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It seemed like everything had came to a standstill after that night. I didn't want to play songs on my guitar, i didn't want to eat because i was looking skinny and i didn't care that i hadn't slept in three days. I had sat down in the sitting room and i had no intention or cares about trying to move on. Nothing makes sense. She was weak and we were all scared for her but she had been okay. She spoke to me just before. I now sat dumbfounded in my own little world. I was not alone in the house though, Aunt Bett was here and so was my cousin Ray. They had both been keeping their distance until now, i could see Ray approaching me. "Hey man." he said putting a hand on my shoulder.
"Hey" i say to him. I don't want to talk, i don't want to be pitied on. I just need to be alone.
"My Mom sent me to you. You're coming to stay with us for a while."
The knot in my stomach was getting tighter, my blood was starting to boil inside me. My breathing suddenly became rugged and fast and the scared little child came out of nowhere. I rose from my seat, fury building up inside me.
" I don't want your fucking help! I don't need anyone's pity! I can take care of myself! Just because i couldn't save her doesn't mean i'm fucking stupid!" I scream to anyone who's listening. I don't give a damn about the priest and my aunt in the next room, i don't give a damn about my loyal, kind cousin. There's only one thing i want right now and i know its not possible for me to have that. " I can stay here on my own, i don't need a family. I never needed my father so i don't need any single one of you!" I sprint up to my bedroom and throw myself on the bed. I curl myself up, tucking my legs into my chest. Uncontrollable sobs escaping from my body as the unwanted tears pour from my tired, hollow eyes. What am i supposed to do now?

Awww! Next chapter mr gerard way comes in! I'll try and get that up tomorrow! Thankyou to everyone for giving up their time to read this! You're all awesome! Lotsa Love! :) xx
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