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The Eagle Has Landed

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It was a long plane flight. Every time Bam swears that he will never do it again but he always does, many times a year actually. This was the summer trip. A two week stay in Finland. There were so many adventures that were in store for them. It was all Ali could do to keep from getting too excited. She loved the stories that Bam used to come home with. Bam was sitting next to the window, with Ryan as his shield. He always did this to avoid the fans. He was the worst celebrity Ali knew. He didn’t like interacting with his fans. Hell, he didn’t like interacting at all period. She smiled as she sat next to her friend Nicole. She was an amazing friend, Ali had gone through all of elementary and some of junior high and high school with her until she transferred. She was so much fun and could be so silly. She had been there when a lot of people wouldn’t be.

“I think you should do it.”

“My family is so against him. That is the last thing they want me to do.”
“Your mom isn’t.”

“My mom doesn’t know half the things that Bam knows about him. Plus anyone looks like an angel compared to Bam. Of course she loves him. I didn’t pick one of Bam’s Jackass friend’s to date. That’s pure gold in her eyes.” a chuckle came from Ryan behind her. Ali looked over her shoulder and carefully between the seats at her brother’s friend.
“True statement.” Ryan simply said and then went back to napping with his already passed out friend.

“He hasn’t done anything wrong to you. He just doesn’t have good timing.” Ali sighed at Nicole’s comment.
“I know. I love him so much. I do.” Ali said happily, “I also worry though that he’s a rockstar. He could get any girl he wanted and throw the thought of me in the trash. we are 3,000 miles apart.” Ali shivered at the thought. 

“You would know if he was bring unfaithful. You are friends with all of the guys. They wouldn’t let you keep living a lie. Especially Matt.” Nicole reassured her. Ali took her friend’s hand and held it tight in her own and looked out of the window at the ocean below them. 


“We are now preparing for landing. Put all trays in closed formation. All seats in the upright position. The seatbelt sign will remain on through the remainder of this flight. Thank you for traveling with us and welcome to Helsinki.” The sexy flight attendant walked past them to find her seat. Ali could hear the immature giggles from her brother and his friend.

“I saw a ring.” Ali snarled knowing that Bam probably had his neck cranked to get a glimpse of her ass.
“That’s more than you have” Bam shot back. Ali huffed and looked at Nicole who was rolling her eyes.

Soon the plane had landed. After grabbing their carry-ons the four made their way inside the terminal. 

“GAS!” Bam dropped his bags and took off running and jumped on a very large man. The man laughed lightly and his form of a welcoming hug was a few friendly pounds on Bam’s back. Ryan followed just as excitedly. Ali smiled loving the scene. Gas Lipstick was a member of the band H.I.M. (His Infernal Majesty). The drummer to be exact. He was a large bald man only eyebrows and a small braided beard were the hair splotches on his face. In a thick accent he looked over the gang. 

“Ville sends his welcome. He would come himself but the public is just too risky for him right now. He has been swarmed the past two days. So he sent me!” Bam smiled.

“Completely understandable. Now lets get out of here. I’m ready to go see Ville.” Bam smiled and picked up his suitcases and walked towards the airport exit. Gas came up and rubbed Ali’s back.
“Ville said you two were coming. Welcome to Finland.” Gas took her bag as well as Nicole’s and smiled following Bam.

“It’s so great to see you Gas.” Ali smiled up at the blubbery man whose thick accent she could hardly understand sometimes but she loved him just the same. Nicole smiled and then looked at Ali a little grossed out by the man who came to pick them up from the airport. Ali laughed and hugged her with an arm.

“You will see Ville soon.” Ali smiled and laughed. Nicole pretended that she was fainting at the thought. She had seen glimpses of him at the Margera house but not really met him. She was very excited for this trip mainly for that reason. Ville was going to be their tour guide, translator and much more this entire trip.
Once outside the airport, they walked up to where Gas’ car was running. It wasn’t anything too fancy but it still was a nice sports car; the sign of a true Finnish rockstar. Ali and Nicole jumped in the back of Gas’ car with Ryan. Bam sat up front.

“We trust you have good flight? Ville has been hoping you would have landed sooner.” Gas said as he took off once he was in the car and the luggage was all collected and safely in the back.

“Euro-American flights are always fucking messed up, Ville should know that”. Bam laughed. “You taking us to his house right?” Gas nodded.

“To Valo’s house we go!” He said in a sing-songy voice trying to be funny. His accent was thick and his English was horrible. Half the reason he was the drummer and not the spokesperson of the band.
“Good, we have some things to pick up there.” Bam smirked and looked back at Ryan. Ryan smiled back and looked at the girls.
“We have a little something for you two. It was all Bam’s idea.” Ryan smiled at Ali and then at Nicole. Ali rolled her eyes.
“As long as it won’t scare me or hurt me I can’t wait!” Ali smirked and kicked her brother’s seat.

