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Guys... meet Jamia

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One of Delilah's very close friends visits her and the guys and has some interesting news.

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Ahh Jamia Nestor :3 I just love her don't you? Enjoy! xoxoxo

Delilah's POV
"Jamia, you can't believe how happy I am to see you!" I say hugging again taking her away from Frank who looks a bit brain dead.
Jamia and I had met over the internet two years ago, through twitter and she was amazing. We had everything in common; music taste, literature taste, a creepy sense of humor. She was just awesome in general. She lived in San Diego, which is only a few hours from Calipat so we were able to meet once. It was like meeting my sister. Before I had became friends with my girls there was Jamia and she knew everything about even though we'd only seen each other face to face once. Now having her here with me and the guys was just great. Once I let go of her I see her huge grin, the one she always wore on her face even when things were getting bad. She was just so happy all the time and I couldn't deny how happy I had been the first time I'd met her face to face. Jamia was contagious, her happiness was and always will be contagious.
"I'm happy to finally see you again too Delilah! It's been too damn long! And you're hardly online now! Are these guys taking up all your time?" she asked smirking at me and crossing her arms. I can feel the heat in my cheeks bubble up and I know I'm now blushing because it's true. The guys had become my life and had taken a lot of my time up. I still spent time with my girls but I hadn't talked to Jamia in ages.
"Gerard definitely as been taking up her time lately!" Mikey says high fiving Frank who finally moves out of his comatose state.
Shit I blush even more but Jamia just squeezed me. "Well you did D, cause well he's hot!" she says but she's not pointing to Gerard, she's pointing to Frank.
Frank stops laughing and blushes realizing she was talking about him and Ray and Gerard start insane laughter.
"What? What I'd say?" Jamia asked looking at me.
I was stifling a giggle when I answered her. "J, that's Frank, that one, the loser with longish black hair is my Gerard," I say with a proud smile.
"Oh shit! Sorry Frank and Gerard! You are good looking too, real Gerard," she says laughing. Frank rubs his neck and looks away from her smiling.
He was acting strange but I was too happy to ask at the moment.
"Don't encourage Frank, please! He already think every woman in the world is ready to jump in his bed," Ray says laughing along with Gerard and Mikey. I even laughed because it was true.
The door suddenly opened. It was Bob.
"Where the hell have you been young man!?" Jamia says making Bob's face light up in shock. We all laugh at his expression and Jamia gets up to greet him. "Hi, I'm Jamia, Delilah's pimp," she says shaking his hand, his face still in shock.
"Shit man! We have another 14 year old girl now?!" he asks walking to the small kitchen area.
Ray gets up to follow him and Jamia replies. "For the time being, sure!"
I look over to Frank and he is back in his comatose state staring at the ground and peeking at Jamia every once and a while. I had a feeling I knew what was going on.
"So Jamia, Delilah said you had big news?" Gerard said coming over to me wrapping his hand in mine.
"Well lover boy, and other boys, and girl, if you must know! I do have big news! Can someone give me a drum roll please!" she says standing up quickly. This is Bob's que and he grabs two spoons and starts the drum roll. "Delilah, I am proud, and a bit pissed off to say, but more proud, that I'm moving here! And going to Brawley!" she says making me jump up and squeeze her again. My best internet friend was going to live in the same town as me and go to the same school as me!
So far the first few days of the New Year were going great! I had Gerard, Frank and he were at peace, Mikey was feeling better, Ray was still a bit angry but happy for me, and Bob well I really didn't know what was up with Bob.
"FUCK YES!!!!" I screamed hugging her and laughing at the same time as she was too.
Frank's POV
I wanted to join Delilah in hugging Jamia. She was going to be living here in Calipat. She was going to be going to BUHS. All was well in the universe, it really was.
Mikey's POV
Damn Delilah and Jamia could scream a lot. But I was happy for them. That and well... I HAD ANOTHER NEW FRIEND!
Ray's POV
Delilah looked so happy. It was about time! But I couldn't concentrate on her. I wanted to know where the hell Bob was at.
Bob's POV
God, I'm gone for a few hours, I come back and we have another teen in here. Just great. She seems nice though. Frank seems to stare at her. But Ray, he was starring at me.
Gerard's POV
All I knew was that she was happy and that this girl was nice. Things were turning out for the better. Now I wish I knew what was going on in Frank's head each time he looked at Jamia. And Bob, where had he been going for the past 3 days....
Delilah's POV
"Jamia! THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME!" I scream after I let go of her and the guys laugh at me, except Frank who is still acting strange. But now I was curious. "But J, why are you coming here? I mean not that I'm super happy! But why move from San Diego to here?" I ask sitting back down having myself sit in between Gerard's legs on the couch that was actually pretty big now that I thought about it.
Jamia sat down beside he and I and explained. "My dad works at the prison over there, but recently the prison here on the out skirts of town offered him the job of warden and well he wasn't going to turn that down! So here I am!" she says with a huge smile. She clearly was excited.
I just squeal like a loser and after that we can't stop talking.
The guys tell her about how we all met, about Jersey, about Frank and Mikey needing a new start, and then Gerard explains whatever the hell we have, to her.
"Wow... you're life is interesting now D! No wonder you aren't online a lot anymore!" she tells me smiling. "Oh and nice job picking up a 17 year old, just smooooooth," she finished with a laugh.
Gerard looks at me and smiles. She was right, it was smooth.
For the next few hours we all talked to one another, even Frank talked a bit but not a lot as usual. We all ate dinner together, spaghetti, Ray and Mikey's supposed specialty. Eventually we she had to leave and we embraced one last time.
"By the way, you don't like live here now do you?" she asked me as she hugged me tightly.
"I might as well," I say with a small sigh and a smile.
"Well, I know where to find you at now! Anyways, I'll talk to you soon, promise. Bye D," she said opening the door. I just wave to her with a huge grin. As soon as she's gone I go up to Frank and Bob who are sitting by each other.
"Well, well, well. Look it here, two guys who have a few things to explain. Who would like to go first?" I ask crossing my arms.
"Yes, a lot to explain actually. Bob?" Ray says coming to stand by me also crossing his arms.
"I agree. Frank?" Gerard says joining in.
"Aw guys I want to intimidate them too!" Mikey says standing by Ray imitating our crossed arms.
Bob's and Frank's thoughts

does this one seem short? it does to me. Anyways hope you like it! And check out my other fic that I just started please! :3 Remember to review and rate each, tell me your HONEST opinion :D okay, thanks for reading! xoxoxox
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