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He's gone *3 MONTHS LATER* He's back!!

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Mikey's POV
In the pouring rain, I was kissing the girl I loved with all my heart. Amber pulled back and bit her lip, "I'm really glad you're back Mikey."
I smiled down at her, "I am, too Amber. I really am."
She let go of me and went inside, "I'll be back Mikes. Chill out for a sec, won't ya?"
She closed the door and I sat down on the bench. My thoughts started to bubble in my head, "Mikey. Now do you really want to stay in this pathetic excuse of a world, or do you wanna come back to our world, where you'll be happy... forever?"
I sighed, giving it a second's worth of consideration. But I knew what I was going to do, "If you swear not to leave my mind again and stop harming anyone.... I'll go with you."
"I give you my honest to god word."
I shook my head and walked out the gate, taking one last look at my home. The place where so many life changing events had happened. It pained me to see it for the last time, because after this, I wasn't going to live in this world anymore.
Amber's POV
When I returned from my room with my notebook, I saw Mikey walking away. I dropped my notebook on the bench and ran to the open gate, the rain still pouring down on me. I called out to him, "Mikey! Where are you going?"
He turned around and walked back to me, the true evil look back in his eyes. 'Bill'. My fear came back instantly and my voice shook, "Wha-.. W-h-a.. What a-re you doing out of, of, of Mikey's head?"
'Bill' grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him, "Well, kiddo," I shivered at the word, "Mikey's decided to come back. For a very long time. And I don't think you can do anything about bringing him back. I do have to thank you though. If it wasn't for you, Mikey would have never made the sacrifice to come back for our sake. You forced him into this and for that I thank you."
He smirked and forced a kiss on me before running out into the rain. I wiped my lips, "Mikey! MIKEY!" I continued to yell out for him, the salty tears falling out of my eyes mixing with the rain water.
But he was already gone.
Gerard's POV
I heard the door slam shut and sobbing sounds. I ran from the kitchen to see Amber crumpled on the floor, hugging her knees. "He's gone. Just gone. Not ever coming back gone."
I knelt down next to her, "Who's gone, sis?"
She looked up at me, eyes red and watery, "Mikey. He's gone for good now. 'Bill' said he decided to stay because of me. He wanted to go back so 'Bill' wouldn't hurt me anymore."
Amber shook her head, continuing to sob and I pulled her into my lap, "It's okay, sis. We'll get him back. Somehow."
Gerard's POV
Three months had passed with still no word from Mikey. We went on with our lives, passing holidays, birthdays, and concerts. Amber mindlessly played bass in the back for him. We had all changed drastically because of Mikey's "disappearance", Amber especially. Speaking of Amber, she was a broken shell of a human now that Mikey was gone. Apathetic, unemotional, she was like Bob, only all the time. No one could make her feel the way he did. And now that he was gone, her sanity went with him.
It was March. I sat on the couch with Eli in my lap, Amber sitting in the middle of the floor, her hand in a bag of Skittles. Her life may have been gone, but her love of Skittles never would leave. Ciarra and Ray were making coffee in the kitchen and Frank took Chanya to see the newest movie about a penguin.
Flipping through the channels, I passed Fox 9 and Amber gasped, "GO BACK TO THE NEWS!!"
We all looked at her, for this was the first time she said more than two words and shouted in over two months. I quickly changed the channel back and the anchor woman was in mid sentence, "girl and been killed in the Calipatria vicinity. Please be on the lookout for a crazed young man suspected to be the murderer."
And the most horrific sight appeared. A picture of Mikey was shown, walking out of a house I'd never seen before.
We all sat in silence as the anchor continued, "The young girl, Fredrika Gonzales, was found dead this morning at 9 AM, shortly after the exit of this man. He is about 6' 1", 15, short brown hair, and glasses. He was last seen at this address. Please contact the local police if you have any information on this man."
A commercial came on and I was afraid to look at Amber. I could tell she was becoming more and more angry with every ticking second, so I got off the couch and went to her side. She had a hard look in her eyes and she stood, running to her room. The four of us ran upstairs with her to see what she was doing. I opened her door and we saw her buzzing around her room, throwing things into her bag, muttering, "Making him leave us, I can't deal with but I can handle. Killing an innocent person and now he's going to pay."
She tried exiting, but we all held our arms out and Ray spoke, "Where do you think you're going, sis?"
"To kill a murdering bastard. That's where Ray," she said nonchalantly, anger still heard in her voice.
"Um, no, I do not think so. you're going to stay here and when Frank gets his ass back, we're going to go get that murdering bastard."
She rolled her eyes, "Look Ray, it's not your fight, okay? It's mine. I'm sorry to sound like a bitch saying this, but none of you, except maybe Gerard, can do what I'm going to go do. I'm going to bring Mikey back and I don't care if you accept it or not."
We all looked down, feeling the pain she directed towards us unintentionally. Finally, I picked my head up, "Then I'll go with you. Together, we might just be able to stop Mikey from doing anything else."
"No Gerard. I don't wanna see you get hurt because of me. I'm a big girl, I can do this myself."
"No sis, I'm going with you whether you like it or not."
Amber glared at me and I glared right back until she finally gave in, "Fine! You'll come with me. But we gotta hurry if we're going to catch Mikey in time.'
Ciarra gave her a look, "In time for what?"
Amber smiled a mysterious little smile and walked down the stairs, "For him to get his coffee."
hahahaha funny little cliffhanger!
Amber (the author)
P.S. 4 more chapters till the end!
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