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Stars Made of Fire

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The boys were just out to have a good time, they had no idea what they would see or what they would be pulled into.

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"Stop playing with that lighter, you're going to catch my dad's car on fire!" Spencer screamed as he pushed Ryan's hand down, his other hand holding onto the steering wheel.
"God Ry, you're such a pyro." Jon snickered. Ryan glared at him through the review mirror, staying silent as he continued to open and close the lighter, loving the way he could control the flames. It was one of the only things he could control.
"Where are we going again?" Brendon asked for the hundredth time. His short attention span made it incredibly hard for him to remember any details of anything. You could have told him it was nine in the morning and he would have believed it even when the sun was down. It wouldn't surprise any of them if he forgot one of their names.
"We're going to the forest to drink some booze kid!" Jon said happily.
"And so Jon and Spencer can fuck." Ryan said as he looked in at the backseat of the small car, staring at Jon and Brendon. Jon gave him a pout as Brendon laughed lightly.
"You're just bitter because that Stacy bitch dumped you." Spencer said. Ryan flipped him off, not really caring all that much about what he had said.
The boys were young, probably a little to young to be doing what they were doing. Jon was the oldest, ranking in at a mere fourteen. And yet, they had manged to get a hold of some liquor, and Spencer had practically stolen his father's car. They all knew it would stay under wraps, they just wanted to have a little fun for the night. Which is why they found themselves parked in the middle of nowhere, a deep patch of forest on one side, a grassy plane on the other. Spencer turned the car off, grabbing his bag and slinging it over his shoulder as he got out. Jon went directly to the trunk, pulling out the illegal booze as Ryan continued to play with his silver lighter. Brendon went off to chase a butterfly. And Spencer watched him in utter disbelief.
"Sometimes I wonder if he ever got past the age of five." Spencer muttered as he walked up next to Ryan, who just shrugged in response.
"Maybe." He knew that wasn't true, he had had some pretty intense conversations with Brendon, making it almost seem that he was too old for his age. Of course, everyone in the four person party knew that if any of them were too old for their age, that it would be Ryan.
Ryan glanced over the large field that was to his right, staring out into it. It looked like it could have gone on forever, going over the hills and down to the ones past the one that they were standing next to. The moonlight lit the field in an eerie way, making it seem like a cheap horror movie. Or the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Shivers ran down his spine and he quickly looked to his left, his eyes scanning the trees for some sign of light. He had a bad feeling. Not that anyone would listen to him if he told them.
The other three boys made their way into the forest, and he followed behind, dreading the night that was to come.
"Ry, did you bring your CD player?" Spencer asked as they found a small clearing amongst the trees to sit in. Ryan couldn't help but wonder why they had to sit in the woods when there was a perfectly good open area for them to stay in. But it wasn't his party, and arguing with any of the people was like trying to tell a severely catholic child that gays, were in fact, people.
"Of course I did asshole." Ryan said as he sat down with the rest of the group, his bag dropping to the ground. He pulled the small portable CD playing device out of his bag, setting it up as Jon cracked the first beer, handing another open one to Spencer.
"Cheers mate." Jon said and the two clanked the bottles together, Ryan going through the list of CD's he had in his bag. They ended up just going with Blink 182's Dued Ranch, Spencer turning the music up. Ryan sat there like a mindless fool, playing with his lighter as the others drank and laughed.
"Come on Ry, at least try and have fun." Ryan looked at Spencer, who looked genuinely concerned. And pretty close to being drunk.
"Yeah, come on bud! Just one drink won't hurt." Ryan sighed, taking the bottle from Jon, Brendon laughing at them.
"Yes! Give in to peer pressure!" Brendon slurred. Ryan threw a small rock at him, not saying a word as he quickly let the liquid burn down his throat. Drinking ruined his fathers life. He couldn't help but imagine what it would do to him.
About an hour in to the night and all of the boys were having fun, Brendon hanging from a tree as Jon held a bottle to his lips, telling him he had to chug at least three upside down, Spencer holding the record of five. Even Ryan was having fun. He went back to acting like the little kid he used to be. Before his mother left. Before they took his father away. Before he was put in foster care. Before he almost ended his life. He was happy again. Spending time with his friends.
Spencer and Ryan made a small fire pit in the center of the clearing, Ryan quickly lighting it like it was nothing. When the fire was roaring the four danced around the flames, all singing as each one slowly lost one item of clothing after another. Eventually Jon and Spencer sneaked off to have some 'fun' by themselves. Which left Ryan and Brendon alone. Brendon thought nothing of it, but Ryan couldn't help but feel slightly awkward as he sat next to his childhood friend. Brendon was joking around, and it took all Ryan had in him to not do anything stupid.
"Hey Ry?" Brendon asked as he rested his head on Ryan's lap. Ryan pushed Brendon's hair out of his face, running his long and calloused fingers through the brown locks.
"Yeah Brenny?" Ryan hummed as he looked up at all of the trees. The leaves rustling was unsettling for Ryan, but he refused to let Brendon know that.
"Do you remember when we were kids?" Ryan laughed a little.
"We're still kids Brendon."
"That's not what I mean. I'm talking about when we were really young. You know, before all of the bad stuff could hurt us. Do you remember those times?" Ryan kissed the top of Brendon's head.
"What happened?" He asked quietly. It wasn't like Brendon to think in the past, he didn't even talk about the future. There was no 'then' or 'later' there was only 'now.' Brendon looked into Ryan's worried eyes, his own dark brown orbs filling with tears.
"My parents are getting a divorce. Mum say's it's my fault." Brendon said as he slowly started to cry. Ryan held him close, rubbing his back as he tried to comfort the crying boy in his arms.
