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Wipe off the makeup, what's in it's despair

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I would be editing this all over and over until it is perfect for me. Well, until it is beautiful.

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"Rachele, don't go!" Alex pleaded, "You don't have to go! Even if the whole school doesn't accept you!"
"I have to, dear." I cried, and sobbed at her shoulder.
"Rachele, if you leave, everyone's going to miss you." Alex said. Psh. Yeah right.
"There's no one left to love in this town.", I paused, "Except for you."
I kissed her forehead, and I went to my car and drove to my grandfather.
Maybe he'll accept me.


I went to the school my grandfather sent to me and it was so cold! Dammmit, I left my jacket at home. Ugh, I'll get it back when this shit is over. At least we don't have uniforms.
The school was ginormous. I swear.
Please, help me find my room, I said mentally in my head, but I just guessed to what room I need to go and, BOOM, Room 27 is there. And I wasn't late.
Wow, nice place., I whispered, as I went inside. The teacher nodded and said, "Class, this is Rachele Devon."
Do they really need to know my name now?!
I watched the room, and everyone was bored. Except one person at the back, drawing.
Who is this person?, I needed to ask. The guy I was wondering about had raven-black hair. I don't know why, but when our eyes met, he sorta looked...sad. I don't know why, but it seems like I'm like him. What they call emo. He looked at me once, then smiled. DAMMIT! Have I been blushing?
Focus, Rachele..., I told myself.
Where would I sit? The guy in front of the raven-haired guy moved his head, and I saw an empty seat. Fine, I'll sit there.
Don't think I like him. I just get nervous when it's cold.
Anyways, the guy stopped drawing. I took a peek, and it looks like ten thousand people simultaneously in one paper. It's like a bunch of us in uniforms, but cool uniforms. At least it was comfortable.
He looked at me and said, "Do you want to borrow my jacket?"
Uhhhh...."No.", I said, and I looked at his eyes. His eyes are hazel, and...
He placed the jacket on me.
"Thanks.", I muttered. I was so cold and grateful, and probably blushing.
"You're welcome.", he smiled, then continued drawing.
"Are you sure?" I asked. You better be, 'cause I'll be hanging on to this the whole day, dude. Anyways, hmmm...your name isn't dude, it's something, so what is i-?
"Uhh...yeah." he ran fingers through his hair, "I'm used to it."
Long pause.
Now, for the important question..."What's your name?"
"Gerard.", ooh, nice one. "Gerard Way."
"Gerard." the feel of his name on my tongue, feels so good..."What a nice name.", I said, but to be more polite, I said, "Nice meeting you."
Oh, yes, Gerard, it is nice meeting you.

Gerard's POV

I was in Math.
I was drawing a really really good drawing, like a big band of people, walking, when someone came in.
"Class, this is Rachele Devon.", the teacher said when she acknowledged her.
Rachele. What a beautiful name...

She searched for a seat, and her eyes fell on mine. What beautiful eyes... She blushed, and she took the seat beside mine.
My throat was too tight for words.
I studied her. She was around 5'5, but she could be smaller, and she was very pale... Her eyes were blue, and it was piercing. It's like staring at cold water. Her brown hair was falling on her shoulder, the red tips falls on her seat.
"D'you, do you want to borrow my jacket?", The words came out of nowhere, and she was shaking her head. I placed it on her shoulder anyways.
"Thank you." she whispered.
"You're welcome.", I said.
"It's so cold...are you sure?", Rachele asked.
"Yeah. I'm used to it.", I said.

I thought this was the end of the conversation, but...
"What's your name?", Rachele looked at me, shivering.
"Gerard. Gerard Way.", I smiled.
"Gerard. What a nice name.", she muttered, "Nice meeting you."
Well, hello, then. Ummmm...hi. I thought.
Things are gonna get different here in this town. I mean it.
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