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Important for you guys to read..

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Alright you guys, I'm really, rreeeaalllyyy sorry about not updating and such... I guess it kind of puts you off the story. Now, I never actually wanted to EVER do one of this non chapters to in form you of bad stuff like giving up or taking a break, but this is not my fault what so ever. You see...
I went to the doctors not long ago, you guys would know I hadn't been feelig great about everything the last time I posted and they have said I may have bi-polar and only a psychiatrist could tell us for sure. I'm seeing one in July, WHICH I don't want to do.
Secondly, I have lost my USB which has this story on it. I have literally looked everywhere (including inside the vacum just in case) but I can't find it. Stupid me didn't back it up, SO! As soon as I find this green USB, I will update I promise you this, or I may just type up new entries. That could work too.
Well, my apologies again and I look forward to giving you updates. :)
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