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Can't Find My Way Home - But It's Through You

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The first encounter between Gerard and Frank.

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Frank's POV

I hate my life. Why does everything have to be so complicated? Why did I have to be gay? It's brought me nothing but trouble since I came out; I can't help it, it's who I am.

My parents are now divorced, meaning I've had to move house, the house I've been living in for all sixteen years of my life. My Mom didn't blame me for her and my Dad splitting-up; she says she'd have left him earlier if we weren't so settled. After finding out he had a 'faggot' for a son, my Dad started drinking, he vastly turned in to an alcoholic. He'd stay out all night drinking at various clubs, staggering back home at 3 'o' clock in the morning. He even came back home with some whore once, despite my Mom being asleep in their bed. As if being drunk wasn't bad enough, he was also violent. I have various scars all over my body, all, well many of them caused by him.

So now I've moved to New Jersey with my Mom, or a 'fresh start' as she says, although it feels more of an escape; a cowardly escape. It also means starting a new school, not that it'd be any different to my old one. I'll still probably get beaten up for wearing eyeliner, or get random insults thrown at me for wearing a Misfits shirt - all schools are the same and this new one's not going to be an exception.

We pulled up outside my new house, I wanted to go in and pick my bedroom, but before I even had chance to get inside the house my Mom palmed me off with some cash so that she could personally 'thank' the delivery van driver. Honestly, she'd been flirting with him the whole journey here, it was so embarrassing!

The area itself was a pretty shabby, however a little row of shops caught my eye. One of the shops stood out more; it was a comic book store. I loved comics, I had a personal collection that I'd never let anyone touch, all the comics were pristine, and I intended them to stay that way. It's not as if I'm a clean freak or anything, it's just that I like to keep pride in my most precious possessions. That's not weird or anything is it?

The shop itself looked as though it had been around for many years, allowing it to fit in with the area. The dirty, white paint on the outside walls was peeling, giving the shop a decrepit appearance. The windows were also full of posters advertising ancient comics - some which even /I /was unaware of.

I walked into the little shop and started searching the shelves, not really knowing what to buy. I picked up a random comic,'Speedball, The Masked Marvel' it read in huge blue text.

"Oh I wouldn't bother reading that. Speedball has got to be one of the worst comic-book superheroes ever! He looks ridiculous - I mean just look at his costume. And his power has to be one of the worst powers, I mean who would want to create a bunch of bouncin' balls which come out of nowhere? He just seems like a kinda useless guy to me."

The voice came from behind me, I placed the comic back on the shelf, turning to face person behind it. The first thing I noticed was aname badge on the voice's shirt. 'Gerard Way - Supervisor'

"You know, warning people off the comics is a great way to sell them." I said sarcastically. I had just reached the face of the voice. He was beautiful. He looked to be around my age, maybe one, to at the most, years older. He was relatively taller than me, which I had my Mom to thank for. I'd inherited my height from her, and she's not exactly the tallest person around -yet she's still taller than me.

He wore black eyeliner which complimented his pale complexion, which contrasted well with his long, raven black hair. His eyes were beautiful, the warmest shade of green - they were staring right down at me. He raised his eyebrow and started to laugh; I had been staring at this boy for ages. I felt my face turning to a delightful bright red shade.

"Yeah, well I don't like that comic, and I don't want you wasting your money on something that you won't enjoy." He said, still smiling."Unless you're a Speedball fan?" He added quickly.

"Errm, no, I was...just looking anyway...Errm, I'm Frank by the way," I said quietly, trying, and failing, to hide my embarrassment.

"Gerard," he said, holding out his hand for me to shake."You new here? I haven't seen you before." He asked.

"Umm... Yeah, I moved here today actually. Although I haven't even steeped foot into my new house yet." I said glumly.

"Is your house near here? I live literally around the corner."

"Well, it didn't take me that long to walk here, if that's what you mean. I think I live down this road though." I felt stupid for not knowing where my house was, however Gerard just giggled at me. His giggle was so cute that I felt a smile grow on my face. I was worried, if Gerard didn't stop being so goddamn cute, something else might start growing, and I am wearing extremely tight skinny jeans.

"Cool, we'll have to meet up sometime, and you'll have to meet my little brother Mikey too, he's awesome." Gerard said.

"Yeah, sure, that'd me awesome." Gerard took a pen out of him pocket.

"Here I'll give you my number," he said pulling my hand up from my side. At his touch, I suddenly felt butterflies flutter around in my stomach. I could feel Goosebumps appearing on my arms as Gerard placed the pen against my skin. It tickled; I started to laugh, causing Gerard to tighten his grip on my arm. "There," he said smiling. I looked down at my arm where he'd written his mobile number and address ever so beautifully. He signed it 'G xoxo' making my heart skip a beat. I took the pen from Gerard and quickly scribbled my number down on his perfect skin.

"Anyway I best get back to work now, nice meeting you. See you around Frankie."

"Yeah, I best get back to my Mom, bye Gee." I said, walking out of the shop.

I made my way down the street, hoping to see a delivery van parked outside one of the houses as I had no idea which was mine. I was in aparticularly good mood after that encounter with Gerard. He called me Frankie. I giggled, giggled like a little school girl.

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