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Not Afriad To Walk This World Alone

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A devastating plague has wiped out nearly all of humanity, very few have survived. Lyn and Ray Toro are a pair of siblings who are immune to the virus, and with their friends Frank Iero, Gerard and...

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I had never expected any of this to happen. No one could have ever wished for this to happen to humanity. No one had a cure either. Very few survived and were immune, I still don’t know if it’s a good thing or not, but I was one of the few who became immune to the virus.

Life as we had known it, ceased to exist. You could not go anywhere, and see society as it had been last year. I walked over to the window with the dull faded blue curtains and pulled them back, taking a look outside. It would look like your ordinary neighborhood, if there weren’t signs up all around, warning people of the spreading illness, listing tips of what to do when coming into contact with an infected person, and how to safe and uninfected, they were attached to every stop sign, but it wasn’t like they had helped at all.

Five months ago, If you took a little trip to the hospital, you would fine chaos. You would find dozens of bodies in tight rows of bed, nurses and doctors rushing to attend to them. Not to mention, the morgue had reached it’s vacancy, bodies had literally begun to pile up. The dead bodies that lay in the open brought on grieving by loved ones, whom were near death too, spreading of the disease, and a horrid stench. Humanity was dieing, now it is dead, very few people are left , and half of the ones who are left, are dieing with no help to aid them.

With a soft sigh I closed the curtains and looked around the room, finding myself standing in front of the old mirror on the wall. Why was I one of the few to be immune? Why me? I stared at my reflection, pale skin, dark brown hair with platinum bangs, blue grey eyes…..I was nothing extraordinary, I never had been. Sure, I had my moments, but still. I looked at the ticking clock on the wall, it read 5 minutes after four in the afternoon. The guys should be here any second, granted they hadn’t run into a disaster or were goofing off someone. One thing I knew for sure- next time they leave, I’m going with them.

I ventured downstairs, trying to clean up any messes they could have made, but surprisingly, there were none. With all the work we had been doing, we had no time to have fun, there was no fun when everyone around you was dieing. It was all rather depressing, but I had the perfect group of guys who-

I jumped as I heard tires screech outside and gravel hitting the side of the house. Followed by pounding footsteps and loud voice.

“Iero!!” I heard Ray shout from outside, just as my best friend Frank ran into the house.

“You didn’t see me!” Frank told me and ran down the hall. Soon after Frank disappeared, Mikey way and my older brother Ray came in.

“What happened?” I asked, looking at the tall men for an answer.

“Frank decided it would be funny to drive my car on our way back from picking up the Ways.” Ray said, going to the refrigerator and pulling out a redbull for himself. “He ran over the speed limit and nearly hit a pole ”

“Sounds just like Frank, but I don‘t think the speed limit means anything anymore.” I said, looking from Ray to a very timid looking Mikey Way. Mikey was one of Ray’s friends, one of the only ones that weren’t dead by now. I didn’t know him to well, but he looked shy and harmless. He was as tall as Ray, but had a very thin build and wore black rimmed glasses, with light brown hair and long side bangs that hide some of his face. He was just standing there, looking like he didn’t fit in. “Mikey, you can help yourself to anything around the kitchen.” I told him, since after all, he and his brother, whom were both also immune, were moving in with us, to the family mansion house Ray had inherited upon our parent’s death last year, we just had to travel from Belleville New Jersey, to Helena, Montana, to get to it. Enough said, it was going to be a very long road trip, if we even made it that far.

“Do you have coffee?” he asked, I gestured to the coffee maker, and he helped himself.

“Ray?” I asked, thinking back to what he has just said. “You said “Ways”, where is your brother Mikey.”

Mikey’s eyes left the coffee cup and landed to mine. “Shit.” he put down the cup and turned to the door, just as it was opening. In stepped a man a couple inches shorter than Ray, with skin paler than mine and raven black hair that framed his face. His facial features, high cheek bones, small nose and pale lips were attractive. His shoulders were broad, but his body was not as muscular as Ray’s. I could see his resemblance with Mikey, but at the same time, they looked nothing alike.

“Where were you Gerard?” Mikey asked him.

