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Stay with me

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Poor frankie! :(

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Stay with me
A scream? I bolted upright from my bed, frozen in shock for a few seconds. "Mom!" i whisper, that is definitely her screaming. I dash down from my attic bedroom into where she lies. "Mom, it's me! It's ok, it's ok shhhh!" I reach out to hug her but she kicks and scratches at my face. " Make it stop, make it stop! Get off me!" she screeches before violently sobbing into her pillow. I catch a glance of my face in the mirror, the scratches are bleeding slightly but not as much as my heart is at this moment. "Mom, it's ok. Come on" i say into her silky black hair. I pull her into a hug as she continues to sob her heart out, her frail chest shaking as she tries to compose herself. " He got me Frank, he got me." she cries. " Who mom? Who's got you?" And she says nothing for an eternity, i cant bring myself to let go of her just yet. I decide i'll stay for a while as she sleeps, i'll tell her all about that summer. The last weekend away we had. We went to Carolina. It was July. I remember the walks we shared through the countryside. The wind making the grass sing as the birds sang softly to us. The fairground. And how she promised i'd be fine on that rollercoaster although i was petrified and threw up afterwards. I see the little framed picture on her bedside table. It's her and my grandad when she was heavily pregnant with me, outside this very house. Both beaming, Grandads arm protectively around his little girl. They look so healthy, so happy. I know that my father took this picture, it was on one of his returns from the army again. He was home just before i'd been born. My favourite picture is on the wall opposite where i sit embracing my mother. Its her and I together, i was barely a few hours old. Her hairs dishevelled and her eyes are bloodshot, telling me she's absolutely shattered. Yet she's smiling and absolutely glowing, the baby shes cradling is me and my father is looking on. The happiest i've ever seen him look. I'm lost in reminiscense when she wakes up. Her cracked voice forces out " Stay with me, Frank. Please don't leave me." And i promise her that i will never leave her and i mean that. She kisses my cheek lightly before drifting off into a dream again. And as painful as it was to see her greyish blue eyes close forever, i knew she was safe now.

Thankyou for my reviews on the first chapter kiddos! I'm sorry this isn't much of an improvement! Frerard will be coming around very shortly! Thankyou again! Love Always :) xx
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