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Hyperness and lots of water

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What happens if you give Mikey, Frank, Zacky, Bob and Johnny sugar, and an unfortunate thing for teachers but fortunate thing for students

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The boys were telling jokes and stories under the cherry blossom tree. The majority were cuddled up with their partners, Brian and Frank were alone. But they didn't mind. They were both eating Skittles. Suddenly Johnny shot up and grabbed his bag and dumped the contents open. Sweets and only a few books flopped out. "Sugar eating contest!!!" he squealed. Mikey, Frank, Zacky and Bob agreed while the others just watched. "Frank I betyou can't eat all this shit!" Mikey grinned, Frank looked back at him with a smirk. "I'm born on Halloween, I'm practically made outta sugar and demons!" he giggled and stuffed his face with more sugary goodness. By the time EVERYTHING was gone, the boys who participated had large pupils and grins so big the Cheshire cat for Alice in Wonderland cried in defeat. "IFEELSOGOOD!!!!!!" Johnny screamed and tackled Matt in a kiss, Mikey and Bob had a full wrestling match, Zacky took off his shirt and grinded against Jimmy. Frank happily skipped over to Brian who was sitting down with a look of fear in his eyes. Frank gave a smirk and sank to his knees, he was now straddling Brian. Frank seized Brian by his shoulders and shook the taller boy like there was no tomorrow. "Brian you're my new best friend!" Frank cried. He stopped shaling Brian and planted a kiss on the skin underneath Brian's ear. Brian felt a shiver of pleasure, he bit his lip to stop from moaning as Frank gently swirled his tongue around his earlobe. Brian was happy but sad that the fact people on sugar rushes tend to forget what happened to them like a drunk person would. Frank placed a kiss on the side of Brian's mouth, close to his lips. Frank slid off Brian and laid down next to him, the rush dying and pretty soon he gave a groan of exhaustion. "Note to self, never eat that much sugar even though I'm a Halloween boy." Frank groaned before closing his eyes. The others were also dying from their hyperness. Zacky left Jimmy with a boner, Matt had kiss-swollen lips, Mikey and Bob were on the grass cuddling and the formerly sugar rushed boys were moaning in exhaustion.

Suddenly the wail of firetrucks were heard, it wasn't that peculiar. Belleville was a dangerous town. But the odd thing was the trucks raced over to their school Gallowayne High. Fearing the worst the boys scrambled to their feet and sprinted to the main building. There wasn't a fire, just a couple of water pipes burst and flooded most of the school grounds. Filling the campus with foul smelling water. In danger of harmful substances, teachers sent students home. Frank was relieved that he didn't have to face the jocks today. The school will call parents when the campus reopens so they had time off. "So Frank, where do you live?" asked Brian casually, though the memory of what happened still burned in his brain. "I just moved to #9 Diablo Street," Frank answered. "Wow we're neighbours, Gee and I live in #10 Diablo Street." Mikey said excitedly. Frank beamed at that. "You guys wanna come over? Ma paremts are outta town for a meeting. Just be at my place in about an hour" Matt said, his parents are hardly around so he pretty much had the house for himself. "Sure, we'll take Frank with us since he doesn't know where to go." Gerard said. Frank nodded happily and he parted with the group. He bounded happily to a medium-sized house and the door opened to reveal a woman with brown hair and a smile in her face. Frank started talking to her and her smile got wider, Frank gave a final wave before disappearing into his house.

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