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chapter four

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A couple of other charatcters are introduced.

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NOTE, Hi, thanks to everyone who auditioned you WILL all be in it at some point, kay? So, I don`t really like this, bit it will be more interesting soon. So, hope you like it, let me know what ya think
Do you ever feel like you’re being followed? No, yes? Because I have that feeling a hell of a lot, especially lately. I could always feel eyes staring at the back of my head, but there would never be anything there when I looked. Once or twice I had even heard footsteps, or coughing. I had for as long as I could remember, but lately it had gotten worse, a lot worse. I tried to ignore it, but it was very difficult. For some reason I wasn’t sacred though, whatever was there didn’t seem threatening, in fact it felt protective, maybe even the slightest bit curious. How I knew this, I did not know. I hadn’t told anyone about it, fearing I would be admitted to some mental place, with a bunch of nutters.
The bell had rung ages ago, signalling the end of the school day. Most of the students had left the dismal, stuffy class rooms in a hurry, all in one big crush. The school halls are deserted save for me of course. Ray and Bob had already headed home, but for some reason I was still here, wandering slowly towards the exit.
There were the footsteps again light, and barely audible.
“Hello?” I turn round, calling out to whoever was there. No one. I hadn’t notice the slight chill in the air before; the school must be having problems with the boiler again.
“Frank.” What the fuck was that?
“Erm, yes?” I ask the empty hallway, shivering slightly from the chill. No answer.
“I`m crazy.” I
“What are you still doing here, Mr. Iero?”
“I, erm, was….err…” my history teacher, a very stern woman was not impressed.
“Go home, I`m sure your mother is worried sick.” I nod, and run to the end of the hallway, ignoring her yelling at me and glares, and push open the old, oak door that led to the freedom of the outside world.
Frank, be careful….and for God’s sake help him.
What the hell? Shaking my head I grab my trusty IPod from my bag, put the headphones in and randomly select a song, hoping it would block out the creepy voices I was hearing.
Mikey`s pov.
“There is no sign of him.” I scream in frustration and punch a nearby wall.
“I thought it was your job to find fallen angels, and to destroy them, send them to hell, along with all the other demons!” my fist collides with the solid brick wall again and some pieces of brick crumble off, falling to the floor.
A black haired girl, with orangey brown eyes flinches slightly, but apart from that does nothing else.
I sigh, realising that I wouldn’t be finding my waste of space, idiot of a brother any time today.
“Can you find him though, soon? And will you destroy him?”
The girl bites her lip, considering. “Maybe.”
I groan, letting my head fall back to rest against the damaged wall. “Look, you have to, he`s evil.”
The girl laughs. “I`m only messin` with ya. `course I`ll do it, it`s my job. All angels that have fell, demons or anything else that belongs in the deepest pits of hell, shall go there.” She smiles, a proper one this time. “And if I have the opportunity to see them there myself, I will.” She walks off, hair swaying slightly as she moves.
I had faith in this kid, I really did. Funny, considering how she had been here much longer than me.
As her silhouette vanishes from view, I wonder for a moment if I am doing the right thing. Demons and the like all had to be destroyed no matter what; they were unholy, disgusting and just plain evil, all of them. That girl was the best of the best, half of the…creatures rotting in eternal flame in Hell, were there thanks to her. I shiver just thinking about what it must be like there, burning for the rest of eternity, knowing that you deserve it, that you are evil and unwanted. Of course, I knew what it was like to be unwanted. Demons were not good creatures; everyone knew that, even the pathetic little humans on Earth. I was glad I was no longer one of them.
But what if, just what if, they weren’t all bad?
“Shut up.” I order the little annoying voice in the back of my head, not interested in what it had to say. It was all lies anyway. Anything that had fallen was evil, needed to be killed.
Not all of them are, though. What about Gerard?
The voice asks cautiously, waiting for another explosion of anger.
“How fucking dare you!” I scream at the voice, which was really my own thoughts, so I was basically wasting my energy yelling at myself. This only infuriated me further.
Silence, finally.

Gerard`s pov.
I’d managed to haul my aching body up off of the grass, which was now a bright crimson instead of the usual deep green. Oh well, it couldn`t be helped, it’s not like I asked for this.
In the distance I can see two figures leaning on the wall of a house, laughing. Two girls. Joy.
“Hey, Gee!” I freeze; did one of them just say “Hey” to me? Nah, not me, no one ever talked to me, not even when I had been alive. I had imagined the two girls calling me, the “Gee” bit too. There was only ever one person who has ever call me that, and he hates me now. I couldn’t blame him, not really.
“Gee, get over here.” One of the girls orders me. She has black hair and is facing the away from me, and is the furthest away from me so I can`t see her clearly from behind her friend.
“W...who are you?” I ask, voice shaking madly, unable to control it.
One of them, a girl wearing a slightly over sized, cut up band shirt and skinny jeans smiles at me, flashing all of her teeth.
The second girl, the one with black hair hits the first girl over the head, and then turns towards me. I can`t help but gasp.
“Are…are you okay?! No wait, stupid question, do you need an ambulance?!” I search my pockets for my phone. She was completely covered in blood, how she hadn`t collapsed of blood loss yet I didn’t know.
“No, I`m fine.” The girl stood up and walked over to me. “This is just how I am, annoying I know.” She pulled on her white tee, lifting it slightly as if to show me the blood that stained it. Like I couldn’t already see.
“We`re dead, you see.” The first girl states in an uncaring tone, shrugging as though it was nothing.
“How can you say that so, so calmly?” It had taken me age to come to terms with my own death, I still think it hadn’t complety sunk in.
Both girls shrug, it creeps me out by how calm, how uncaring they were.
“`Cause we`re dead, what else is there to it?”
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