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Chapter six

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Gaurdian angels and un wanted memories...

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NOTE. Hi, so chapter six already?! I hope you guys still like this, please let me know if you do. Also, what do you think of the length of the chapters? I try to write just over a thousand words for each chapter, is it too long?
P.s a huge thanks to everyone who has read/rated/ this or auditioned to be in this story or any of my others. It means a lot and I know this sounds lame but it makes me smile-somemthing I don`t do much no more. So, thank you, it really makes me happy to see people actually like my stories.
Frank`s pov
I was insane, mental, loopy. I belonged in the nut house. The angel-girl, I refused to believe that she was anything but human, angels were stuff of fairy tales, they weren’t real. Well, the…person, was standing in front of me, smiling slightly, engulfed by a pale silvery glow. She looks so out of place here in my room, yet I can’t put my finger on why. She was young, didn’t appear to be overly cheerful and annoying, she certainly had self respect and was the complete opposite at most of the girls at my school. So what was it that made her stand out so much? She looked human, and WAS human, right?
“Oh, poor frank.” She says, fiddling with her hair. “He doesn’t believe me, does he? Thinks I`m crazy.” She laughs once at this, sitting down on my unmade bed, flicking away my music homework and moving my phone onto the bedside table.
“No, I think I`m crazy.” I mutter, under my breath, not thinking she could hear me. I was wrong.
“Why would you, a young boy be crazy?” she asks, amusement coating her voice.
“I`m not that young.” I wasn`t, but everyone who met me seemed to think I was younger than I actually was, It wasn`t my fault that I had a bit of a height issue.
“To me you are.”
“How old are you then?” I challenge.
“It’s impolite to ask a lady her age, didn’t your mama ever teach you that?” seeing I wasn’t amused she rolled her eyes, sighing slightly. “Old, a hell of a lot older than I look, dead girls don’t age you see.”
I shake my head, not wanting to believe or even think about what this stranger (who I knew from somewhere, but couldn’t quite remember) was telling me.
“Frank, why don`t you believe me?” Julia asks, leaning forward, she was clearing growing frustrated.
“Angels don`t exist.” She seems to find this funny, though I can’t see why.
“But you’re religious.”
I raise one eyebrow. “So?”
“Don`t ya believe in God and heaven and angels and stuff like that?”
I turn away from her, not sure what to say. Sure, I had been brought up Catholic, but recently I didn’t know what to believe, not that I could tell my mother that. The whole “God is amazing” and “Do not sin” thing was getting kinda old to be honest, and I wasn’t even sure if I had ever believed in it anyway. I found it a little farfetched. But now I had a girl in my room, telling that she was an angel, not just any angel, my guardian angel.
“I don’t know.”
“Frank,” Julia sighs.
“I think if that’s everything, maybe you should go.” A small, mischievous grin forms on her lips and her eyes light up slightly.
“Okay, bye Frank, seeing as I can’t get you to believe me.” she stands up, does some kind of stretch and a giant pair of feathery wings spring from her back, materialising out of thin air.
“I…how did…”
She smiles, turning around to show me her back, like parents get their kids to do when they`re buying them new clothes.
“You like?” she says grinning, happy she had finally got my full attention and quite possibly my belief.
I did like. The wings were situated on her shoulder blades and they were huge. The wing tips were silver, just like the light surrounding her and the middle feathers were white, as white as fresh, untouched snow. They were like nothing I had ever seen before.
“Believe me now?” Julia asks, folding her wings away and coming to sit back down on the bed.
How could I not?
“yeah.” My voice is shaking slightly from shock.
“Now then,” she says, grabbing two glasses from thin air. Literally from thin air. One second there was nothing there, the next there were two glasses. I stare open mouthed as two cans of juice appear, and she pours the contents of them into the glasses.
“Drink?” she offers me one of them and I take it nervously afraid it would explode as soon as I touched it. Needless to say it didn’t and I began to drink, only just aware of how thirsty I was.
“So, where was I?” Julia asks, remembering a second later. “Now, I expect you are wondering why I am here, am I right?” well, yeah, that had been circling my brain for a little while, now that you mention it.
She begins to tell me everything, well, almost everything. She never once mentioned what Heaven was like, or God or her own death. I didn’t want to ask, in case I upset her. We talk for ages, well, she does the most of the talking, I occasionally ask an odd question.
“I had better go.” Julia gives me quick hug, then opens her great wings out again, flying off. I watch as she flies off into the distance from my window in awe, and am about to turn away when I hear a faint noise, almost like a sob. Curious I turn my attention onto the dark street that was only just lit up slightly by a handful of old fashioned street lamps. I hear the noise again, definitely a sob.
I look at the house that was opposite us, the one where the Way brothers had lived before their deaths last summer. Their parents still lived there, unable to sell the house despite their desperate attempts to. Rumours still were spread around the town about the two teens deaths, which had eventuality been ruled as a double suicide. Some people however, found that to be very hard to believe, claiming that it was murder, though no one was ever arrested.
The faint sobbing grows louder, and I see a hunched over silhouette in the Way`s garden. I couldn’t see clearly, but it looked to be a person instead of an animal, and they seemed to be sitting there against the wall, sobbing.
Gerard`s pov
I walk for what seems much longer than five minutes, but I start to recognise some of the dark houses around me, remembering them from the journey I would make to school five horrible days a week. I would always walk with Mikey, unless he was off sick, we used to joke about and when we were younger we would race down the street, competing against each other. I pass the small corner shops jut off of cemetery drive and turn left, just like the demon had told me, though I recognised where I was now. Past the old woman who used to baby sit us house, she had never like me, past the Iero`s house. They had moved here not long before…it happened. I had never spoken to either the mother of the kid, I think his name was Frank, but they had seemed to be nice people. I remember the first time I had seen them when they were unloading the moving van. I was with Mikey at the time; we had just come back from the star bucks in the town centre. I remember thinking that was beautiful, even more so than all the stars that all the sluts tried their hardest top look like. I had even dropped my take out coffee, casing Mikey to laugh as I cursed.
I`m just outside the garden of the old house now, and I pause unsure whether to walk past it or to walk in. of course I couldn’t go inside the house, but maybe I could sit in the garden for a minute or two. I push the old Iron Gate open, feeling a slight pang as I see the for sale sign. I don’t blame mum and dad for wanting to move, not really. Why would they want to stay in this house where their two sons had been supposedly offed themselves? Of course, no one knew what really happened that day, unless you counted...
I shake my head; I was NOT going to think about that, I refused to. I creep farther inside my old front garden, shocked at how little it had changed. I sneak a look in threw the living room window, deeply saddened but not shocked by what I see.
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