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No Colour Anymore, I Want Them To Turn Black.

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Who knew re-decorating could be so fun?

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Frank's POV:

I had surprisingly settled in to my new house quicker than I'd thought. This was my second day in New Jersey and I already felt like I belonged. My new bedroom was awesome, yet it was in desperate need of re-decorating. I sat up in my bed, glancing around at the savage green wallpaper, which was peeling badly. The sight of it made me want to strip it immediately.

I glanced at the clock; why in God's name was I awake at seven on a Sunday? I figured I would start work on the walls after my morning coffee. I loved coffee, it was the only reason I was able to stay awake in school. I made my way down to the kitchen and turned on the coffee machine. Whilst grabbing my mug off the side, I noticed a note addressed to me:

Frank, I've figured you'd find this easily if I left it by your mug. I've had to go on a business trip and will be away for a few weeks, I'll be back in time for your birthday though, don't worry. I've left all the information you will need for school, which starts tomorrow - don't forget! I don't want any trouble either, so best behaviour please. Oh and PLEASE try and make friends. Any problems just drop a call or text. Love you, Mom xxx

Okay, so I was home alone for a while so I may as well make a start on my bedroom and hopefully get it painted before my Mom comes back and attempts to persuade me not to use black paint. I quickly made my coffee, and headed back upstairs to my room.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~time lapse~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Exhausted, I collapsed on my bed. It had taken me all of four hours, but I had finally finished removing that vile wallpaper, now leaving bare cream walls. It was nearly half eleven, and lunch was sounding rather inviting. My stomach growled right on cue as I headed downstairs to grab some food. Twenty minutes later I sat on my bed, having just scoffed the entire content of the cookie jar. I felt a bit sick and rather drowsy, not surprising considering I was awake so early this morning. I could feel my heavy eyelids closing, the gap becoming smaller as I started to fall asleep. Just as my head hit the pillow, my phone rang.

"Hello?" I answered, rather sleepily.

"Hey, Frank? It's me Gerard, you know the guy from the comic book store?" Holy shit! I'd gotten so wrapped up in personalising my bedroom that I'd forgotten all about my new friend.

The events of yesterday began to flow back in to my head. I remembered Gerard's angel-like face, those deep hazel eyes, his amazingly pale skin, the way his hair fell perfectly in to place... I was in a trance.

Gerard's POV

Should I call him? I told him I would; I said I wanted him to hand out with me. I started pacing up and down my room, why the fuck was I so nervous? Frank seemed like an alright guy who'd make a pretty awesome friend. I mean we have loads in common, at least I think we did, I suppose I did only speak to him for about five minutes yesterday. No, we'd definitely become great friends, I mean why wouldn't we? 'Fuck it' I thought, frantically typing Frank's number in to my cell.

"Hello?" He answered, sounding as though I'd woke him up. Shit.

"Hey, Frank? It's me Gerard, you know, from the comic book store?" There was a pause, has he forgotten about me already? I waited - still silence. "Frank? You still there?" I asked. I heard him curse, causing me to laugh.

"Yeah, sorry Gerard, errm, are you okay?"

"Yeah thanks," I said. "I was just wondering if you were up to hanging out with me and Mikey today, we haven't got anything planned." I hoped I didn't sound too desperate.

"Errm, well I'm kinda redecorating my bedroom today," Shit, I'd blown it. I knew he wouldn't want to be friends with someone like me; he probably thinks I'm a freak! "But you could come round and help if you like, I'm shit at painting."

Or not.

"Sure, that'd be awesome, so er... what time do you want us to come over?"

"Well I've finished stripping the walls, so anytime now if you want?"

I was in a bit of a daze after he said 'I've finished stripping'

"Snap out of it Gerard!" I said to myself.

"Sure, I'll just go tell Mikey and we'll be round as soon as."

After receiving Frank's address and saying goodbye to him, I ran to Mikey's room.

"Mikey!" I shouted through his door, "Get dressed in to some old clothes, we're going to help Frank decorate his room!"

"Who's Frank?" Came his reply. He sounded rather awake so I opened his door and walked into his bedroom. He was sitting at his desk doing homework. Typical.

"I met him at work yesterday, he's new here and he seems nice. Anyway, I told him we should hang out so now we're going to help him paint his room."