"Oh Brenny, I'm so sorry. You know it's not your fault right?" Ryan asked. He hated seeing Brendon sad, it broke his heart every time. Brendon shook his head.
"I'm not sure what to think. Ry....I wanted to know, how did you deal with it?" Ryan gave Brendon a confused look.
"What are you talking about?"
"When your mom left....How did you deal with it?" Ryan swallowed. He hated thinking about that. His left hand went back to opening and closing the lighter, allowing the flame to shine before being taken away. He didn't deal with it. He could barely think about it.
"I know it's rough Brendon. Just try and take things a day at a time." Brendon nodded against his chest, the fabric of Ryan's shirt slightly damp. Brendon manged to calm down, looking at Ryan, who still seemed to be unsettled by something.
"I'm sorry for breaking down like that." Brendon said as he sat up, pulling out of the hug Ryan had caught him in.
"It's fine. Everyone needs to vent now and then." Ryan said with a small smile.
"You never vent." Ryan stayed silent, knowing that he had been caught. His heart pounded as he tried to think of something to say. He didn't want them to know his dirty little secret. He was saved when Jon and Spencer came running back, looking like frightened animals.
"What happened?" Brendon asked his eyebrows knitted together. Both of the boys were half naked, and it looked like both of their members were hard. Their hair was messy and they were panting like crazy.
"We gotta go." Spencer said with wide eyes.
"What are you talking about?" Ryan said as he looked at the two like they were crazy. Spencer grabbed his bag, Jon already running towards the car.
"Don't ask stupid questions just get up and go." Spencer yelled as he ran out of the forest. Ryan quickly put out the fire, Brendon running after Spencer while carrying all of Ryan's stuff for him. Ryan was left in the small clearing, the sound of Spencer's car turning on being the only real noise, other than the loud rustling in the leaves. He stood there for a moment, looking up to see all of the birds flying away. His mind was racing with what could possibly be hiding in the trees. He snapped back to his senses when he heard the other three boys calling for him. He ran back to the car, getting in the back next to Brendon.
"What exactly is it that we're running from?" Ryan practically screamed. The sound of trees falling echoed in the distance.
"There was this thing. And it had this weird greenish grey skin that looked slimy, and these glowing green eyes. And god, those fucking fangs." Jon said as he remembered what he and Spencer had seen. It was probably the most terrifying thing he had ever seen.
"That's not even the worst part." Spencer said as he drove down the abandoned road. "Did you notice that all of the small animals that are normally there were missing?" Ryan realized that it was true that he hadn't seen any animals other than the birds. And even they all fled.
"That, that THING was covered in blood!" Jon screamed.
"Oh holy shit!" Spencer said as he turned the car off the partially abandoned road. A train that was exploding was in the middle of the road, on the only train tracks in miles. There was a broken SUV that was flipped over in the grassy field. The train burned as something exploded. Ryan got out, running towards the flames. He didn't know what it was that pulled him towards the flames, but he couldn't help it. Debris fell as the other three males screamed at Ryan to come back. All three of them got out of the car, Jon and Spencer running after him. Brendon stayed by the car as another cart of the train exploded. Ryan was knocked down from the blast, Jon and Spencer shielding themselves. Brendon screamed Ryan's name, running towards them while avoiding the large hunks of metal that was falling from the sky.
Everything was still as Brendon picked Ryan up, the two staring at the flames as Spencer and Jon slowly walked towards the train. Something wasn't right, Ryan could feel it.
"What do you think happened?" Jon asked as they all stared at the wreckage.
"The car got in front of it." Spencer said as Ryan slowly started walking towards the flaming hunks of metal.
"How the hell did a car derail a train?" Brendon asked.
"Ryan! Don't go near that!" Jon screamed as he tried to get the boy to come back. Ryan found a small bag as he wandered through the wreckage picking it up before he turned around to look at his screaming friends. They were all calling him back, even though it didn't look like anything bad was going to happen. He walked towards the car that was flipped over, peering inside. There was a bloody cadaver, a young woman who looked to be in her twenties. She was clutching a locket. Ryan reached in and pulled it out, her arm falling limply to the side. It frightened him slightly to see the look of her body in the moonlight, the cuts on her face bleeding even though she had long since died. There were words written in the dust on the dashboard, but he was unable to read them from the angle he was at. There was a camcorder dangling from a string on the dash, and Ryan pulled it out, taking one last look at the woman. There was a large chunk missing from her left side her innards slowly falling out of it along with blood. Ryan swallowed, and walked back to the other three boys, his findings in his hands.
"We should probably go." Ryan said slowly.
"WE have been trying to, but YOU had to wander off!" Spencer cried throwing his arms in the air. There was gunshots and screaming from the hill, people in uniforms holding guns running down it after the four boys.
"Shit, run!" Brendon yelled, helping the wounded Ryan into the car as Spencer quickly speed off.
"What the fuck is going on?" Jon hollered, all of the teens in the car yelling with the exception of Ryan. He was looking over the camcorder. The screen had been torn off, the lens cracked. But the memory card remained in tact. He started to listen to what the others were saying all of them talking at the same time as Spencer drove them down the abandoned dirt road back into town.
"Guys, maybe we should just pretend that tonight didn't happen." Ryan said as he looked out the window, his findings hidden in his bag.
"I agree, tonight never happened." Jon said.
"It was just a dream." Brendon said as his hands went up to his head. Ryan was worried about him, he didn't take things like that well.
"Tomorrow we'll act like we didn't see anything." Spencer said as he breathed out slowly. They spent the night in the local park, each one having their reasons to not go home. They watched the stars as they tried to forget what had happened, everyone talking but Ryan. He was also the only one that was thinking about the crash, trying to piece everything together. His mind ran through every possible explanation for what was happening.
He knew that whatever it was couldn't be good.
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