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Enter Iero, the fun-loving, hyper and did I mention hot new guy?

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Frank's just moved in from Chicago, he reunites with a friend and meets the gang

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To Brian Haner, it was just a normal day. How he hated Mondays. The day the torturous wrath teachers inflict on students begin. He shouldered his black messenger bag and walked down the main school path. He spotted a boy with shoulder-length raven black hair, a taller boy stood next to the ravenette with a brunette afro. He gave a slight smile and bounded over to the duo. Gerard and Ray. They were busy talking but stopped and grinned when Brian came up to them. "Yo Bri, you heard 'bout a new kid?" Gerard asked, running a hand through his black hair. "New kid? Well this oughta be interesting." Brian smirked. He couldn't wait to see the newbie. He parted ways with the couple and went to his homeroom. Mrs Hickson was already seated on her desk, typing on her laptop. Brian took his seat, at the back of the room as far away from the front as possible. He stared out of the window, but was soon snapped out of his gaze when the bell rang. The teacher looked up from her laptop. Suddenly a knock was heard and the school principal, Mr Scott, walked in with a boy. Brian gave a silent gasp at the boy. He had black hair that fell over his eyes, the sides were shaved a dyed red. He was short, like Johnny, and even from the distance Brian could tell he was a handsome boy. "Class please welcome Frank Iero. Mr Iero you may sit next to Mr Haner." The teacher instructed. Brian tensed as Frank made his way to the seat next to him. Brian then noticed the clothes Frank was wearing. A tight Misfits shirt, black skinnies, studded belt and red Converse. When Frank sat down and turned to Brian, said boy noticed that Frank is more gorgeous upclose. He had a lip and nose piercing, a warm smile and Brian noticed a scorpion tatto on his neck. Frank had cinnamon brown eyes with flecks of honey around the iris. "Hi I'm Frank, but'cha probably knew that." he said. Brian could tell Frank was fun. "Sup, I'm Brian." The taller boy replied. Conversation took of from there and Brian discovered a few things about Frank. Suddenly the bell rang and it was Math for Johnny and Physics for Frank. They grinned at each other before parting ways.

Brian made a mad dash for the Math room and found Jimmy and Bob talking. "Guys you wouldn't believe who I just saw in class! His name is Frank Iero, he's the new kid, and did I mention he's a fun-loving, hyper and did I mention hot guy?" Brian said excitedly. Jimmy and Bob smirked at Brian, they found it highly amusing to watch an excited Brian. The Math teacher started the lesson but Brian pretty much zoned out at most times. 'Dear God! I think I'm falling for Frank. But who can blame a guy?

Frank nervously walked to his new Physics class, he saw jocks giving him snickers and was shoved to the floor. His belongings scattering everywhere. He collected them and was surprised to find a pair of hands helping him. When he got up he had a view of the boy. He had mousy brown hair that went down in a sort of fringe and was spiked up at the back. "Don't pay attention to those assholes, I'm Mikey Way by the way.... Hey that sounded weird." Mikey giggled along with Frank. "I'm Frank Iero, leader of the Midgets United," Frank said. He already felt comfortable with Mikey's sense of humor. "You met anyone who's actually fun to talk to?" Mikey asked. Frank had sparked his interest but not in the romantic way. "Uhh yeah! Brian Haner is a cool guy, not to mention hot." Frank's eyes then widened wen he said the lasp part. "S'okay dude, welcome to the Gay Pride Mardi Gras." Mikey said, giving a toothy grin. "Cool, I've always wanted to prance around the streets in booty shorts and stripper heels." Frank laughed, Mikey joining in. The lesson droned on, learning about pi. Both boys knew about it so they could catch up later on

Bell rang signalling break, Frank tailed Mikey since he had no idea where to go. Mikey was more than happy to show Frank around and to his friends. They reached the usual place, beneath a large cherry blossom tree where few people venture. As the two boys got closer Mikey saw the others were already seated. Minus Jimmy, Brian and Bob. "Hey guys! I want'cha ta meet Frank Iero, new kid and he's got spunk." Mikey hollered at the seated party. "Yo, I'm Matt and this is my boyfriend Johnny. That's Ray and his boyfriend Gerard, next to him is Zacky." Matt Sanders introduced. Mikey and Frank sat down in their semi-circle. "So Frank where did you move from?" asked Zacky, who was on his stomach. "Moved here from Chicago, gotta admit it's nicer here." Frank said. Suddenly they heard footsteps and they glanced at who it was. Frank gave a sudden squeal of delight, "OH MY SKITTLES!!!! BOB!!!" Frank squealed. Bob looked at Frank incredulously before walking over and giving Frank a man-hug. The others looked at them with puzzled faces. "Frank's my best friend in Chicago, I moved here and we lost touch." Bob explained. Frank quickly got introduced and Frank felt happy... he knew he was going to fit in just fine

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