"You like him don't you?" Mikey smirked.

"As I just said, he seems nice. Besides he probably doesn't have any friends around here because he just moved yesterday." Mikey just continued to smirk at me.

"What do you find so funny?" I snapped.

"I think you're developing a crush on this 'Frank'" He said.

"What! Mikey I've just met the boy! He probably isn't even gay!" Shit why did I say that first? "I'm not gay!" I said quickly.

"Sure," he said sarcastically, "So why is it you haven't had a girlfriend before?"

"Because all the girls I know are sluts." I saw the look on Mikey's face and quickly said, "Apart from Alicia" He smiled. Alicia was Mikey's girlfriend, and to be honest she was pretty awesome. She was really nice and sweet, and she adored Mikey. So maybe I exaggerated about ALL the girls being sluts, but I'd never considered a girlfriend before, I don't know why, I just haven't. I'd never considered myself as gay before though either. I mean there was this one time I thought this guy was alright looking, but that didn't turn out too well.

"Anyway Mikey, I told him we'd be right over so get dressed into something you don't mind being ruined." With that I walked out of his room and back to mine, digging through my closet to find something for me to wear. I settled on my old black skinny jeans, which were a tiny bit too small for me and were covered in rips and whatnot, and an old band t-shirt. It was a pretty baggy top, and was covered in paint splodges after that time I helped my Dad paint the garage last year. I ran a comb through my long black hair and smudged on some eyeliner. I looked okay, I suppose, but it's not like I was trying to impress someone. Was it?

Frank's POV

There was a soft know at the door, that must be them Ithought. I suddenly felt nervous for some reason. I opened the door and saw Gerard, his hair as perfect as I remembered. He was wearing an old Misfits t-shirt and some skinnys. He looked amazing, wait, did I just say that?

My eyes travelled over to who I assumed was Mikey. He was slightly taller than Gerard, though you could tell from his face that he was younger, he was very slim and too wore skinnys and a band t-shirt. He was staring at Gerard.

"Hey, I'm Mikey; Gerard has told me so much about you." He said, clearly empathising the 'so'. I saw Gerard's face redden as he elbowed Mikey playfully in his gut. I laughed and gestured them in.

"Would you like a drink? We haven't been shopping yet so there isn't much in, but we have coffee?" I saw both of their faces light up at the word 'coffee' I smirked.

"We practically live off coffee." Gerard said. I laughed again and switched the coffee maker on.

Once the coffees were made, we headed upstairs to my room. I'd covered my bed and wardrobe with white sheets to prevent them from getting covered in paint. Everything else was pretty much still in boxes.

"There's a CD player somewhere, I have tons of CD's so if you wanna put something on I don't mind." I said. I saw Mikey walk over to the box labelled 'CD's handle with care' He laughed as I tried to cover my embarrassment.

Gerard and I walked over to help him choose. We soon settled on Misfits, they were my all-time favourite band.

"Wow! You play guitar!" I turned to see Mikey checking out Pansy. She was my most precious possession. "I play Bass"

"Yeah, that's Pansy," I turned to Gerard. "Do you play anything?"

"No, I tried to learn guitar a few years back but I failed miserably." He laughed.

"He can sing though"


I laughed again, but noticed Gerard had gone slightly red.

"He writes his own songs too, they're really good."

"They're not really anything special" Gerard said, still glaring at Mikey. However I could tell he was just being modest. "Anyway, what colour are we painting your walls?"

"Black" I said simply.

"Completely black?" I nodded, "Wouldn't you like anything else painted, like on top for decoration or anything?" Gerard asked.

"Like what?" To be honest, I had no idea what Gerard was on about.

"Well what do you love most in the whole wide world?" He asked.

"Pansy." I replied, almost instantly. Gerard smiled.

"Well why don't you paint her on the main wall?" I burst out laughing, although Gerard looked hurt.

"Sorry," I said, "It's a good idea, but I can't paint for fuck. I'd probably mess up just painting the black, let alone a guitar."

"Gerard's really good at art, he could paint her for you."Mikey suggested.

"Yeah! Oh Gerard would you? Please, pretty please? It was your amazing idea." Gerard laughed, the same cute laugh I remembered from our previous encounter in the shop.

"Sure," He said, smiling.

