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What my friends call

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Can you guys comment? This is my first time writing, and yeah. :D

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Gerard's POV

"The stupidest thing the school's ever done...", Frank spoke to us in our table, "Close the heating vents. Even the teachers won't be that stupid."
Mikey and I agreed. "And we're all wearing jackets, except you Gee.", Mikey said, "Where's your-?" He gaped at a person behind me.
Rachele Devon was going to our table, wearing my jacket.
"Hey Gerard.", she smiled at me and said, "Are you sure you don't need your jacket?"
"I'm sure, and guys,", I turned to Frank and Mikey, both gaping at her, "This is Rachele Devon.", I turned to Rachele and said, "Here's Frank Iero and Mikey Way."
"I'm Frank. Frank Iero.", Frank was trying to use his sexy voice, but failed because of the uhh...gloop from the cafeteria. Rachele giggled, and blushed, but she shook his hand.
"Mikey.", Mikey smiled and shook her hand. "Hi Mikey.", she said shyly.
"We're brothers.", I smiled at Rachele and said, "I think."
"That would explain the hazel eyes.", FINALLY someone who doesn't confuse green with hazel, "And guys, you're going to get flies on your mouths soon." Frank and Mikey laughed and closed their mouths.
"Ugh. Stupid unvegetarian gloop from school.", Frank saw meat in his gloop, and he took a packet of sour skittles from his pocket. "Aaahh skittles."
"You love skittles too?!", she whispered.
"Skittles is EPIC.", Frank and his skittles again, "I even have a secret stash at home!"
"I know where it is!", Mikey said, "It's at his closet!"
"MIKEY!", Frank screamed, and chased Mikey out of the cafeteria.
Rachele picked up the skittles, and popped at least ten of them in her mouth at the same time.
I was laughing so hard. Mikey usually doesn't tell anyone about Frank's secret stash, and if he does, it's usually to us, after Frank moves his stash. And of course, Frank is probably going to chase Mikey the entire lunch period.
Anyways, other than that...
We were alone in the table...
"Hey, you!", someone shouted from another table. I looked around and saw the cheerleaders saying, "Not you...her!"
I rolled my eyes, then tapped Rachele's shoulder.
"They're calling you.", I said.
She came to them and asked, "Yes?"
"You could sit with us if you want."
"I don't."
"Are you sure?"
"Well, one, you all are stereotypes, and I think I'm going to look like one of you, and I'm not sure I'd like to suffer that.", she said calmly, while people around her are going like psh, "Two, you all are fake, look at you,", she pointed at her, "Your contacts aren't fixed."
The girl with contacts hurriedly went to the bathroom.
They all went passing by, and Rachele and I are alone at the table.
Wow, Rachele. How the hell does she contradict the popular people without caring?
Since I didn't have anything to say, I just took out my sketchbook and continued drawing the one I did earlier, the one with ten thousand people on it, going along a way....
"Nice drawing.", Rachele commented, "Oh yeah, I need to get a copy of my schedule, so see you later?"
I looked at her, and she was standing up already.
"Yeah sure.", I said, and smiled. She smiled back and went to the library.
Suddenly inspired, I flipped the pages of my sketchbook to an empty page and began to draw.
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