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Chapter five

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NOTE so, hi. This is pretty long I know, but I do try to write a lot. Please let me know if it is too long though. So, I like this better than the last chapter, but am still not sure I like it too much. Hope you like this, please let us know if you do.
Frank`s pov.
“Hey, sweetie, how was school?” My mother asks me in her usual over cheerful voice. I couldn`t help but feel as though it was more than a little strained today though.
“Fine.” I never told her about what really went on at school, she thought everything was fine. She didn’t know about how I would get teased, picked on constantly and how I would sometimes get beat up. If I told her it would just make everything ten times worse.
“Are you sure?” her questioning gaze unnerves me, but I don1t let it show.
I nod once and repeat that it was fine. She didn’t buy it.
“Frank, you seem….concerned about something, troubled almost. You know you can tell me.” She smiles at me. I feel guilty about not telling her about the voices, the footsteps, but she would only think I was crazy.
Maybe you are crazy.
I shake my head, hair falling to cover my eyes, desperately trying to rid my mind of the thought.
“Well, if you`re sure.” mum still didn’t look convinced. She places a plate of food down and we sit down, eating in silence.
“I`ll do the dishes.” I stand up, glad to be away from the table, the silence was not comfortable and I was still freaked out about what had happened earlier.
The rest of the evening oases normally, mum pit the news on at six, gets her things ready or work and I get ,my stuff ready for school. I needed a life.
“Night mum.” I kiss her lightly on the cheek, even though it was only half past eight. I just couldn’t stand this awkward quiet any longer and I feared if I spoke she would realise what was wrong.
I make my way up the stairs, feet dragging on the carpet, and into my median sized room. I was so lost in thought that for a moment I didn’t see anything wrong, my bed was still unmade, clothes and magazines littering the floor, posters covering most of the black walls, laptop on its shelf and my extensive CD collection piled neatly according to artist under the player. Everything was as it should be except for one tiny little detail.
A girl was sitting on the window seat, perched on it, looking out onto the street below with her back to me.
“Hey.”She turned round for a brief second, smiled at me then turned back around. She was rather on the short side, with a very young looking face. She had light brown, hazy eyes that made her look as though she was partly blinded, her hair fell to just past her shoulders and was blonde with a single blue braid by her right ear. She was wearing a baggy black hoodie with a pair of scruffy jeans, probably trying to hide some of her curves, and though she wasn’t super thin, she wasn’t overweight either. For some reason she looked vaguely familiar, I almost felt as though I knew her, though I was pretty certain we had never met before. She sighed and turned around.
“Say something then.”
Erm, like what? I had came upstairs to find a strange girl sitting in my room, what was I supposed to say?! For all I knew this girl could be a killer and was planning on making me her next victim.
“Erm, no offence or nothing, but who are you and what the hell are you doing here?!” a faint smile formed on her lips.
“Aww, Frank doesn’t recognise me?” she feigned a look of sadness, but it soon changed back into a smile.
“I`m Julia.” Was I supposed to know who she was from just hearing her name. The girl-Julia sighed again, stood up and walked over to me. As she got closer I could see a pale silvery light surrounding her that was just the lighting in my room though, right?
“I`m your guardian angel, Frank. Your protector, I guess you could say.”
Gerard`s pov.
“YOUR DEAD!?” how the hell could people be so calm about saying that?
“We did just say that, yeah.” The black haired girl rolled her eyes.
“Keep it down, though eh?” the second one-the blood covered one told me, looking around anxiously.
“What?” She bit her lip.
“Not many people can see me `cause I`m an angel, so it may look like you are yelling at thin air.”
“What the-“
“I`m an angel, Aubree.” She pointed to the other girl. “Is fallen, just like you. People can see fallen angels and demons, but not many can see angels, due to the fact they don`t believe.”
This was making no sense and the odd confusing conversation I was having with two random strangers who appeared to know me, was making my head hurt even more than it already was.
“Everyone can see us,” the fallen angel who I presumed was called Aubree told me in a voice similar to how a teacher would talk to a young child.
