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Mikey fancies Autumn. Autumn fancies Gerard. And to top it off, someone is blackmailing Mikey.

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"There's no need to worry," Gerard always told me "You don't need a girlfriend to be happy."
Well that's easy for him to say anyway. He's got a girlfriend at the moment called Aubree and she's really pretty. But he's also had girlfriends in the past like Eddi, Kiley, Haven and Becca. And Frank wasn't lonely either because he had Dakota. Jeez, even Ray and Bob had girlfriends! Ray had MJ and Bob had Emilea (It's Emma-Lea not Amelia as I learnt when I first met her.)
I'm fifteen, I've never had a girlfriend, never kissed a girl, never hugged a girl and I've never even held hands with a girl before. I keep telling Gerard that I'm worried this makes me weird but he just tells me not to worry, as I've already kind of explained. I haven't even attempted to talk to my parents about it yet.
They know something's up though. Well, I think Mom knows exactly what's going on and understands. As for Dad, he thinks I'm gay. But I'm not, because I've got a crush on this girl...
It's not like she's the most popular girl in the school, but she's not the quiet nerd in the corner either. Not many boys fancy her which makes me like her even more. Her name's Autumn, she's got caramel skin with shoulder-length black-brown hair and turqouise glasses. Most of her friends say she acts like a bunny so that's her nickname.
I think she's adorable.
Autumn isn't the kind of girl Gerard would date. Gerard's going with Aubree who has jet-black hair past her shoulders, wears a lot of blank eye-liner and has a rod in her left ear. Gerard wouldn't be seen dead kissing someone like Autumn. But then, I wouldn't want to be seen kissing someone like Aubree. Well, not while she's dating Gerard. Otherwise I would be date.
The only person that knows I like Autumn is my best friend Erin. When I told her, she smiled and told me "Oh my god, you so have to ask her out!"
Erin does this thing when she's talking, she always puts a lot of emphasis on one word. It gets on lots of peoples nerves but not mine.
We have other friends too, don't think we're loners. We hang around with my brother sometimes and his girlfriend and all the others like Frank, Ray and Bob with their girlfriends too. Sometimes our sister Hayley hangs out with us too. She's just started High School, she was really nervous on her first day but now she's really popular. And there's also our friend Jordan.
I used to like Jordan an awful lot until one day Erin came bounding over to me all over-excited and asked "Jordan wants to know if you'll go out with her?"
I declined. It's not that Jordan isn't pretty but it'd be really weird to go out with her. We used to be really close but since I rejected her, she hasn't acted the same around me. Erin doesn't seem to mind though.
I wish Autumn would ask Erin to ask me out.
I've thought it through in my head about a million times. Autumn comes over to our group shyly and whispers to Erin that she wants to ask her something. Autumn and Erin get up and walk off while I sit back and casually talk to my brother. After a few minutes Erin comes running over, ready to tell me something. She pulls me away and says "You know that Autumn girl that you totally fancy? Well she likes you too! And she wants to be your girlfriend!"
I glance at Autumn who blushes a funny pink colour that makes me smile. I walk around Erin and up to Autumn. All I do is nod and she understands. Autumn smiles at me, I smile back and then we kiss.
I know it's sad. But I really want it to happen.
One day, it'll happen... One day...

"Hit the ball!" Frank yelled to Ray.
'PE?' I thought, rubbing my head 'I don't even remember waking up, or going to first lesson, or getting changed...'
Ray hit the ball with the bat and it went high up into the air "Mikey, watch out!" Frank shouted at me.
I looked up but didn't see a ball coming down to hit me "What the hell?" I asked myself, as I watched an alarm clock crash into me.
"Ouch," I muttered "That hurt..."

I sat up straight, gasping 'Just a dream...' I thought, rubbing the back of my head. If it was just a dream, why did it hurt so much?
"It's about time you woke up," Gerard said casually next to my bed.
I rolled my eyes and picked up the alarm clock that he had just dumped on my head. It read 8:15AM in red letters. "Why didn't you wake me up sooner?" I yelled at Gerard, rolling out of bed and reaching for clean clothes.
Gerard shrugged "Didn't feel like it."
I groaned and pulled on a fresh shirt and some baggy black jeans. "No time for breakfast I take it." Gerard smirked, leaving my bedroom and going downstairs.
I pulled out my converse from under my bed and pulled them on frantically 'Sometimes,' I thought to myself 'I could just slap him.'
"Mikey!" Mom yelled from downstairs "You're going to be late for school!"
"Tell me something I don't know!"
"Haha!" Gerard laughed "Mikey's a Selena Gomez fan!"
"You're so funny," I muttered to myself, searching for my Math book "And so cool. I wish I was more like you..."
I found my Maths book, shoved it in my school bag and picked myself up off the floor. "I'm coming!" I yelled.
Gerard lauged again. "Grow up." I told him angrily, storming past him to the car.
He followed me outside, still laughing "No way, immature people have more fun."
Mom got into the drivers seat and agreed with me "Yes Gerard, stop teasing your baby brother."
"I'm not a baby!" I argued "I'm fifteen!"
At this point, Gerard was in hysterics. I pouted and looked out the window.
"Oh Mikey, stop being so babyish. Gerard was only playing."
'Right.' I thought to myself but I didn't say it outloud.
Nothing that morning seemed to go right. For one thing first lesson I had Math. If you re-call, I searched for my math book this morning and I found it. But when I looked in my bag at school, it was just gone. Try telling that to my teacher. "Books don't just disappear from bags Michael. See me after class."
Then in PE, it was kind of like my dream, only this time I didn't get hit in the face with an alarm clock. And Ray and Frank weren't there, they were put into the other group. So were Gerard and Bob. I can't be in the same class as Erin because boys and girls are split up. And nobody else in my year seems to like me, so of course I got laughed at.
At break it felt like nobody wanted to talk to me. Even Erin was too busy talking to Jordan to pay any attention to me. The only person who would talk to me was Hayley.
"Where were you this morning?" I asked her.
Hayley frowned "I go to swimming with the school on Mondays. I had to be there at seven. Remember?"
"Oh yeah..."
"Are you okay Mikey?"
"I'm fine Hayley." I told her before the bell rang for third lesson.
We had English which I've never been keen on but it was poetry. Autumn was in my class though which I guess was a bonus.
Well it was until we had to read out our poems.
I got picked on first. I hadn't technically written my own poem like we were asked to. I had just copied out a lot of songs lyrics. Even then, it wasn't very long. To be fair my brother had written some of the lyrics.
I cleared my throat and read it "The blue ones make me fly, and the red ones make me fly, because that's what you get when you let your heart win, you drown out all your senses."
That was literally all I had. Everybody laughed at me. I got an hour after school for not doing enough work in class.
But lunch time was the worse.
It was just like my insane daydreams. The one where Autumn comes over, talks to Erin and askes me out? Well it started off just like that. She walked over and pulled Erin away. Erin came bounding back over with a huge smile on her face. But she didn't pull me away. Instead, she pulled away Gerard.
He was over there for a while. And when he walked off, Autumn clearly looked embarrassed.
"What did she want?" I asked him, trying to act casual.
"Nothing really," Gerard told me "She's got like some crush on me. I had to tell her I was taken."
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