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Surprises not for the faint hearted

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The boys get a pleasant view from their boyfriends!!

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Hey! Haven't updated this story, but recently got a brainwave. Thx LaReverend for reviewing, hope you like this chapter!!!!

Brian pulled up Matt's driveway and killed the engine, he saw Zacky's, Gerard's and Ray's car parked next to each other. Johnny must've been early, as always. Those two fuck like horny rabbits on crack, Brian chuckled. Those two were certainly not the kind of pair you would expect but you can't stop love. Matt was heavily built, towering at 6'2. While lil Johnny was toned but standing at 5'4. An embarrassing height he pouted but to Matt he was perfect. Brian also liked them small and cuddly, but Frank seemed annoyed at the word 'short' and gave of a non-revolutionary speech. "We are not short, we are funsized. Funsized because we can hide in a place and not be found for the next 5 hours. Imagine Jimmy squeezing into one of the cupboards in homeroom? I bet Johnny and I can fit in and leave space!" Frank rambled and shot Jimmy a smug grin as the tallest of the group gave him a mock glare.

Brian walked through Matt's door expecting the guys already hyper. To his surprise he only saw Matt, Jimmy, Bob and Ray watching The Last Exorcise while munching on the bowl of popcorn on the coffee table. "Sup guys, where's the others?" He questioned. "Johnny's got a surprise for us, and knowing my lil sexy angel, it's gonna be good!" Matt grinned. Johnny was.... the stubborn daredevil as they call him. Never one to back off a fist fight and always ready to tackle risks, like the time he had to pretend to be straight. He had to date the secretary's daughter to get staff files from the office and post the secrets. Brian gave off a smirk at the girl's face when she realized she's been used. They moved away after that, Johnny was delighted of course. Brian gave off a silent chuckle at the way Johnny sprinted to the bathroom right after they kissed and she left. He puked his breakfast and rinsed his mouth several times as Matt rubbed his back soothingly. "It's just like kissing a fish, slimy lips and bad perfume!" he whined in between the kisses Matt was giving to flush out the feel and taste. They ended up fucking in one of the stalls, the others scrambling and shovin themselves out of the door. At least it made Johnny feel better.

They suddenly heard a loud thump, followed by a string of Italian and English curses and various voices yelling Shut up Frank!. "Frank's half-Italian like Gee and Mikey, it's pretty cool that he can speak fluent Italian." Brian explained. "How do you know he's half-Italian..... wait....*insert lightbulb above head*.... AHA! You like him!" Jimmy concluded while pointing an accusing finger at Brian, who held his hands up as if he was gonna get shot. "Alright! I admit I do like him, he's just so fuckin adorable in every way!" Brian squealed girlishly.

Meanwhile upstairs
"I can't fucking believe I let you talk me into this!" Frank shrieked "Relax hon, Brian would love it!" Johnny reassurred. Frank texted his mom earlier saying he'll be staying over and he's gonna borrow some clothes, his mom gave the all clear so tonight they were going naughty. Zacky was dressed in lime green disco shorts and black roller skates. A lollipop in his hand, for future needs. Johnny was goin for the totally naughty look. Dressed in a skimpy nurse outfit with a red garter and white pumps. The Way brothers were feeling down right dirty so they both wore the same outfit. Mikey in a black and white corset and skirt set with black garters and knee high boots, Gerard in the same outfit except in black and red. Both brothers had dog collars on them, and handcuffs around one wrist. Frank looked down at his outfit. Black booty shorts, fishnet thigh socks, ankle boots which made him fall over earlier and a black mini waistcoat. "It will be fun, trust me." Zacky said firmly. Johnny then grabbed his phone and dialled Matt's number, who picked up almost immediately. "Johnny?" his voice rang. "Right here babe, put this on loudspeaker, done yet? Okay. Everyone go upstairs and into the rooms with your name on it, we'll be there in a few minutes. Love you." and with that Johnny hung up. The submissive group listened as their partners walked up and search for their room. When they heard a five doors close, they all took a deep breath. "Show time lads," Mikey whispered and they all went to their assigned rooms.