“It won’t. You will love it, Ali, you really need to thank Ville though. It was his decision.” Bam said as he looked out of the window.
“Oh the La......” Gas started to say. Bam looked at him and covered his mouth,
“Shhhh!!!” Bam laughed, “Jackass” Ali and nicole looked at each other a little confused but smiled anyway. A few minutes later there was a shriek in the backseat.

“OH MY GOD WE ARE HERE!!!!! THIS IS IT!” Nicole said as she looked at her idol’s landscaping leading up to a dark house that was plenty bigger than any house she had ever seen in Pennsylvania. Nicole squirmed, “I’M WALKING INTO VILLE’S HOUSE!”

“You are actually still in the car” Gas said playfully. Finally the car stopped. The gang of four got out including their chauffeur for the day. Bam smiled looking up at the giant house. He hugged Gas and thanked him for the lift. He told him he would see him later tonight. Ali smiled at the thought. Gas would make a great Uncle. He was so protecting of his American friends. Even when he was in the states and was clearly outnumbered in ethnicity he still always made sure to protect Ali from any of Bam's crazy stunts.
Bam walked up to the door and knocked. He had the goofiest grin imaginable. Something always changed when he was around Ville. Ali could never really explain it. He seemed to attracted to the man. He was more than idol, he was a brother, a piece of our family. Ryan would tease that Bam would make out with him if he had a chance. Even thought he would tease Ali's big brother behind his back Ryan always stood next to him.

A thin man approached the door. He had black jeans, a black band shirt with a dark purple scarf wrapped around his neck. His hair was black and slightly curly. The longest of it stopping at his chin. He opened the door and soon a huge smile played on his lips. He reached out and threw his arms around Bam and kissed both of his cheeks. Yet again another dark accent filled the air, 
“So glad to have you back home, brother” Ville Valo was his name. He was the lead singer of H.I.M. and was a long time fan and friend of Bam.
“We are home!” Bam laughed as he hugged his Finnish friend. 

“Indeed you are. We have plenty to do in this trip. Hope you are ready” Ville smirked and hugged Bam once more.

He soon stood back and embraced Ryan in the same fashion,
“It has been too long.” He whispered softly. “We’ve missed hanging out with the two best jackasses we know.”
Then he opened his eyes while embracing Ryan and saw Ali. He let go of Ryan and deeply embraced Ali. “Welcome to my country! So glad you have come this time.” Ville kissed both of her cheeks. “I believe I saw you on the red carpet a few months ago, am I correct?” Ville smiled.
“Yes, I went to the VMA’s with Zacky this year.” Ali smiled proudly.
“Congratulations, be careful you might be becoming more of a celebrity than your brother.” Ville smirked.
Bam hit Ville’s shoulder and he walked past him inside of the house. Ryan close behind him. Gas unloaded their bags down by the garage and then took off himself after waving at Ville. 
Ali followed after her brother. Mr. Valo could be VERY therapeutic at times for the youngest Margera. Ever since Ali was young she could remember sitting in Ville's laugh crying to him about something so insignificant while her brother and Knoxville tore up another car or worse...someone's bedroom. Ville had a listening capacity that would go far beyond her mother's. She smiled to herself and looked around a house that unbelievably had more heartagrams as decorations then her brother's house.

Ville paused and looked at the other girl,
“ do I know you.”

“Th-threw B-Bam?” She said nervously and a little star-struck. Ville shook his head.

“No....I mean of course I do. I have seen you before though.” Ville ushered her in and then continued to look at her.

“I-I am not sure then I guess.” Nicole stuttered and walked in. She watched him shut the door.
“I know! You were the girl who kept changing Bam’s ipod to my music at the Pirate’s Den party” Ville smiled proudly glad that he remembered, “Nicole.” She stood there shocked. Her heart was pounding and her jaw dropped at the fact that he knew her name,

“That’s my name!” She smiled, “Wait....YOU WERE AT THAT PARTY?!” With the way Bam threw parties it was easy for a good 75 people be there and you would have no idea who all exactly made it. Nicole shook her head, “It wasn’t me every time Mr. Valo....I swear. I j-j-just I ap-p-preciate your music!! A LOT!” She exclaimed.

“I loved it. I might be a little self-centered when it comes to my music. That fact alone made me enjoy the party that much more” Ville smiled and walked into the room with the rest of the gang. Nicole walked next to Ali and pulled on her arm,
“Oh my god...he knows my name!” She whispered in Ali’s ear still very start struck. Ali laughed and rubbed Nicole’s back and laughed a little herself.

The four took their seats. Ville sat down in a deep and dark colored wood carving ornate chair. It was his favorite. One of his best photographs was taken with him in it. He smirked and lit a cigarette and looked at Bam and then the rest of them.
"I believe we have a lot to plan..... Where should we start?" Ville smirked.
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