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The green eyes that found me

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Frank is heartbroken when his mother dies and his father becomes estranged. Then someone comes into his life and turns it upside down. :)

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[*The First Chapter is always the hardest.

"Take care of your mother son." He said before jumping on that bus. I watched as the bus faded into the haze. No hug, no handshake, no anything. Than again it's not like my father was a man to show affection. He was leaving again, he'd only been home for a few months if that but already he was off again. Being in the US Armed Forces was a full time job and although everyone was proud of him, we found it hard to keep in contact. I knew my mother adored him no end. So much, she suggested naming me after him. Frank, by the way. Frank Iero. Born 31st October, born and raised in New Jersey. You know the drill. Anyway, my mother and father were separated but they raised me together and were pretty much best friends. They got on well and my father had taken care of my mother whilst he'd been home. She was sick. Sicker than ever lately and i was her full time carer,not that i minded looking after her, she looked after me after all. I'd play my guitar for her when she needed cheering up and i loved her stories of her own high school days, despite the fact that they contrasted mine completely. She had been beautiful, popular and desired. People queued up to take her to dances and prom but my own high school life? Days never ended. Miserable, dull hours. It wasn't considered cool to like the strokes or to wear ripped jeans and scuffed up converses every day. As for my eyeliner? I liked it. Self expression is a form of art after all, right? It seemed the other kids didn't approve of my art. Or my taste in music and fashion. I skipped school a lot these days, if my mother was sleeping i wouldn't leave in the mornings and more often then not she slept through most days. She was so weak. It terrified me but for the past 3 years, since i'd turned 12 i'd grown up with this. Although i've hoped she'll get better and she never seems to, i still keep believing. After all, she's all i've got.

I'm sorry this isn't very good! Haha it's my first fic and it will develop into a frerard shortly! Thankyou for your time reading this lovelys! Lots of love! :) xx
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