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Beneath the Northern Lights

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The Margera siblings Bam and Ali are very excited about their vacation to Finland. Along with them comes their friends Ryan and Nicole. Ali, main character, is having a roller coaster of a life wit...

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Chapter One*]
[* Destination: Finland


“Is your stuff in the car?!”

“...well your stuff even packed?!”

“No. Maybe if someone wasn’t on the phone so long with their boyfriend we wouldn’t be in this mess.”

“Bam, I didn’t hold you back at all by being on the phone. Don’t even act like it” With that Ali, Bam’s little sister, marched out of her brother’s room and pulled her things out to Bam’s hummer. She threw her suitcases in the back and then looked at her cell phone. They had to be on the road in 10 minutes. She was getting so stressed out. Bam could never leave anywhere on time.

Her black hair was in her face. She tucked it behind her ear just in time to see a strawberry blonde man with a beard come towards her with her brother’s suitcases.
“Did he recruit you as his slave?” Ali laughed.
“No, I’m just getting impatient. Once these are in the car, I’m getting and not getting out till we are at the airport.” Bam’s best friend said. Ryan Dunn was so sweet and he made Ali feel a lot better about being a Margera. It wasn’t always to be ‘Bam’s little sister’, but he could really turn it into an honor. Ali smiled at the man,
“Thank’s for letting us go with you guys. I’ve been excited about this for a long time.” Ali smiled up at him.

“We are glad Ape finally let you.” Ali smiled and rolled her eyes. She laughed and looked at her feet and then her eyes grew wide as she looked at Ryan in panic.
“SHIT! The tickets! BAM!!!” Ali went running back towards the house. Ryan smiled and got in the hummer’s driver’s seat and turned it on and waited. 

“Mom! the tickets!” Ali ran into find her mom at her computer. April or Ape as Bam and his friends called her stood up immediately and pulled them out of her desk and handed them to Ali. She then walked over and hugged her tight.
“I wasn’t going to let you forget them!” April said and then pulled back from the hug. “Listen, don’t you leave your brother’s side for both of your sakes. At least stay with Ryan if you and Bam have to part. Remember the rules of drinking. Don’t talk to anyone Bam doesn’t know. If you....” 

“Mom.... I am 21. I will be ok” Ali smiled and kissed her mom’s cheek. Just then Bam bursted in the kitchen,

“Gotta fly, Ape.” Bam said and grabbed Ali’s arm.

“Where is my kiss, Bam?” April shouted. He rolled his eyes and turned back to kiss his mom’s cheek.

“We will be back soon. You won’t even miss us.” Bam smiled lightly,
“Take care of my baby girl” April yelled as she followed them to the door. Soon Bam and Ali were sprinting to the Hummer. Ali jumped in the back and Bam in the passenger seat. Ryan took off down the street.
“About time...” Ryan smirked and gunned it. April stood at the door and watched the hummer drive away. 

“So where does she live?” Ryan’s eyes were working in overtime.

“382 Anderson Place.” Ali sat there biting her lip and her eyes also scanning the scenery.
“There it is.” Bam said as he pointed to a white house where a girl was sitting on her step with a suitcase. Ali jumped out and ran up to her and hugged her tight. She was a beautiful tiny light browned hair girl with black rimmed glasses. She smiled and helped her get the other girl’s suitcase in the back of the hummer. She got in the backseat with Ali.

“About time...” She looked at Ryan. Ryan stroked his beard as he drove off from their stop and looked out of the window.

“Talk to the Margera in the car that has a dick.” Ryan responded. Bam rolled his eyes and punched Ryan’s arm.

“Are you ready, Nicole?” Ali bit her lip and smiled widely. The other girl, Ali’s good friend Nicole, was invited to accompany them on their trip. The gang of four was heading to Bam’s favorite vacationing place, Helsinki, Finland.
“Yes! I’ve been ready for such a long time.” Nicole unzipped her jacket. She was sporting her HIM shirt. Bam rolled his eyes as he looked over his shoulder at her.
“Ville won’t be creeped out at all I’m sure.” He snickered.
“I won’t wear it when I FIRST meet him.” Nicole said as if Bam was crazy. Ryan drove down the interstate as safely but quickly as he could in the direction of the Philadelphia international airport.. Ali smiled as she looked out the window, with all of the drama in her life a vacation with her best friend and her big brother sounded like a great idea. Once they arrived at the airport they began the horrid safety check process. They all groaned and approached the terminal with their carry-ons.


