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"Bye and Stuff" "Yeah, and stuff"

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Hmmmmm..... Kill Bill/ My Chemical Romance/ Scott Pilgrim? Am I just ripping off everything out there?

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Ray's POV
We all lived under one roof. And if we were going to keep Amber safe, we were going to have to watch her constantly. We'd do what we'd have to do to keep her from near death.
Gerard was pacing the floor again as he waited for Amber to come down the stairs, "I don't like that she's up there for that long. What if she fell asleep again?"
I rolled my eyes and stood, pushing him to sit on the couch, "Stop worrying Gerard. I'm sure she's fine, just talking to Mikey or something." As much as I wanted to keep Amber safe, I didn't want to take her away from what made her happy.
Gerard's leg shook and I nodded at Frank, who laid himself over his leg to keep it from going insane, "Calm down, Gerard. She'll come when she comes."
As soon as he said that, both Amber and Mikey walked down the stairs, hand in hand, to the couch. Gerard tried to stand, but I shot Frank a look and he continued to lay on him. I sat down next to Amber, "So guys, what songs are we going to do for the concert next week?"
Gerard lightened up a bit and smiled a little more, "I was thinking we'd do 'Sleep', 'Famous Last Words', 'Demolition Lovers', and uhh....... hmm. We need one more."
"Well, I'm sure we'll write another soon or something. We always end up writing at some point," Amber said, giving Gerard a knowing look and a smile. I could see the understanding and apologetic look she gave him, but she loved being with Mikey, craziness and all.
Gerard's POV
I was keeping myself calm through out the day, but seeing Mikey with Amber just rubbed me wrong. It wasn't that I didn't love Mikey and Amber to death, because I did. Or seeing them happy together. It was the fact an evil thing swarmed around Mikey's mind, able to free itself at will, and here was Mikey, being himself and hanging out with us.
By 3, I couldn't take it and stormed into my room. I heard running and whispering by my door then a knock, "Gerard? It's Amber. Can I come it?"
I sighed, "You and only you? And Ray. Yeah, Ray."
"Awww! What about me?!"
"You'll get your turn Frank! Just shut up for right now!"
I laughed at my idiot best friend and opened the door slightly for Amber and Ray. Out of the crack I could see Mikey with a face that could break my heart. I gave him another sympathetic smile and closed the door. They sat on my bed and I dropped myself into the desk chair, "And what do I owe the pleasure?"
Amber wrung her hands, "Look Gerard, I know you don't like seeing me with Mikey. And I understand that. It's just that..... uh...... Ray! You know how to explain these things! Start explaining!"
He sighed, "What Amber wants to say is that you can't keep her away from Mikey because she is helping him through this. And if you take her away, you take Mikey's sanity with her." She nodded through his words as he continued, "And we can try all we want to keep her safe, she'll allow that we watch her. But we cannot take her away permanently. It's a danger to her, him, and all of us if we do."
When he finished, I took a deep breath, "Alright, but I want everyone to watch her all the time. Except for your icky, lovey dovey times with Mikey. No one wants to see that."
We all laughed and I looked at Amber as she looked at me. I could tell we both knew the large amount of pressure being lifted off our chests."
Mikey's POV
Gerard gave me another sympathetic smile and shut the door. I loved that he was thinking of me, but the stupid smiles weren't making any of this better.
I pulled out my cell and dialed Eli's number. She answered after the fifth ring, "What's up, Mikey?"
I tried keeping my cool, but I could tell she was still pissed off through the phone, "I wanna talk with you and Ciarra today. Please, I just need to tell you guys some things I've been meaning to say for a longer while now."
I could hear her sigh loudly over the phone, "Okay, we'll meet at the park in an hour. I hope you know what you're gonna talk about, because Ciarra's even more angry with you than I am."
I gulped, "Yeah, I could tell by the way she looked at me when you guys left last night."
"Well, bye."
"Yeah, bye."
I was about to hang up the phone when Eli's voice called out again, "Oh and Mikey!"
"Yes Eli?"
"I believe in you. No matter what."
I smiled and hung up the phone as the three people came down the stairs. Amber came over and hugged me, "I wanna thank you."
I looked down at her, "For what?"
She turned her head up at me, her big green eyes filling with apathy, hate, love, "For being the nicest guy I ever dated."
"Aww that's kinda sad."
"It is kinda sad."
"Well, I'm meeting Eli and Ciarra at the park in a little bit. So umm.... bye and stuff."
She smiled at me and smoothed down my hair, "Yeah, and stuff."
HEY HEY GUYS!!!!! It's me, Amber (the author). I feel kinda bad, I haven't talked to you guys in awhile. How are you? How you doin?
Anyways, I've decided the ending, how , where, and why it's going to happen. And I’m sorry, but you can't change my mind. But I'm not going to tell you it anyway, so you really can't.
Continuing on, you must read Eli's (the author) story if you haven't already. Yup, the real Eli got an account and has a really great story there so go read it!
And on from that, yes there are a lot of stolen parts form movies. 'Bill' from 'Kill Bill', the 'Scott Pilgrim' scene. And I wouldn't steal those parts if they weren't a good example of what I want you to visualize as you read. i could never make a heartless bastard character, so i used 'Bill'. And I love that scene from 'Scott Pilgrim" and it goes so well with the entire plot, even thought there's this evil thing in Mikey, he's still a really nice guy.
So I leave you with this for now dear readers. I love you all.
Peace, Love, and Pumpkin Pie Motherfuckers! XD
Amber (the author)
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