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My poor Frankie... but hey...

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After a long night everyone wakes up the ENTIRE next day to a house of surprises.

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Time to give you a bit more :3 enjoy xoxox

Delilah's POV
I rub my eyes at first not knowing where I am, freaking out a bit actually. But then I wake up a bit more and realize I'm in the apartment, in the bed, with... Gerard? At first I get freaked out of what I might have done last night because I remember hardly anything. I look under the sheets and see I'm fully dressed. Good.
My nerves then relax and I let it sink in that I was in a bed next to the man, boy, whatever I wanted to call him, I loved. It was so perfect. He looked so at peace and after last night, or this morning, he deserved that.
I hadn't stayed awake to hear them finish talking. But I had heard Gerard talking about me. About how badly he wanted me when he first saw me, of how much it ached him to know the age could interfere. I also had heard Frank. My poor Frankie, I loved Frank, there was no question in that but not the way I loved Gerard. Frank was the guy I wanted at my wedding, the guy I wanted to be the god father to my kids, the guy I would go to (after Ray) if anything ever happened to Gerard or someone I loved, like my girls. Frank was my best friend, but he wasn't the boy, guy, man, I loved. The man I loved was lying next to me sound asleep.
And if he didn't give a fuck about age, well then neither did I.
I let out a small sigh of happiness and Gerard's eyes flutter open and my eyes meet the gorgeous hazel eyes that held a mysterious soul behind them, the eyes that drew me to him in the first place.
"Good morning handsome," I say kissing his lips softly forgetting how amazing that had felt. It was strange to think less than a day ago we were on this same bed passionately kissing one another.
"Hello love, I doubt it's still morning," he says smiling and shutting his eyes. I then remember the fighting.
"So I'm guessing all is at peace now since y'know I'm in bed with you?" I ask slyly hinting at what sounded like a vulgar comment. He laughs his adorable childlike giggle and turns his whole body to me.
"Ehh somewhat, but if it isn't we should enjoy this time together, if you catch my drift," he says with a devilish grin.
I grab a pillow near me and hit him playfully. "Gerard Arthur Way! Are you trying to take my purity!?" I say laughing and he just grins shutting me up by kissing my lips softly but quickly. But a knock on the door surprises us and makes us both stop.
"I swear to God if you two are getting it on I will tear off your little man parts Gerard!" Frank says through the door.
Gerard gets up, bed head and all, and opens the door. "For your information my man parts are a decent size and can satisfy a woman just fine young man!" Gerard says with a smirk making Frank laugh.
"Ha! Best joke I've heard all day! But y'know, the day, for us, has just begun!" Frank says jumping on the bed almost hitting my legs under the covers.
He was right, it was already 6:30 P.M., we'd slept a very long time. As I look at my phone I realize I have 7 missed calls. Wow, since when did I become popular? I thought to myself.
"So gorgeous, did Mr. Suave over here try to you know," Frank said moving his pelvis in a provocative way.
"God Frank what do you think of me?!" I say hitting him with a pillow as I had Gerard.
"Hmmm well Miss Castro, or the future Mrs. Way!, I think you are the most amazing person, other than the losers in the living room and this ding dong," he says as Gerard lies on the bed and places his head on his lap, "that I've met up to date and well if he screws up just know I'm always open for business!"
I laugh at Frank's straight forwardness and Gerard just sitting there as if it was no big deal. It was nice to see them like this again.
"Well as long as she's with a some what decent guy!" Gerard says laughing at his own joke, as always.
"Shut up Gee or will I have to reenact last night?!" Frank says laughing, me not knowing what they are talking about. I just look at Frank and he continues. "Oh you missed it babe! I slapped the sense into this guy! He finally figured out that you are insanely in love with him all thank you me!" He ended with a huge grin and a ruffle of Gerard's hair.
I can feel myself blush and I feel so embarrassed but it's an okay embarrassment because I'm with two guys I love to death. I was missing the other three. But I still needed to call back whoever had called me. I unlock my phone and see every call is from a friend I kept in touch through the internet that had become very close to my heart.
"Hey guys do you mind being quiet for a second?" I say already calling her back.
They both motion over their lips silence. I sigh with a smile and then she picks up.