Brian walked in the roomand sat on the edge of the bed. He closed his eyes but snapped them open when he heard the door close a secons time, the sight that greeted him made him hard. His angel, looking very sexy. Dressed in one of his many fantasies about the shorter boy. Frank let out a shaky breath and walked over to Brian, he hooked two fingers under Brian's chin and brought his face upwards. Frank leaned in slowly as if he was going to kiss him, but when they were no more than two inches apart Frank suddenly let go and walked past him. Frank hopped on the bed and let his back rest on the headboard. "Tease" Brian growled while Frank giggled, he slowly brang his knees up slowly and slutty. Spreading them far apart, making Brian look at a delicious view. Tease him, stall and then let him have it, was Johnny's advice. Brian drank the sight and felt himself grow harder. "I'm all yours Brian," Frank said as he teasingly slid his hands down his torso. Brian crawled up to Frank, leaning for a kiss. But Frank stopped him with a firm hand pushing him back. "Ah-ah-ah~ I only allow people in their boxers," Frank sang. Enjoying himself. Brian let off a frustrated growl before stripping to his black boxer briefs. He then attacked Frank in a hungry kiss, which he returned happily. Tongues and teeth clashed as both boys fought for control, in the end Frank gave up. Both boys were in an open-mouth kiss as Brian slid off Frank's boots, Frank was moaning as Brian suckled a tendon on his neck. Brian bit down and sucked the small amount of blood that was released, causing Frank to yelp and moan. Brian claimed Frank's lips again, this time slower but with the same passion. Frank wrapped his legs around Brian's waist and thrust his erection against Brian's. Brian let out a hiss as Frank rubbed their erections harder, his hands found Frank's ass and he pushed harder. The luscious friction causing both teens to moan out in pleasure.

"Frankie, do you want this or do you wanna take it slow?" Brian panted. "We haven't even gone on our first date yet!" Frank gave a small smile. Slow it is then. He then took Frank's cloth-clad erection in his mouth and ran his tongue around it. Frank let out a strangled scream as soon as Brian's tongue came in contact. The material was thin, so it did no help. "Brian... p-please h-hu-ahh hurry up." Frank stammered, his mind and vision clouded with passion and lust. He felt Brian smirk through the fabric, and drew in a sharp breath as Brian slipped his shorts off and flung it to the side. Brian stared at the beautiful sight that only he got see. Frank's erection standing flushed and proud, pre-cum leaking from the slit. Brian looked up to Frank, whose cinnamon eyes glazed in a dreamy state. For a short guy, Frank was really packing it! They did say that good things come in small packages, Brian gave an inwards chuckle at the phrase.

Frank's mind was still recovering from the tease, but all sanity that gathered exploded as soon as Brian's mouth enveloped the tip of his dick. Frank let out a throaty moan as Brian drove the tip of his tongue deeper into the slit. Brian then procceded to take Frank halfway before going back up, then sharply bringing his head down. Frank let out moans and pants of pure ecstasy as he lovingly gazed down at the boy. He felt his stomach clench amd gripped the bedsheets tighter than before as he let of his load in Brian's awaiting mouth. Brian sucked him dry and then scramled back up Frank's panting body as he captured the boy's lips again. "Please be mine," Brian mumbled in between kisses. "With pleasure." Frank smiled and let Brian's tongue intrude his mouth. Suddenly positions were flipped and Frank was straddling Brian. Frank's lips then travelled down Brian's jawline, nipping and sucking a trail down to his chest. Frank teased a nipple with the tip of his tongue before taking the nub in his mouth, sucking lightly before biting it slightly. His left hand pinching the other one as his right hand rubbed Brian through his boxers. The combined assault made Brian's head spin. Frank continued his trail down and nipped the underwear line. Brian nodded at him as Frank slowly eased the boxers off, revealing Brian's massive member. Mmmn I like my mouth full, Frank gave an inwards grin as he took Brian's head in his mouth and sucked gently. Frank ran his tongue down the shaft and licked around the base. His right hand gently fisted Brian's dick and he began pumping agonizingly slow. Frank's mouth traveled south and he sucked on Brian's balls, causing the taller boy to let out a strangled cry. Frank brought his lips back to Brian's erection and took as much of Brian as he could, bobbing his head up and down while working his tongue on the head. Brian's hands soon fisted the black locks as he shallowly thrust into the hot mouth engulfing his erection. Frank soon felt stomach muscles hardening and focused his sucking on the head. Moments later Brian let out a cry of pleasure as he released his seed in Frank's mouth, and he had a lot to give. Frank's moaned at the taste of Brian's seed in his mouth, and had a bright idea. He drew his lips away and let the remaining jets of sperm shoot his face, licking his lips and the sperm sluttily. Brian brought Frank's face closer and licked of his own cum fron his new lover's face. Sighing at the delicious taste of himself and Frank combined.

Both teens were curled around each other under the covers, enjoying each other's presence. "Frankie, will you really be mine?" Brian asked, Frank raised his head and smiled before placing a gentle kiss on Brian's lips. "Until we die," he promised. Both boys soon succumbing to their exhaustion. Waiting for their first day as a couple.

Nyaaa!!!!!! Finished it!!!! Finally! It got deleted so I had to re-write the first quarter of the story. Hope you enjoy my efforts :3 Please review!!!
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