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Let's Get This Straight.

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New Year's Day. Very early. Everything comes out. Gee and Frank POV for the most part.

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So... who expected last chapter?! Huh huh huh?! :D Anyways, you guys will learn about the conversation Frank and Gerard had in ch4/5. So yeah enjoy! xoxoxo

Bob's POV
It was insane to know that we had started the New Year in such a fucked up way yet hear warming way. But now, it was time we got some explanations.
"All right, Delilah said there was talking that needed to be done. And I bet it's from you two," I say pointing to Gerard and Frank who were sitting on the ground together. It was strange because only 15 minutes ago Frank was at Gerard's neck ready to tear him apart.
Gerard turned to Frank and they both just nodded.
"You're right Bob, we do have things to explain. Gerard? Do you want to start?" Frank asks a bit embarrassed.
"It probably best if I do start," he replied with a sigh.
Gerard's POV
I looked down ashamed that I had hurt my brother, my best friends, especially Frank, and the girl I loved.
"Well, Mr. Suave are you going to start fucking explaining to us?" Ray says, still angry at Frank and me. I hated that, Ray was one of the best friends in the world. I couldn't have him mad at me or Frank.
I look up and around at the people surrounding me. I had hurt them. I turned my attention to Mikey who was scratching at his arms, at the scars from not so long ago. Ray and Bob kept swatting his arm when he did that so he eventually stopped and I began to speak.
"Ok... remember when Mikey and I brought Delilah over for you two to meet?" I ask in general, excluding Frank. They all nod and after that... well I just spill everything.
"Well after we brought her here you," I say nodding toward Ray, "and Frank greeted her. You did it all nice and politely but Frank here well he did it in the I am going to have in my fucking bed before you know it kind of way and it pissed me off. It shouldn't have, trust me I know that but since I'd seen her at the library I knew there was something different about her and I wanted her to be with me. So when Frank did this I had to tell him something so that's when we went into my bedroom to talk about it. I wanted, needed him to back off because I was supposed to have her. Not him," I pause looking at Frank who I think wants to speak already. I also turn my attention to Ray, Bob, and Mikey who's faces speak a million words.
Ray looked... apologetic as if he didn't know I had wanted her that badly.
Now Bob, he actually looked very confused since he hadn't been there that day but it seemed as if things were sinking in.
And then there was Mikey. Shit he looked hurt but he also looked as if he sort of understood.
I looked to Delilah who was looking down at her wrists. I still didn't know her whole story, only bits and pieces and when I saw her right there and then I just wanted to get up and cuddle with her. Yes, cuddle. She was sad, she was feeling guilt as if she had brought this upon us. She also looked so sleepy. Poor love, it had truly been a long day for her.
"My turn to talk," Frank says snapping me out of my mind.
Frank's POV
Gerard was busy staring at everyone so I decided to step in and he just nodded in agreement.
"When we got into his bedroom he was angry, I wasn't used to it, then he explained it. All of it. He told me how when he first saw Delilah it was like nothing before, how he just knew he had to have her, but he knew he couldn't because of the age difference. Then I confessed. I wanted her just as bad or so I thought so we sat down and came up with a proposition. Neither of us could have her. We could be her best damn friend in the world but neither of us could have her. We couldn't take her for ourselves," I pause hearing myself. I realized Gerard and I had acted as if she were a toy thing, just another object. I hated that.
"So this deal also had an exception, if she were to fall in love with one of us well then that was another story. I wanted her to love me so I threw myself at her, I thought I had to. She didn't restrain from it either so, I thought she might have been in love with me but..."
"I thought the same," Gerard said cutting me off. "I thought she loved Frank, every night I'd go to sleep thinking she was going to end up with him. I really did. I mean he's perfect for her, you really are Frank," he said looking at me with sadness in his eyes. "But then she's pull me back in. She'd stay up all night with me freaking out over the art work I did for her. She would talk to me on such an emotional level that I thought maybe I was just a friend and you were more Frank."