About 30-45 minutes later they were sitting in the infamous airport benches. Ryan was walking around and talking with Nicole about God knows what. Ali sat there and smiled watching them. Ryan was always really fond of her. Bam was sitting across from her half asleep. Soon Ali’s phone rang. She looked down and smiled widely at who it was.


“Hey, baby girl. I figured you were at the airport.”

“I am... just waiting for our plane now.”

“Well I hope you have a safe flight. I have some exciting news though for you before you get on your plane.”
“Oh yah?? What is that?” Ali smiled and curled up in her bench as she waited. She was madly in love with rhythm guitarist for the band, Avenged Sevenfold. They had been dating for a little over a year. It was a semi-long distance relationship from Huntington Beach, California to West Chester, Pennsylvania. With both of them being on the wealthy side they were really only a few hours apart. One plane ride and they could be together for the weekend.
“Well...Brian and I just closed on some property.” Ali sat there a little excited but confused.
“You are moving in with Brian?” 

“Yes, just until my dream girl decided to move out here....” Ali gasped at Zacky’s words.
“Zacky...I...I...I about my family though?”

“You can go home anytime you want, Ali. I’m not going to say when you can leave or not.” Ali nodded and then bit her lip as she looked over at her sleeping brother,
“A place all of our own? When do I see pictures?”

“I’ve already emailed them to your mom. You will have an email waiting for you when you get to the hotel.” Ali smiled and sat silent for a moment, “Brian and I were talking and we think we are going to come up when you get home so we can help you pack.”
“You don’t think that is too soon? Zacky, I just can’t come home and then move across the country!”

“Baby, why not.... what about our anniversary night? Remember how much fun we had? Just me and you? That could be every night...” Ali blushed and looked at the ground.

“You were so incredible. I’ve never had that good of a time in bed before...” Ali whispered. All of the sudden her brother sat straight up and took the phone in his hand and gnashed his teeth.
“Don’t you ever be sleeping with my sister, asshole....keep your fucking paws off of her you filthy motherfucker. And no, she is not moving in with you. We are trying to enjoy our vacation and your phone calls will no longer be acceptable. You’ve fucked up enough shit.” Bam slammed the phone shut and threw it Ali and tried to go back to sleep. Ali was angry and she got up and punched her brother hard in his side, 

“Fucker! Why did you do that?”
“Cause I don’t want to deal with him, I told you not to sleep with him. He’s in a fucking Band. Ask Jesse what guys in bands know exactly what your brother would say. Drugs, beer and sex...... Ali, what if he gave you something? Stay away from him.”

“We were safe, Bam.... now lower your voice.” Ali said as she looked around very embarrassed.
“I don’t care if you wore a fucking rain jacket....He’s not good for you, Ali. You will see one day. He’s ripping you away from our family. Plus if he was that dedicated to you he would have proposed when he was suppose to and THEN asked you to live with him. He just wants you always around for the wrong reasons”
“BAM MARGERA.....stop that.” Ali said angrily and looked away. She and everyone had been expecting Zacky to propose just about a month ago on their one year anniversary. Even Matt Shadows, one of Zacky’s friends, had even hinted to it when Ali was in Huntington Beach last for their annicersary. When it didn’t happen people ganged up on Zacky. Ali’s family, mostly her brother, was not fond of Zacky Vengeance to begin with and now they despised him. No one trusted him and that made Ali feel so bad because she was still deeply in love with him. She started to get up to join Ryan, but Bam grabbed her arm,

“You promised me that we wouldn’t talk about him on this trip.”

“We haven’t left the country.” Ali snarled and before Bam could even let go they called their flight. Ali looked at Bam and sighed and picked up her backpack and got out their tickets. Once Ryan and Nicole had joined up with them again they were on their way to their plane.
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