"THANK GOD YOU CALLED ME! BIG NEWS DELILAH!" I heard her yell through the phone, even Gerard and Frank heard.
"Nice to hear from you too," I say with a laugh.
She keeps on screaming and once she says a few magic words I start screaming as well. I give the address to the apartment, hang up, and run out of bed. Of course I trip over the covers making Gerard and Frank help me up.
"Whoa slow down Delilah, what's going on?!" Frank says laughing at my excitedness.
"SOMEONE SPECIAL IS COMING OVER SO GET FUCKING DECENT NOW!!!" I yell running to tell Ray, Bob, and Mikey to get nicely dressed, or dressed at the least.
They don't question because they know it'd be a bad idea so they just rush around getting dressed.
"Delilah! Who's coming?!" Mikey asks as he brushed his teeth in the restroom as I was combing my hair out.
"It's a surprise but she's really special to me!" I say excitedly. I couldn't believe I'd be seeing her again!
Frank's POV
I was scared to not get dressed one Delilah started yelling at us in a happy rage sort of manner. After last night, day, whenever, I was strangely at peace.
In my mind I came to peace with everything and I realized why I did what I did. But of course Gerard had to make sure everything was all right.
As I walk into my room Gerard followed me in locking the door behind. "Ohh Mr. Way, I didn't know you wanted me that way!" I said laughing and he just showed a stupid face of happiness.
"Shut up Frank, anyways is everything between us... all right now?" He asked sitting on Mikey's bed.
I sigh and sit down on my bed facing Gerard. "Yes Gee, everything is fucking amazing, no sarcasm. I was lying in bed last night thinking why I had just handed her to you and it's because I know she loves you and she'd be happiest with you. I love her enough to realize that," I reply confidently. I get off my bed and head to my closet and before I know it I'm on the ground.
"I fucking love you Frankie! Thank you so much for understanding, for letting me love her!" he says as I smile a huge grin as he lies on me from tackling me.
"Okay okay, we all know I'm awesome, now can I get ready before Delilah chops my head off?" I ask with a giggle.
He gets his weird ass off of me and walks out, without even closing the door. Gosh typical Way!
Ray's POV
Delilah was making all of prepare for this special person that was coming and for some reason we were happy to do so.
Mikey was helping me with dinner which probably wasn't the best idea since he was a hopeless klutz.
Gerard and Frank, who were still huge idiots but idiots at peace, were cleaning everything up from our New Year's "celebration".
Bob, well I actually didn't know what Bob was doing. He had been leaving mysteriously lately, ever since he met Delilah's girls. I knew what I'd have to ask him now.
Suddenly there was a knock on the door a voice came through. "DELILAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I'M HERE!" the voice screamed making Delilah run out of Gerard's bedroom and to the door in an instant opening it toe let us see this mystery guest.
Mikey's POV
Delilah opened the door and in came this girl, about her age, happily smiling one of the biggest smiles I've ever seen.
They instantly embraced and the girl started looking around at us.
"Delilah... last time I saw you, you didn't have 4 hot guys living with you. What's going on here?" the girl said with a giggle and a wave to us all.
"Hahaha! Well love if you must know these are my lovers! Okay no that's creepy," Delilah says with a laugh.
"Shut up Delilah because Gerard might as well be your lover!" I reply taking a sip of my coffee. She rolls her eyes at me and beings to speak.
"Guys I want you to meet an amazing girl that I met over the internet, yes the internet. Presenting to you Jamia Nestor!" she says having her friend Jamia bow for us. "Jamia, this is Mikey, the one with the glasses, Ray, the one with the fro, Gerard the one with the awkward smile, and Frank, the one with the blank expression over his face," she says as she points to each of us.
"I'm Mikey Jamia!" I say already giving her a hug and surprisingly she hugs back. Ray and Gerard do the same but Frank, for some reason, doesn't.
"Well guess I have to go to you for a hug!" Jamia said walking towards Frank with extended arms.
Frank's POV
Was this what Gerard meant when he told me from the second he laid eyes on Delilah that he'd love her forever? Was this what it really felt like?
Jamia Nestor. She had short black hair and ivory skin. She had a gorgeous figure, she wasn't a twig, she also had a beautiful smile that shined so bright. To top it all off she was wearing a vintage Black Flag band shirt.
If this what Gerard meant well... I'm glad he had found Delilah cause this feeling was amazing.

gasp! Jamia is in the story?! SHOCKER! Anyways, please R&R and tell me what you think. Also... KWANI! I TOLD YOU HE'D BE HAPPY :D So yeah hoped you enjoyed xoxoxox
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