“Because we have fallen, so we are supposed to be here.” She opens her arms wide, pointing to the street we were on. “But they can`t see normal angels, like Haven because she isn’t really supposed to be here on Earth anymore.”So why are you?” Haven shrugs, and pushes a strand of hair behind her ear.
“I have some..Unfinished business” I thought it was only ghosts who had unfinished business.
“Well, this has been great and all, “ it hadn’t. “But I`d better be going.” Where, I had no idea. I was certain that several of my ribs were broken, and possible even my left wrist, but I doubted I could just walk into a hospital. I didn’t even know where I was.
“Erm, where am I?” the two of them grin.
“New Jersey.” I was where? I couldn’t be, could i?
“Something wrong?” I shake my head, ebony, dishevelled hair falling into my eyes that were still red from crying but ere now starting to turn black.
“I`m fine. Thanks, I guess.” I turn away from the girls, hoping I would not see them again anytime soon, the way they spoke so calmly about being dead unnerved me, I could never do that. Then again, these girls probably had a peaceful death, even though it couldn’t have been their time as they were so young. I continue walking, feet dragging on the pavement, lost in thought. With each step I took I felt a fresh wave of pain, but there was nothing I could do about that. The sun was setting, the sky a mix of reds, pinks and oranges, and the dingy streets were practically empty of life. The only person I encountered whilst wandering aimlessly was an old woman, who had crossed over when she had seen me. I didn’t blame her, if I had seen me I would have most likely done the same.
I do not know how long I continue to walk, but it soon grows dark. I pull my bloodstained jacket tighter around my shoulders, trying to shield my weak body from the chill of the night. For some reason the street I am in seems familiar, like I’ve been here before.
“Where am I?” I don`t realise that I have spoken aloud, or that anyone is there until a voice answers me. I was so shocked that if I was still alive I would have probably had a heart attack.
“Cemetery drive.” It was too dark to see the guys face, all I could see was a shadowy silhouette.
I knew where I was, now. When I was alive me, mum, dad and…Mikey…I can`t even think about him without hot stinging tears forming in my eyes. I can’t even tell if they are tears if anger or sorrow. We, we had lived near here, about five minutes away, we had to walk down this street everyday to go to school. Maybe I could find my way back home? I knew I wouldn’t be able to go inside, I was dead after all, and I doubted mother and father would be pleased to see me anyway, but maybe I could just stand outside for a while.
“Need directions?” he asks me, almost as thought she had read my mind.
“Yeah, please.”
“Just follow the street down, when you come to the end of it, turn left.”
“Tha-wait, how do you know where I was going?” the guy laughs once, sending chills down my spine.
“I`m a demon, Gerard Way, and we demons know a hell of a lot.”
I gulp out of fear.
“Don`t worry, we demons don`t hurt the fallen, after all, we`re so similar. Hated, hunted, cast out of heaven, misunderstood.”
“Well, erm-“
“Gerard, be careful, I meant it when I said that fallen angels are being hunted ad well as us.” He speaks in speaks in a hushed, urgent voice, as though worried someone would over hear us.
“They`re getting closer, if they find you, they’ll kill you.” I gulp again. I’m not sure whether to be thankful this stranger, this demon had told me or not. I didn’t even know whether I could trust him.
“Well, i..I’d better go.” He smirks, not that I can see it clearly.
“Goodbye, for now at least.”
For whatever unknown reason, I actually think I could trust him, after all he wasn’t how I had expected a demon to be. I had been told up in heaven that they were evil, soulless beings with a love of blood and causing misery. But this one was trying warning me, trying to help me.
“Erm, thanks, but can I at least know your name, In case we do meet again.” I was certain I wouldn’t get an answer, so was rather shocked when I did, even though it wasn`t the one I had wanted. “You can’t know my name right now, too risky, but when we meet again I`ll tell you, deal.”
“Fine.” I didn’t want to anger him, he was a demon, and I still didn’t know him well, but I was pretty sure I could trust him.
“Thanks.” I turn and walk away in the direction he had told me, lost in thought once again.
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