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The End is starting

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Gerard's POV
I stood up from Amber's bloody body and turned to 'Bill', glaring and fury clear in my eyes, "You killed her."
"Yeah, I killed kiddo. But for a good reason, no doubt."
He turned around to the small table where he had left his coffee, "Now Gerard. I know you don't wanna die. You've told Mikey before, therefore telling me. So do you really want to do anything about me? All I wanted was to kill kiddo over there. I could, leave you and your family alone, never come back. How does that sound?
I shook my head, "No, I want my brother back. And I'm sorry that I had to do this," 'Bill' gave me a questioning look and I pulled my arm back. I let go and my fist shot out, connecting with 'Bill's right temple.
He flew back, falling to the floor unconscious. I stood over him and picked him up, putting him over my shoulder and walking out. His limp body was light and I felt terrible for hurting him, "Don't worry Mikey. We'll get you out."
Mikey/'Bill's POV
I saw Gerard punching out 'Bill' and then darkness.
"Ugh, damn Gerard. He'll get it now. I heard a snap and the lights went on, revealing 'Bill' from the dark, "Mikey, we need to do something about your brother. He's not very nice.
I rolled my eyes and walked up to him, "You and I have unfinished business."
He gave me a small laugh, "I will fight you. And I will win.
"Please, you couldn't take on a kitten."
We both laughed at my joke, but 'Bill's was tainted with a little anger, "So Mikey, how are we going to do this? Beachfront death, airport, mall? Pick your place and that's where you'll die."
"I don't think dying is what I came for. I came here to stop you from hurting anyone else and you lied about it. So now I'm here to kick your ass and kill you so I can get my life back."
"Like you could."
"I don't know. You killed the girl I love, you don't know what I can do just after that little accident."
"You can do nothing Mikey. You're a weak, scared, awkward little teenager that no one will ever love. I'm the only one you've got Mikey! Me and that's it!"
I stood my ground from the now screaming 'Bill', "No 'Bill', you are not the only one. In fact, you're not even one. I have a family, I HAD a girl who loved me, and now I don't need you."
And then our fight began.
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