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She Dies

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3 more to go! And fair warning, there are a few graphic parts and a really rally sad part at the end.

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Mikey/'Bill's POV This may get a little confusing. Mikey is talking and 'Bill' is doing the action plus some talking. Try to stay with me people. 'Bill' will be in Italics
"Bill, why are you doing this? I thought you said you'd stop."
"Well, kid, I'm a lair and a cheater. You should know that."
I rolled my eyes and tried not to think of Amber. 'Bill' pretty much knew everything I thought now, because he'd taken my body and now I was in his mind. It really sucked.
I kept my thoughts straightforward on nothing, but she crept back into my mind somehow and I sighed a small sigh of happiness.
"Are you still thinking of that little brat girl I wanted to kill?
I could see him rolling his eyes and continuing to walk down the allies of El Centro to the nearest Starbucks. I may not be in my body anymore, but my coffee addiction still was.
I saw a black and green hoodie from the corner of my eye where 'Bill' didn't see. And I instantly knew who's it was, though I didn't think who it was.
'Bill' ordered coffee, his head down in case someone recognized him, and sat in the chair next to the hooded figure and she turned to face him, "So 'Bill'. How ya been? Killing anyone good lately?"
His eyes widened a bit as he turned around to face her, "Kiddo! What are you doing here?"
"Oh nothing, drinking some coffee, talking with Gerard, getting my boyfriend back somehow, the usual."
'Bill' laughed, "Kiddo, you're still hooked on getting him back? Because, and I'm very happy to say, that there is no way to get him back. I'm Mikey now.
Fury filled her eyes, "No. You couldn't be Mikey. You could NEVER be Mikey."
They two glared at each other until Gerard came out of the bathroom, "Ah 'Bill'. Long time no see. You been treating my little brother right?"
'Bill' chuckled, "Oh Gerard, he's fine all wrapped up inside my head. I know what you two want from me. So why don't we take this someplace more private to 'discus' the matter?"
They nodded and 'Bill' grabbed his coffee, leading Amber and Gerard to the warehouse where Amber was hurt the first time in our dream. 'Bill' closed the door after them and switched on the lights, filling the entire warehouse.
Amber held up her hand to shield her eyes from the fluorescent lights and 'Bill' took her arm where he'd hurt her many months before, "So kiddo, you want little Mikey back into his own head aye?"
He squeezed the arm with 'Sleep' on it and she crushed her lips together to keep from crying out.
I stood and started shouting, "'BILL' STOP!"
He let go and threw her aside, "No Mikey. It's my turn to be outta the box."
I sighed and sat back down, burying my head in my knees. I looked back up and remembered something. The only time I could ever see him face to face was when I was asleep. So maybe if I tried fighting him while he was asleep, I could regain control of my body!
'Bill' was too concerned with Amber to take notice to my excitement. He had already forced Gerard to sit in a chair and was currently holding up the same knife to her stomach, "This is why no one takes Mikey away!" he thrust it into her stomach. She buckled over in pain and I started to scream out.
He stood up, bringing her with him. He started to shout, "And this," he set the blade against her neck, "is why no one comes back to him! and sliced.
I screamed in 'Bill's head and I heard Gerard scream from outside, "NO!!!!!"
It was too late to save her. She'd already fallen to the ground..... dead. Gone forever. Gerard ran to her and 'Bill' stepped back, "And now you know what happens.
We are drawing very close to "The End" my friends.
"I'll fight you. And I will win." "Please, you couldn't take on a kitten."
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