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Chapter 2

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Gerard decides he wants a party.

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I went home in an extremely bad mood. Why did all the good things happen to Gerard all the time? He had an amazing girlfriend already why did Autumn have to like him instead of me?
"Hey Mikey," Hayley popped her head round my bedroom door without knocking. Her and Gerard do that a lot "Gerard says that tomorrow Mom is going out so we're going to have a party!"
"I don't want a party."
"Well Gerard says that if either one of us tells then he'll kill us." Hayley smiled "And what's wrong with parties? I'm going to ask Bert to come."
"Bert's a senior," I reminded her "And he's pretty dangerous. I heard he does drugs."
"But he's totally cute," Hayley argued marching into my bedroom "And he says I'm totally cute." She said this proudly, fiddling with a lock of her brown/blue hair.
"Well he shouldn't be." I told her firmly "Mom will not be happy if she knows you fancy a senior."
"Mom's not gonna find out, is she Mikey?" Hayley asked me, making an attempt to look fierce.
But my little sister does not intimidate me "Isn't she Hayley?"
And then Hayley did what Hayley does best. She pulled a puppy dog face. I sighed heavily "Fine, I won't tell her. But don't go round flirting with Bert okay? You don't know what you're getting yourself into."
Hayley just rolled her eyes and strolled back outside. Gerard walked in a few seconds later, pen and paper in hands "Okay, hit me. Name five people you wanna invite to my party."
"I don't need five."
"Fine then, one."
"I need more than one."
"For crying out loud, just tell me some people!"
I thought about it for a second and then said "Erin I guess, Jordan as well... And uhh..."
"Just spit it out."
"Can I invite Autumn?"
Gerard laughed at me and asked "Why?"
"Because I like Autumn. And tell Autumn she can bring a friend so she doesn't feel lonely."
"Come on, give me one more person. To fill up your five!"
I smirked "Fine then. Eddi."
"Eddi my ex-girlfriend?" I nodded. Gerard shrugged and wrote her name down "Sure why not..."
I pulled out a notebook and wrote - How to win Autumn at tomorrow's party...
When I went to bed that was all the page said.

"So, when are people going to start showing up?" I asked Gerard as soon as our Mom had gone.
"At around eight," Gerard told me "But we don't want the neighbours calling to complain to Mom because then she'll hit the roof. So one of us has to keep things under control. I vote Mikey!"
"Me too!" Hayley said, looking away from Sonic for one second before turning back to face it.
"I don't want to be supervising!"
"You didn't even want the party," Hayley reminded me "The only reason you want it now is because Autumn is coming."
"That's not true!"
"Then what was up with the piece of paper in your room saying 'How to win Autumn at tomorrow's party...'"
Gerard burst out laughing while I went bright red "How many times do I have to tell you to stay out of my room!"
"At least once more Mr.Way," Hayley smiled "As always."
"You're so sad..." I complained, sitting down on one of the sofas "What are we going to do until eight?"
"Food a'hoy!" Gerard yelled, running to the kitchen.
Hayley actually paused her game (Miracle!) and turned around to ask me "Did he just say food a'hoy?"
"I think so..." I said "But I can't be sure. It's not something he usually says."

The first few people showed up at around quarter to eight. We weren't exactly prepared for them but we just pretended we were. It was a bit awkward just me, Gerard, Frank, Hayley and Dakota. But then Aubree showed up and she wasn't having anything awkward. She turned up our music really loud and started us dancing around. After a while we couldn't hear the doorbell so Gerard just stuck a sign on the door saying - 'Just Enter'. I didn't think this was a good idea but I wasn't about to say anything.
"Hayley," I grabbed my kid sisters arm and pulled her away "Autumn's not here yet. Did she say she was coming?"
Hayley shrugged "Bert promised me he'd come. Have you seen him?"
I put my hands on her shoulders "Hayley, I think you need to devlop a crush on someone your own age. This thing between you and Bert will never work."
"But I really like him," Hayley told me, sticking her bottom lip out "And I thought he liked me too."
I struggled and forced a smile "Hey, it's still early. He could still show up! Now go on, go and have fun!"
Hayley smiled back at me and then walked back off into the crowd. I walked off, worrying if Autumn had decided not to come. Or if she had walked here, looked at the out of control party inside and walked off.
But then the door opened and in walked Autumn with her friend Riley. She smiled at me and walked over "Hi Mikey!"
"Hi Autumn!" I replied, amazed that she was talking to ME.
I thought I was about to have an amazing night. That I might be in with a chance of getting Autumn. But then something burst through the door that ruined the entire evening.
"Hello!" cried Bert, serging through the crowd "Where's Hayley then?"
Hayley came running "Bert, I thought you would never show up!"
The fact that he was leading my sister on pissed me off but I noticed he was drinking lager and one of his friends had brought even more. I pushed past them all into the living room where Gerard was umm 'dancing' with Aubree. His dance moves do have room for some improvement.
"Gerard, Bert's shown up with lager!"
"So what?" Gerard asked "So long as he's sharing, I don't care."
"He's hitting on Hayley!" I cried.
Gerard stopped dancing "She's like years younger than him though!"
"Well why do you think he's hitting on her?" I asked, trying to make him see the obvious.
Gerard left Aubree and I followed him. He came face to face with Bert and said loudly "You stay the hell away from my sister, have you got that?"
Bert laughed at him and then shoved him. Hard. He went sprawling back and onto the floor. People gasped but nobody did anything to help. Except for me.
------------------------------- Gonna have to cut this chapter short, have to come off the internet now REALLY SORRY D';
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