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My weeping angel

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Oh frankie

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Frank’s POV
Gerard was gay. GERARD was gay. Gerard was GAY.
that was all that was running through my mind the last few lessons of the day.
I had a shot with him, I could be his Frankie and he could be my Gee-Gee…
I I imagined that us two alone in a perfect world.
“MR.IERO!!!”the teacher was screaming at the top of his lungs.
“I’m sorry, what?” I said absent minded.
“day dreaming about your girlfriend are we?” he said rolling his eyes.
“He wishes! Hes a fucking queer arse faggot sir!” it was Jason the class clown the one responsible for 50% of my brusies and scars (the other half being my dad). The class laughed at this , I even saw the teacher laugh.
“back to work everyone” he said still laughing.
I turned to look at the clock, 10 minutes left then id be out of this place , and home to my dad…
I sighed, something hit me hard in the back of the head.
it was a rock wrapped in paper, I felt where it hit and surprise surprise is was bleeding.
I open the paper and It said ‘use this to kill yourself’ and taped to the paper was a razor , I scrunched up the paper and put it in my pocket ,hoping nobody saw ..


“Dad im home” I said quietly hoping he wouldn’t hear
he hit my stomach dead on.
I doubled over and fell onto the floor in pain.
he kicked me in the head!
“how dare you talk to me like that boy!” he grabbed me by the hair and forced me to stand up.
“im sorry dad” I spoke as confidently as I could.
“DO NOT CALL ME THAT, IAM NOT YOYR DAD, ANYMORE!” he let me fall to the ground before he kicked me in the stomach again and again and again…
“now get out of my sight before I kill you” he spat on my face and threw me up the stairs.
I ran up to my room and locked the door …
I looked around my room my dad had trashed it completely , the bed was broken my window was smashed my guitar neck was broken from the body , there were holes in the walls and my clothes were scattered everywhere … it wasn’t nice to begin with but now, there was nothing….

Gerads POV

“Granma im home” I shouted out.
“oh hey there Gee, how was your first day?” my granma smiled back at me.
I’d been living with my nan for a while after my younger brother mikey had a meantal break-down and my mum only wanted mikey to live with her .
“it was great, there was this boy called frank and hes really nice and funny and stuff” I smiled at her
“gran?” I asked her.
“yes dear?”
“can I tell you something?”
“of course dear”
“I-I-I-I…. think I like Frank” I stuttered.
she gave me an “Oh-really” look and hugged me.
“does he like you back?” she asked me
“I don’t know”
“tell him, honey”
“what if he doesn’t love me back?”
“what if he does?, youll never know if you don’t ask dear”
“okay ill ask him, thanks gran” I got up from the sofa and grabbed my phone;
‘hey Frankie can I come over to yours? I have to tell you something G:P’
‘Ummmm I don’t think that’s a good idea right now :/, how ‘bout I come around to yours? F
‘ okay see you in ten k? G’
‘kay F’

I waited for Frank with a huge grin on my face ecstatic for what I was going to tell him.
the door bell rung and I sprinted towards the door

“Hey Fran-“I cut off seeing his face.
his eyes were red from crying and he had a bloody nose. I nearly screamed seeing him like that.
“Frank wha-what happened”
“don’t tell anyone please” I grabbed his hand and lead him into my room and sat him on my bed.
“whats wrong?”
“m-my dad” he stuttered “ h-he beats me u-up all t-the t-time” he looked like he was going to burst out crying.
“oh Frankie” I pulled him into a hug and he put his head on my chest I rested my cheek on his head.
he started sobbing into my shirt , making it wet. Tears sprung to my eyes seeing him break down .
“where does he hit you Frank?” I asked once he calmed down a bit.
“everywhere , he kicks me and punches me and he said if I ever tell anyone he’ll kill me”
“wheres your mum?”
“h-h-he killed her”
“im so sorry Frankie , I didn’t know”
he hugged me even tighter his tiny frame was now sitting on me sobbing even harder into my shirt
“you cant go back there Frankie I wont let you, you’ll get hurt or … worse”
“where else can I go Gee?” he asked tears still rolling down his cheeks
“you’re staying here tonight”
“no buts my gran wont mind and I’d feel awful letting you go back to that monster” I said through gritted teeth.
“thank you Gee” he gave me a weak smile.
I saw the door open and my nan walked in.
“hey Gee I was-“ she cut off seeing Frankie’s tear stained face.
“oh, what happened” she said looking at me.
Frank looked up and nodded at me. So I explained to my gran why I had a weeping angel in my arms.
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