into his own embrace.
Gerard and Frank both cross their arms almost completely in sync and glare at Mikey.
"Is that a challenge young Jedi?" Frank says with a glare and a smirk.
"Young Jedi?! Hell I'm older than you!" Mikey says letting go of Delilah to go face to face with Frank.
"Wait a second you can't challenge him Frank! Ray and I only can challenge you guys since we are the only masters! So ha!" Gerard says getting into the argument.
Delilah laughs at their immaturity but I can't help but get into it. "Whoa wait, no I'm the true Master! The fro makes me tower over you all in rank, ha!" I say arguing with them.
This was our family, this was how we were at peace. Arguing like this was the way we liked to be, fighting over who were the Jedi and who were the masters. Arguing like this was how we showed our love, showed our dedication to each other.
"Gosh, and I thought I was weird! hahaha!" Delilah says over our arguing and yells.
"Shhhh! You are but a mere princess!" I say laughing at my own comment and turning back to yell at Gerard who claims his art skills puts him at a higher rank.
Gerard's POV
I loved when we all argued this way. Now it seemed even more special because it put a smile not only on our face but on Delilah's too now. But I still couldn't get Frank's comment out of my head. Was he really jealous of whatever the hell Delilah and I had? I mean we had made a deal. We did shake on it. Like I had said, all if fair in love and war.

and that's all for this chapter, hope you all like! Remember tell me what you thought about the Eliza part in the last chapter and is this one good? R&R please :3 xoxox
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