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You can always Skinny Dip?

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I'm back in business baby!

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I'm back in business... sorta :/

I still have loads of work to do but this story is a huge part of my life and I missed not writing it so I figured I'd update every weekend or something but right now school is very stressful and my mum doesn't agree with the choices I'm making so I have had a few arguments.
Anyway, Enough about me, you need to read this chapter and tell me what you think. ENJOY!

Amii parked up outside the store neatly.
“Wow.” Me and Frank said at the same time and we both burst out laughing again.

“Would you two quit it? It’s freaking me out!” Emii said.

“Sorry,” Said me and Frank.

“Seriously guys!”

“We can’t help it.” I said.

“Yeah, maybe they are more similar than we knew.” Amii said and I blushed.

“Are we gonna just sit here all day or are we gonna go in and have a look?” Mikey said.

“Lets go!” Amii said and she got out of the car. We all got out and walked the short distance to the store.

We stopped outside it and stared for a while.

“Wow!” We all said in amazement…


We walked out the store clutching several black bags.

“That was amazing!” Me and Frank said.

“GUYS!” Said Mikey. “STOP IT!”

We ignored him and piled into Amii’s car. I pulled out my phone from my pocket and called my mum.

“Turn down the music.” I said as I heard my phone dial the number. They turned down the music and I held the phone to my ear.

‘Hi mum’
‘Amii wants to know if me and Mikes can stay over hers again?’
‘No, we went to this really cool store today and we just wanna hang’
‘Yes mum’
‘I promise. We’ll be home by 5 O’clock tomorrow’
‘Thanks mum’
‘Love you too’

“Love you mum!” Mikey shouted.
‘Mikey said he loves you’
‘I thought you may have heard him. I think he burst my eardrums.’
I glared at Mikey and he stuck his tongue out at me.
‘Bye mama, see you tomorrow.’ I hung up.

“I’m guessing she said yes?” Emii said.


When we got back to the big house, the sun was shining brightly but it wasn’t a humid heat. It was pleasant and warming. Amii suggested we hang out in the pool.

“But me, Mikey and Frank don’t have any trunks” I said.

“You can always skinny dip?” Emii said, winking.

“I think I’ll pass.” Me and Frank said at the same time. Mikey glared at me again.

“I’ll go and get you some.” Amii said and she went off to get them.

“Are you sure you don’t wanna skinny dip?” Emii said.

“I’m sure.” Me and Frank said. “But Mikey never said no.” I continued, looking at Mikey as his face turned alarmed.

“No fucking way!” He said and he backed away. I gave him a tiny push and he took another step back straight into the pool with a huge SPLASH!|

He fell under the water and resurfaced a few seconds later, coughing and spluttering. Me, Frank and Emii were clutching our stomachs and laughing hard.

“You BITCH!” Mikey shouted at me. Amii walked out of the double patio doors and stopped dead on the patio.

“What the hell happened?!” She exclaimed.

“Mikey had a little trip.” I said in between gasps. Amii chuckled a little.

She set the three pairs of swimming trunks, 5 towels on the table and handed Emii her bikini.

“Go get changed sis. I’ll watch this lot.”

“Hey! We don’t need babysitting.” I said as Mikey grabbed my ankle and yanked it.

“SHIT!” I cried as Frank gave me a shove as well and I fell into the water.

“You dick!” I cried and I hit Mikey. He swam away from me, fast. Amii sat down and Frank want to sit next to her.

“Immature or what?” He said.

“Shut up Frank. You’re just as bad.” Amii said.

“Am not!”

“Are too!”

Emii walked back in wearing her bikini.

“Oh god!” She said at the sight of both Mikey and me in the pool. “What happened!?”

“Mikey” I said.
“Gerard” Mikey said at the same time. Frank laughed.

“Just get outta the pool so you can get changed.” Amii said.

I splashed Mikey and got out of the pool.

“BITCH!” I heard Mikey call as I walked off in soggy clothes to get changed.

“I know!” I called back and Frank chuckled.

“You kinda deserved that Mikey” I heard Frank say.

“You’re only sticking up for him ‘cause you lurvvvveeee him.” Mikey said and my heart stopped...
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