I look at him a shake my head. "No Gerard, that's not it at all. She talked to like that because she loves you. I was the friend; we'd laugh and joke around and hug and cuddle but we never really talked, she never cried in my arms like she had done that one night with you," I turn to him and look at his surprised face. "Yes Gerard, I saw that. But I still wanted to be loved by her, I didn't want you to have her because my heart belongs to her," I say on the verge of tears.
Ray is staring at Gerard and me intently and he speaks up. "You two are so stupid, why didn't you just wait a bit? You could have figured out soon enough with out trying to force her into loving you," he finished messing with his curly hair. He was right.
"Gerard, why didn't you just tell me?" Mikey said finally speaking up.
Gerard looked at his brother. A tear fell and he only whispered, "You had other things on your mind."
Mikey got up to hug Gerard and told him loud enough for all of us to hear, "Gerard, when it comes down to it all I will always be here for you like you've been for me. Never be afraid to tell me something."
Sometimes I felt like we were all on the same age level in our minds because of the way we acted. Mikey was acting like a grown man, being so mature about Gerard keeping a secret from him it was shocking.
"Thank you Mikey," Gerard says letting go of his brother. Ray and Bob get up making them look even more down on us.
"Look, I'm not very proud of either of you but... I am glad you two have came to a conclusion," Ray said grabbing Gerard's hand and pulling him into a hug.
"Same. I just want the little one to be happy, she deserves it," Bob said lifting me up and into a hug.
"I want a hug!" Mikey says joining the 4 of us.
This was the way it should always be. Through thick and think we had to stick together, we were a family. Through fights and arguments, sadness and depression, joy and glee we had to stick together, these were the four guys who are my brothers.
Gerard lets go first and sighs. " Thank you guys. We did both come to a conclusion," he says as I nod my head. "That's why... she and I can't be. Frank deserves her, not me."
Whoa. What the fuck?
"Gerard what?!" Bob and Mikey said together.
Delilah was already asleep; after this long night no one could blame her.
"You guys heard me, look at her. She deserves better than I can ever be and she deserves to be with someone her age and someone who will treat her like a princess, a queen and with someone... her age!" he said frustrated with himself.
I couldn't take it anymore, he needed to snap out of this and realize she loves him. I get out of Bob's arms, get in front of Gerard, stand there for a good 5 seconds staring at him and slap him across the face.
"Now it's my turn dammit! Listen to the words coming out of my mouth got it!? She LOVES you! Accept that! No fucking insignificant number can EVER change that! For God's sake man, stop self loathing and be happy! She loves you! Hell you almost fucking had sex with her according to Mikey so just fucking open your eyes and accept it!" I say heavily breathing and feeling like a million pounds was off my shoulders.
Ray, Mikey, Bob, and Gerard were all staring at me.
Then Ray came towards me and hugged me.
"Finally!" Mikey said throwing his arms up.
"I know right! I thought I'd have to do that!" Bob says high fiving Mikey.
As much as I loved Delilah everything I had told Gerard was true and he needed to know that. He was speechless still so I knew what I had to do.
"So Gerard, get Delilah, carry her to your damn room, lie her on your bed, and fall asleep next to her. GOT IT!? Enjoy what you have with her!" I say pointing towards Delilah who really was a heavy sleepier.
Mindlessly Gerard walks over to her, tries to lift her up but can't so Ray does snickering at Gerard's weakness and carries her to the room, Gerard following behind. As soon as Gerard is gone and Ray returns we all high five each other laughing.
"Good job Frank, you really gave it to him, that's what he needed!" Ray said rubbing his eyes.
"Yeah good job! But now, I'm tired this has been a long day so farewell!" Mikey says walking to our room. Bob and Ray say the same and get their stuff ready for bed in the living room.
I follow Mikey into ours and lie on the bed as Mikey silently falls asleep. Just lying there I think to myself,
What the hell did I do? I just handed her over...

Gasp! So much happened! Anyways R&R please! Tell me what you liked and yeah hope you liked it :) xoxox
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