"Thank you!" I exclaimed, hugging him tightly. I pulled away quickly, feeling my face start to burn red. Gerard smiled at me and then started drawing Pansy. Mikey had taken to painting the wall nearest to the CD player, which 'conveniently' happened to be the wall opposite Gerard's. Meaning that no matter what wall I decided to paint first, it would be next to Gerard. Not that I was complaining or anything.

It wasn't long before Gerard had finished. Mikey's earlier statement, in my opinion, was a bit of an understatement, as the wall looked fucking amazing! The base of the wall was jet black, matching the rest of the room, except in the centre was a painting of Pansy. It was perfect; he had also added loads of swirls and musical notes surrounding her. I walked closer.

"Wow, this is so awesome," I said. Gerard smiled.

"Do you really think so?"

"Yeah, except..." Gerard looked at the wall, then back at me, confused. "You missed a spot." I grabbed the paintbrush and smeared black paint across his face. I laughed and ran across the room to an oblivious Mikey, hiding behind him. Gerard walked dramatically slowly towards me, a dripping paintbrush in his hand. Mikey turned to look at Gerard and burst out laughing.

"Mikey, unless you want black paint in your hair, I suggest you move away from our new little friend." Mikey stopped laughing immediately.

"Sorry Frank," He began. "But he knows my weak spot." He then grinned and sat on the windowsill.

"Frankie..." Gerard said, walking closer to me, "That was a very, very bad idea." He actually looked quite sinister, but I couldn't help but laugh. I turned and grabbed the paintbrush Mikey had been using, and pointed it towards him like a sword.

"Bring it," I said. Gerard had pounced on me before I had chance to run anywhere, he was sitting on my stomach, pinning me to the ground, his face inches away from mine. I could feel my heart beat quicken as he got closer, and closer. I closed my eyes, feeling his warm breath so close on my face. Then I felt something smear against my face. My eyes shot open to reveal both the Way brothers literally rolling on the floor laughing. I wiped my face and realised it was covered in black paint. I grinned.

"Okay, so you got me back, are we even now?" I asked.

They continued to laugh, causing me slight confusion.

"What?" I asked.

"We're not laughing at the paint," Mikey managed. He pointed at my crotch area; I looked down to see that my dick was fully erect.

"Shit!" I said, this made the Way brothers laugh even more. I ran out of the room and into the bathroom to 'sort myself out'

Gerard's POV

Frank came back into his bedroom, his face bright red. I saw how embarrassed he was and felt bad for not being able to control my laughter earlier.

"Sorry," I muttered. "I shouldn't have laughed, it..."

"Don't, I should be the one apologising. Don't feel bad about laughing either, I would have found it funny to if, well, you know..."Frank's face grew even redder.

"Let's just forget it even happened." I suggested. Frank smiled and nodded, though I could tell the smile was slightly faked. I need to cheer him up somehow. I turned to Mikey, I doubt he even realised Frank's presence as he was so engrossed in the music blasting out of the stereo. I grinned and handed a pot of black paint to Frank, picking one up for myself too. He too grinned with realisation of my evil plan. We crept over to Mikey, who was still completely oblivious, and simultaneously tipped the paint over his perfectly straightened hair.

"Fuck! Gerard! Frank! You fuckers!" Mikey screamed; though Frank and I were too busy uncontrollably laughing to pay any attention to him.

"Well I've finished my wall, so I think I deserve to go home and wash this fucking paint out of my hair," Mikey said dramatically, storming out. This only made us laugh even more.

Mikey still wasn't back from his shower by the time Frank's room was finished; I doubted he would come back after we ruined his hair. I giggled at this thought. Frank was downstairs, getting us coffee, so I decided to help him unpack the rest of his things. By this I meant sitting on his bed reading his comics.


I looked down at my phone to reveal a text message from Mikey:

I'm staying at Ray's tonight so I won't be there to get your sorry ass out of bed for school in the morning. When I got home there was a message from Mom and Dad, they've had to go on a last minute business trip, but should be back soon. Anyway, don't forget to go to school tomorrow, and by the way, you're a bitch for ruining my hair. Tell Frank I said hi, oh and that he's a bitch too. Oh and one more thing, USE PROTECTION!