Gerard just gave Mikey a not so friendly look. “I was enjoying the scenery.” he rolled his eyes. “Our shit is still in the back of the car, where do you want it?” he asked Ray.

“Uh, well you and Mikey will have to share a room, so Lyn, could you take Gerard up to the room next to yours where he and Mikey will be staying?”

“…..sure.” I said. “Follow me it’s-”

“I need to get our things first.” Gerard looked at me like I was an idiot and went out the door again.

“Don’t worry.” Mikey sipped his coffee. “He’s always like this, but it’s gotten worse these past few months, I can’t really blame him.”

“I understand.” I told him, even though I surely didn’t understand the extent of Gerard’s inner problems. I waited in the kitchen until Gerard heaved in two heavy suitcases, then lead him upstairs and down the hall to the room next to mine. The room had never belonged to anyone, it had always been a nice guest room, with two little twin beds, so we figured it would be perfect for the Way brothers. “This is it.” I told him. “Bathroom is down the hall and to the left if you need it.”

Gerard looked back to me after sitting the luggage down in the middle of the floor. “Why wouldn’t I need a bathroom?”

“I….never said you didn’t….”

“You said it as if it was a thing I might need, like a band aid or something.” he said in a not so friendly tone, pushing his black hair out of his eyes, glaring down at me.

“I didn’t mean it like that at all.” I said, feeling a little intimidated by him. I looked away from him and left the room, returning back to the kitchen, passing Mikey in the hall. Frank was making something on the stove and Ray was sitting at the table with a vacant expression on his face, and expression I was seeing more and more often, and it was one I wasn’t liking.

“What’s wrong?” I took the chair next to him and sat in it.

He looked up at me, giving me the same look Gerard had just moments ago. “Do I even need to answer that?” He sighed. “The whole fucking world is dieing, or should I say has died? The last of the sick are dieing, we are the only survivors we know. The trend seems to be the only siblings of two, in very rare cases stay alive and share the gene that the virus can’t touch.”

“Hey! I’m an only child, I don’t have a sibling.” Frank turned away from the stove and glared at Ray.

Ray rolled his eyes. “Midgets don’t count Frank.”

“I’m not a midget!” Frank pouted. “Fuck you Ray!”

I laughed, Frank was gay. “No thanks Iero.” Ray said and opened his laptop. It was strange, that in a dead world, we still got internet and cell phone reception, there was no one around to turn it off or tell you that you hadn’t paid your bill, just like electricity. Ray didn’t spend much time on his laptop, there was nothing to do on it since the world was dead, Ray had created a website for survivors to report onto if they could, but so far no one had. By the end of the evening, Ray, Mikey, Frank and I sat in the den. We made brief small talk, Frank and I trying to get to know Mikey on a better level while Gerard decided to stay in his bedroom, but it was no use. A big cloud of gloom hung over the room, we had to leave for Helena in just a few days once we had everything we needed. It was move or stay in this little town until we ran out of supplies and died.

When the clock on the wall read midnight, I decided it was time for bed, Frank had already gone to bed an hour ago, claiming he wanted an early start in the morning, which meant doom to all of us.

“Night Mikey, Night bro.” I gave them each a hug. “How late are you boys staying up?”

Ray just looked at me and shrugged, He was only 24, but I could swear all the stress was aging him. He had a lot on his mind, and he didn’t know how to step back and let other people do some of the work too. “Don’t know, Mikey and I have a lot to discuss.” he shrugged. “We will be fine, go get some sleep Lyn.” he told me and patted my shoulder. I nodded and took the stairs, stopping at Gerard’s bedroom door, I wanted to raise my hand and knock on the wooden door, but I stopped myself, if he was already sleeping, he wouldn’t want to be woken up, and if he was still awake, I don’t think he would want to see me.


Thanks for reading, this is actually a story I am going to stick to. The name "Lyn" has no relevance to Lindsey Way. It's my name, so deal with it. I decided to put myself as a character into the story, and a friend of mine as well, but her character comes later, yes I'll tell you when that time comes in another note like this. Thanks again, rate and review to tell me what you thought of it.

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