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The Plans....So Far

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“Ice bar tonight. We already have reservations.” Ville said as he looked at Bam. “For dinner we will be dining at the Savoy restaurant. Just prior to becoming drunk” Ville smiled and took a puff from his smoke. “Tomorrow I was hoping to just spend some time at the concert. The Sounds will be in town and you know how I adore Maja....” Ville trailed off in his thought and then looked at Bam. Bam nodded,
“Sounds like a plan to me. The day after that we were hoping to go to the falls.” Bam nodded and laughed as he looked at Ryan Dunn mischievously.

“Of course....maybe then the girls can have a little liberty of their own.” Ville smiled and winked at Ali.
“Oh but mom said...” Ville shook his head as Ali started speaking.

“What April doesn’t know won’t kill her....isn’t that right, Mr. Margera.” Ville smiled and looked up to see Bam grinning and agreeing. “We are by no means leaving you out on your own, but half of Finland should be discovered. Not lead to. I will only encourage you.” Ville sat back in his seat.

“You can stay with us as long as you would like to.” Ryan looked at Nicole who was off looking at Ville still. “You just might not like the things we do...”

“I’m sure I wouldn’t, but I don’t feel comfortable being out on my own either.” Ali looked at Nicole and then Bam and Ville.

“No one said you HAD to be, my dear Miss Margera. We are merely offering.” Ville smiled and tapped the drag into the ashtray. “Give it time...”

“So what about the cars...” Bam raised an eyebrow. Ali could tell that he was anxious. All of the sudden her thoughts when back to Gumball. Oh Gumball 3000, the race that almost landed her brother in foreign jails all over Europe. She knew exactly what he was waiting for. Bam kept his prized Purple Lamborghini that he used in the Gumball races at Ville’s house. Ville smiled and as he got up and motioned for Bam to follow him. Ali’s brother got up very excitedly and ran up next to Ville’s side. Ryan was walking right next to their side, he seemed just as excited as Bam. Ali rolled her eyes and followed them pulling Nicole along with her. They walked through the Finnish Rockstar’s massive home until finally they reached the garage.
It seemed like just another room of the house. Some of it having carpeting and air conditioning. 

There it sat along with about 12 other cars. Bam ran up to it and spent no time sliding into the driver’s seat. Ryan smiled as he stood there and let thoughts and memories of Gumball fill his head. Ville smirked and dropped the keys for the car in Bam’s lap.

I’m sure she is happy you are back. She hasn’t been touches since you were here last” Bam rubbed the steering wheel in a sentimental way. He sat there happy and then climbed out,
“She’s going to get a good run tomorrow before the show.”
 Bam said happily

“That sounds like a splendid idea, but lets not forget the surprise of the evening.” Ville shoved his hands in his pockets and looked at Ali. “My dear, we have arranged the possibility for you two explore Finland on your own if you so wish to do so.” Ville smiled and handed her a set of keys. Why did they look so familiar? All of the sudden Ali noticed the Lamborghini symbol on one of the keychains. Her heart dropped and she looked up at Ville and smiled widely. Nicole scrambled to see what was in Ali’s hand. Her eyes got big at the realization of the symbol. Ville stepped back and ushered her eyes to the beautiful black car that looked similar to Bam’s car except in black and without all of the horrid gumball stickers.
“Is this for....for us?” Ville smiled and nodded to Nicole’s question. After his response she smiled and squealed before running up and hugging him and then petting the car. Ali clenched the keys tight and smiled,
“Thank you, Ville.” Ali smiled and hugged him tight. “We will take good care of it.” Ali smiled and then ran over and hugged Nicole tight and let out a squeal of her own. Bam rolled his eyes.

“Come on let’s take them for a spin, plus we need to check in to the hotel.” Bam smiled and walked over and pushed the button to open the door of Ville’s garage. Ali smiled and slid in the drivers seat of the car and started it. She smirked and buckled up. She was so excited not only did she have an amazing sports car to drive but it was Ville Valo’s car. She watched her brother converse with Ville as they loaded up the luggage in the two cars. Nicole slipped into the seat next to her.

“CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS!?” Ali laughed at her friend’s reaction.

“This was a shocker, I didn’t see this happening.” Ali smiled in reply.

Soon Bam went flying out of the garage. Ali was caught off guard but not surprised. She waved at Ville and took off after her brother. Ali and Nicole both marveled at the streets of Finland. Helsinki was much more modern than the rest of the country. It was so clean. It had that new Euro-stylish feel to it. Ali loved it already. The women all looked so beautiful, the men all were very trendy. These type of men back home would be considered gay. Ali loved it. Nicole was on the edge of her seat too as they followed the boys to one of the 5 stars hotel in the city, conveniently built next to one of Helsinki’s nicest A-List clubs and bars. The Ice bar as it is simply called in the English language. As soon as the pulled up under the awning of the hotel. bellhops were unloading our things and valets were taking our keys from us. Ali and Nicole walked up behind the boys as they listened to Bam check in.

“30th floor. We have reserved these suits for our most honored guest to ensure privacy” the man at the desk said. Bam nodded and thanked him. The bellhops had already made their way to the floor with their luggage. Bam handed Ali one key and took the other for himself. Ali opened her room and smiled. It was absolutely beautiful. a view on the Helsinki strip. two different bedrooms with a Queen size bed and two standard beds in another room. a full kitchen. A jacuzzi in the corner of the room. It was all decorated very fancy. Already stocked in the room was wine and different snacks. Nicole was already jumping in the bed with excitement. Ali laughed and crawled up and jumped on the bed with her. They embraced and giggled until there was a knock on the door. Ali jumped off and ran to the door to see her brother,

“Be ready for dinner in about 3 hours. Just come over to the room ok?” Bam said in all seriousness. Ali smiled and nodded. As her brother started to close the door she stopped it and then jumped into his arms.

“Thank you, Bam....” She whispered. Bam couldn’t help but smile as he set her down,

“You deserve it. Now go keep squealing or something” Bam smiled and messed up her hair before shutting the door. Ali ran back to Nicole and did just that.

Eventually they did settle down and begin to get ready. They agreed that tonight’s celebrations required only the best of outfits. They immediately began applying makeup, doing hair and comparing outfit choices.
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