Mikey Xoxo

After reading that message, I was pretty sure my face resembled a tomato. I bet Mikey's pissing himself after sending it. I felt abit down that my parents were out of town again, they were hardly ever around anymore; I missed them.

The door opened, I looked up to see Frank walking in the room, carrying our coffees.

"Mikey's not coming back, he's stopping at Ray's house tonight."

"Ray?" Frank asked.

"Oh right, Ray's one of our best mates, he's amazing."

Frank's POV

I still couldn't believe what had happened to me earlier, I mean I got a fuckin' erection over someone I've literally just met!

It was just me and Gerard now; Mikey had left after his hair disaster, and wasn't coming back soon.

"Why is Mikey so possessive over his hair?" I didn't quite know where this question came from; I was just intrigued to know.

Gerard shrugged. "He's always loved his hair; he spends hours getting it ready in a morning. He got even more attached after his incident, I swear he apologised to it about five hundred times! I mean talking to your hair is bad enough, but apologising to it? He's a weird kid."

"Incident?" I really did feel nosey now, but hey, I wanna know now.

"Oh I assumed you already knew, sorry, I keep forgetting I've only just met you, I feel like I've known you for years." Gerard began, he went slightly red and then continued.

"Last year, Mikey and I were home alone. I had not long been awake, it was the school holidays and I like my lie-ins. Mikey however, being the nerd he is, was awake at the crack of dawn. Well anyway, I remember walking upstairs to the kitchen, my bedrooms in the basement you see, to be met with a horrific sight. I can laugh about it now but back then I was scared shitless. Even though Mikey is extremely intelligent, he can't cook for fuck. So anyway, I walked into the kitchen to find Mikey trying to make toast, he was standing on a chair so he could peer over into the toaster. As if that wasn't bad enough, he was holding a fork, in the toaster. Apparently his toast was burning and he wanted to get it out. Before I could shout to tell him how stupid it was put any metal into anything electrical, our toaster kinda exploded. It sent Mikey vaulting backwards. I just remember standing there, thunderstruck, for about ten seconds before running over to see if he was alright. His hair was burnt from where it temporarily caught fire, and most of the hairs from his eyebrows were gone."

I couldn't help but laugh at the thought of Mikey without eyebrows.

"He did look pretty funny, I'll have to show you the pictures sometime." He chuckled. "I mean... he was still... clutching the fucking... fork!"

By this point Gerard and I were both laughing.

"So yeah back to the point, after that incident he's tried to protect his hair as best he could, which made it so much more hilarious when we ruined it with black paint. He isn't allowed to touch anything electrical now, well except from his hair-dryer and straighteners. Oh and the coffee maker, he's allowed to use that."

"I'll have to remember to hide my toaster every time Mikey comes over in that case." I joked.

"Anyway, enough about my dysfunctional brother, what about you? How come you moved here?" Gerard asked, I looked away from him, sighing."You don't have to tell me if you don't want to." He added quickly. I shook my head.

"It's just, hard you know, I mean I always have a tendency to lose my friends over my stupid fuck-ups, and you seem really nice; I don't wanna ruin it."

"Don't worry Frankie, you won't lose me." Gerard said, pulling me into a hug. I suddenly burst into tears.

"Hey, Frank, what's wrong? You can tell me anything you know?" Gerard's voice was soothing. He was now rocking me back and forth, attempting to calm me.

" Dad's an...alcoholic, but it's all my fault...that he started drinking. He and my Mom always used to argue, so she decided move out. She doesn't blame me, but I know it's my entire fucking fault! It's my fault for being such a fucking 'faggot''s all because I'" I whispered the last bit hoping Gerard wouldn't take any notice.

"Frank, there's no problem with being gay, it's who you are and no one can change that, and if your Dad can't accept you, well then it's his loss. I mean how could he be so cruel to someone as sweet, caring, and as beautiful as you." I nodded. Wait. Did he just call me beautiful?

I tilted my head up, staring right into his beautiful hazel eyes. His face came closer to mine; I closed my eyes and moved closer. I could feel his breath on my lips now...

Sorry that I'm leaving you on cliff hanger - I'm just mean like that :p Also I hope this chapter wasn't too long, as I said before, Ihave the first part of this story pre-written so it would have been quite difficult to have shortened it. Anyway hope you enjoyed it. Please R&R Thanks :) Aiysha Xoxo
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