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My Life's Story

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Ciarra's POV
I can't believe I was going to see that dumbass at the park. I didn't want to see him, I loved him to death, just not at the current moment. I value Amber's life to much.
Eli called me a little while earlier and said we were going to talk to Mikey.
"WHY? I don't want to talk to him! For a very, very, VERY long time!"
Eli huffed, "I don't know what he wants. He just said he's been meaning to say something to us for a really long while."
I sighed and closed my eyes, "Fine. I'll get my brother to drive me over." I hung up the phone and pounded my fist into my open palm.
The car ride to Eli's was silent, as was the time we spent waiting to get to the park. When we got there, we saw him sitting on the bench, staring off into nothingness.
She tapped his shoulder and we stood in front of him, shielding our eyes from the bright sun, "Okay Mikey. What are we here for?"
He sighed and stood, waving his hand at the bench for us to sit. We did and started talking, "When I lived in Jersey... wow, Jersey sucked from 6th grade on. Frank and Ray left, Gerard was in high school, and I was alone. I didn't have any friends, none at all.
"So after 2 and a half years of being beaten up everyday, I created my little world to have and to hold, I guess. I made it at the end of 7th grade and for the two years until I came here, I just lived there."
I uncrossed my arms, "And then...."
"Well, in 8th grade this guy named Matt moved to Jersey and we became friends. I was so thankful to have him because he finally took me away. I didn't go back for an entire month. And when I finally did, it was to get rid of it, 'Bill' just came. He took over and I had to sit back and watch. I couldn't," he smiled at us, "and for the first time since I met Matt, I was happy."
He looked down at the ground, "And I came to love these girls, one in particular. But as the days went by, my little evil grew and now, he's come to try and take me back. And if going back forever is what it takes to keep these four girls safe, that's what I'll do anything when he started torturing Matt. And when 'Bill' killed him, I just left lost. I'm surprised I'm not insane. My parents did send me to an asylum for a couple of weeks in 7th grade, but that was it."
Eli stood up and we all walked to the swings. Mikey sat down on one and swung gently back and forth, "And when I came home a few days later covered in blood, my mom told Gerard to take me as far away as possible. And that's why I'm here.
"On the first day of school, I thought I was going to be the loner new kid with no friends and I'd just go back to my world to keep from hurting anyone else. But in the office at 7: 58 AM, a girl ran into the office who was supposed to help me find my way through out the school. And I made friends with her and her other weird friends and I began to love them like I did with my own family.
"Then came the time where I really fell in love with the girl I had first seen. And I could tell she really loved me back. And I wanted her to be safe from me, so I kinda kept my distance, but the love I felt for this girl took over and we started dating. For quite long while actually, until one very recent day when 'Bill' decided to go over and play with her. And I know I still love her and she says she still loves me, but I don't think I deserve for her to love me. If this is what my mind is doing to stop me from loving her, maybe I should just go back permanently. Stop it before I stop her. I couldn't live in this world without her, so if I lived in another, she could carry on without me looming over her with my evil self."
Now he was finished with his story and tears streamed down all our cheeks. Mikey had a life like this, we were part of it and i believed we could stop it.
Mikey's POV
I stood, shaking my head of the bad things running through my mind, "Sorry for explaining my life's story. I just wanted to tell you guys that before I actually did it, so you could tell the rest what happened to me."
I started to walk away when Ciarra grabbed my arm, "Mikey, don't go. Don't go anywhere because it wouldn't be the same without you. Amber has been the happiest I've seen her since she was in her last relationship a year ago. That one really took a toll on her and now that you're here for her, it's like her world darkened again to it's usually rainy and cloudiness. It's weird in her head, but the rain and clouds are good to her. You make the pain she feels everyday from what happened disappear. It may not seem like it, but she would never want to let you go. If you do, she'd just go into the same thing you would be. A place of a dark thinks that we wouldn't be able to pull her out of. And we love the both of you. We don't want to see you two in the same fate when you could be happy together, just as sane as you are right now."
The two girl nodded their heads in unison, liked they'd practice giving me this speech, "Thanks, girls. I really appreciate that you guys care. I just don't wanna hurt anyone else. I love you guys, and Frank, Ray, Gerard, Chanya, and I really do love Amber enough to sacrifice myself for her safety."
We all went and sat at the little rotted picnic table and I pulled a piece of paper I'd stolen from Amber's notebook out of my pocket and my pen, "I'd been planning to write a song when you guys left, but if you guys are gonna hang out, you wanna help me. I've got pent of song in me and I need to let it out."
They smiled and Eli took the pen, "I shall start!" Ciarra grabbed the pen from her next, "And maybe then this..."
Another hour later, I admired our work, names "Drowning Lessons" by Mikey Way, Ciarra Juarez, and Eli Delgado,
"Without a sound I took her down
and dressed in red and blue I squeezed
Imaginary wedding gown
That you can't wear in front of me
A kiss goodbye, your twisted shell
As rice grains and roses fall at your feet
Lets say goodbye, the hundredth time
And then tomorrow we'll do it again

I dragged her down I put her out
And back there I left her where no one could see
And lifeless cold into this well
I stared as this moment was held for me
A kiss goodbye, your twisted shell
As rice grains and roses fall at your feet
Lets say goodbye, the hundredth time
And then tomorrow we'll do it again

I never thought it'd be this way
Just me and you, we're here alone
And if you stay, all I'm asking for is
A thousand bodies piled up
I never thought would be enough
To show you just what I've been thinking

And I'll keep on making more
Just to prove that I adore
Every inch of sanity
All I'm asking for is, all I'm asking for is

These hands stained red

From the times that I've killed you and then
We can wash down this engagement ring
With poison and kerosene
We'll laugh as we die
And we'll celebrate the end of things
With cheap champagne

Without, without a sound
And I wish you away"
We all grinned at the paper and high fived. It suddenly got darker and we looked up to see the sky getting greyer. "It looks like it's going to rain," I said standing up to head home.
Ciarra huffed, "Rain? Here? yeah that only happens about once a year."
She and Eli gave me a hug and walked to Eli's house, me in the opposite direction. When I opened the gate, I saw Amber and Frank sitting on the bench next to the door. She looked up and grinned at me. I waved my papers in her direction, hoping the song we wrote would help a little.
Amber's POV
I was talking to Frank when Mikey came through the gate. I smiled at him and stood walking over to him. Frank took the papers from his hand and I heard him shut the door. Mikey smiled at me, "I'm kinda glad I'm your darkness."
Rain drops started the fall as he pressed his lips against mine and I didn't care if I got soaked in the now pouring rain. I was just glad I had the normal Mikey again. For now at least.
Hello lovelies! It is I, Amber (the author).
I'm kinda sad to say this, but my first fanfic, "Mikey's Here" is most likely going to draw to a close in the next five or six chapters. I know, you're heartbroken probably not, but I feel like it's starting to come to an end. BUT HAVE NO FEAR MY GOOD PEOPLE! FOR I HAVE THE ANSWER TO YOUR PROBLEMS!!!
I SHALL BE WRITING A SEQUAL!!! With everybody in it expect for one person. But all this will be explained at the end. For now, don't worry your pretty little heads because it won't be over for a few more chapters. Now it's time for me to say goodbye. So, goodbye!
Amber (the author)
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