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Don't cry Frankie

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“take of your shirt” my gran said through teary eyes and a shaky voice
“what?” I answered for him
“I want to see” she said more confidently
slowly frank stood up leaving my arms but not breaking eye contact. He took off his shirt and I saw the horror of his body.
his whole torso was covered in bruises and cuts. I covered my mouth to stop myself from screaming.
he looked away from his body . disgusted at what he was.
I stood up. I put my hand under his chin and turned his head to look at me. He had tears in his eyes.
“don’t cry Frankie” I pulled him into a hug.
“I love you Gee” he whispered so only could hear it.
“I love you too Frankie” a few tears escaped my eyes.
my nan had walked out of the room in tears .leaving us alone.
“can I put my shirt back on Gerard?” he said to me “I hate being seen like…. This” he said the last part through gritted teeth.
"Frank Iero. You are beautiful. You're not ugly never think that. You're perfect to me." I smiled at him and kissed him on the cheek.
“I’m never going to let him hurt you again” I promised him “can you tell me more?”
He sighed “he would hit me for no reason, lashing out because he knew I was scared of him, if mum tried to sick up for me he would hit her until she was unconscious then he would turn to me again and I never knew what he was gunna do, sometimes he would have a knife and he would cut me with it not deep enough to kill but enough to put me in agony, other times he would throw me about and hit me with things like chairs and glass bottles”- he cut off there choking on tears.
I hugged him even tighter, wishing I could take the pain away from him. I picked up his shirt and gave it to him, he put it on and sat on the bed again. I sat next to him and rested my head on his sholder. I felt his lips press against my head,
“y-you said you wanted to talk to me when I came over” he sighed. Shit I nearly forgot about that…
“yeah I-I- needed to tell you something” I sighed. “Frank, don’t hate me... but I sort of…. I really li… frank I lo-“he cut me off with his lips. i didn’t react at first because I was too shocked , but I soon melted into the kiss ,my mouth moving in unison with his. I’d wanted this since I first saw him. His fingers slid up into my hair gently pulling on it. I swear my heart stopped beating .After about a minute he pulled away.
“oh gosh, I’m sorry Gee” he looked hurt.
“don’t be Frankie” I smiled at him and kissed him on the cheek,
we stayed like that for a while and we must of fallen asleep because when I opened my eyes it was 6:30 and time to get up for school, frank was still sleeping. he looked like an angel , the early morning twilight lighting up his perfect features. I kissed his temple.
“Hey frank” I said softly.
“Ughhhhh……”he said made me laugh a bit.
“we gotta get up for school now ,sleeping beauty.” I giggled, pulling him into a standing position….

Franks POV
“what time is it” I asked rubbing my eyes.
“6:35” gerard beamed at me “your deffinatly not a moring person then, want some coffee?”
“fuck yes” I smiled back.
“when I come back I expect to see you dressed at least” he got up and ran up the stairs two at a time, leaving me on my own in his room.
I looked around studying the posters on his red and black painted walls, until I noticed a desk in the corner of the room, covered in papers. I walked over to it glancing over the papers. Drawings. They were brilliant, mostly of things like zombies and people, but one caught my eye, it was of me. It was like a photo except in this I looked absolutely amazing.
“Frank… I just got bored I swear!” Gerard was nearly shouting.
“I really like it, Gee” I smiled at him. “but it does make me look fucking hot”
“I drew what I saw” he smiled at me and passed me a coffee.
“You calling me hot then” I chuckled.
“could say that” he grinned back.
“Gee… about last night” I sighed. His face fell.
“didn’t you enjoy it…..”
“No actually quite the opposite” I smiled “I was going to ask if you did.”
“Oh Frankie” he said jumping on me making me fall back on to his bed, he sat on top of me. We were both laughing. When suddenly he lent down to kiss me, I smiled into the kiss, I could feel him playing with my lip ring, then I felt his tongue brush against my bottom lip asking for entrance, I sighed and let him in. his tongue brushed against mine which made my smile even bigger.
“come on weve gotta get ready” he smiled, pulling away.
“really?” I said poking my bottom lip out and giving him my best puppy-dog eyes.
“Unfortunately yes” he pecked me on the lips before pulling me up. “ill get dressed down here , you can take the bathroom”
I walked up the stairs into the bathroom, taking my school bag with me (cause it had my clothes in it) I brushed my hair , did my eyeliner , and put on a shirt and white torn skinnys which were extremely tight. I walked back down to Gees room and opened the door , he was half way through straightening his hair.
“oh hey Fran- WOAH those are tight” his mouth was hanging open.
“Don’t ask” I smiled and sat on his bed
“im nearly done here, d’wanna walk to school I can’t be asked to get the bus”
“sure” I said putting my shoes on ready.

Time lapse

We walked to school hand-in-hand talking about random things like bands and school work. When we reached the school gates he let go of my hand.
“just in case” he said “Ya know bullies and stuff, I don’t what them to hurt you.”
I nodded at him and we walked to home room and took our places at the front….

Gee’s POV

I felt a piece of paper hit my head so I picked it up and read it.
‘I know about you two
I turned around and gave him a death glare. What did he mean ‘I know about you two’ nobody saw…. Then it hit me… he must of seen us.
“Hey everybody guess whos dating” alex smirked at me.
“alex please”- the teacher started
“FRANK and ”-
“ALEX OUTSIDE NOW!” the teacher was screaming now.
“Gerard” he smirked again and left the class, hitting frank on the back as he left.
“twat” I said under my breath. Then the bell rung. Art. Should be fun I thought.
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