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Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends

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Ville pushed the long black hair from his face he noted the red and purple streaks’ through the long main. He pushed it from his brown eyes only to have it fall back into place over his right eye. He pushed the duvet off himself to see Brendon Urie standing at the foot of the bed kicking it. He glared at the 2nd in command

"Do you mind" Ville said his voice croaking with the morning (or evening as it was)
Brendon looked up "mh" he said looking his masters son "oh good you up for a minuet there I thought you where dead now that’s some news I would not like to tell your father"
Ville coughed into his hands violently, sympathy crossed Brendon’s features but it quickly disappeared.
"Piss off Brendon" Ville said
"Fine but I'll be back" Brendon said walking to the door and opening it "I would watch that mouth of yours"

Ville through a bottle of water at him, Brendon closed the door the bottle of water bounced of the wooden door "asshole" Ville said just loud enough for Brendon to hear. He’s hit Brendon a fair amount of times with a bottle of water and told him to go sit on a steak.
Ville loved unsigned music bands, they where always good either to mock or the see true talent that was hidden in some people. He pushed himself off the bed swaying as he felt dizzy and lightheaded. It passed and he went over to his closet pulling on some loss black jeans, a black shirt a black beanie hat and pushed his black framed glasses on. He pulled a comb through his hair then went down stairs.

"Master Beckette wishes to know your plans for this evening" he was asked by Spencer
"Tell him I will be gone for a few hours but I will be home before 1 am" Ville said
"And maybe not alone hi young sir" Spencer laughed nudging him
Ville smiled falsely as Spencer walked off
Ville entered the garage where he found his pride a joy his Harley Davidson motorcycle. He smiled at its shiny black body. He sat on it pulling on the helmet.

"Please don’t die then I’ll have to kill someone not on my terms" Brendon said Ville responded by flipping him off. Revving the bike and taking off into the night.
He stopped a few blocks away from a bar which had a bands open mic night, he sat down looking at the bands all of them where pretty shit. Ville sighed bored he decided to head home. He walked into the cool night air it felt crisp in his lungs for once they where not so much in pain.

He walked down to his bike he noted some punk looking at him and whispering. They started to fallow him he quickens pace. Then one of then was infornt of him growing up with vampires he was used to it. He was never scared of vampires now.
"Ain’t you Beckettes son" one with a pink Mohawk asked
"No you must have me confused with someone else" Ville said trying slip by him
"That’s him alright" one with green hair said
"Well, well, well let’s send you back to beckette manor in pieces" they shoved the young boy against the wall of the street. He tried to fight against them but it was no use.
Suddenly a vampire with short black hair talked them they took off shouted "run its Wentz"
If they where true then Ville was better off with the punk. He was slumped to the ground; he looked up causally to see no other than Pete Wentz

He snarled at Ville grabbing him with bone breaking strength.
"So you’re Ville Beckette?" Pete spat the word Beckette as if it was a fowl curse
“As I said to those punks you must have me confused with some one else” Ville said even though he knew he was fooling no one. He knew of Pete Wentz everyone in the manor did how he wanted William dead for making him into a vampire Ville was only 14 when Pete was blooded he knew how much time and effort he invested in him he would bring great thing for the clan. But Pete escaped leaving most of the Dandies in fear of him but Brendon just like picking fights with him which William had said was not smart but did Brendon care, no. The 2nd in command got a few more rights than the rest of the Dandies.

Pete’s eyes scanned over the young boy he knew this was William’s son, he was sure of it.
“I swear you his son” Pete said looking at him Pete could tell if some one was lying to him
“I said you have me confused” Ville said his eyes flickered off to side he was lying that was Williams son
“You’re lying” Pete whispered in to Ville’s ear. Ville’s blood ran cold. He was in trouble
Big trouble now

Pete knocked Ville out then took him to the car not far from where he had found him he opened the trunk and dumped him inside.
“Pete what the fuck?” Joe said
“That’s Beckette’s son” Pete said sitting in the back seat with Patrick. He could smell his blood pumping through his vein he could kill them all so easily but can’t he won’t.
“Pete” Patrick said softly he noticed that Andy and Joe where out of the car and that they had arrived at the warehouse they call home just him Patrick and that bastards son in the trunk.
Patrick gave Pete a small smile “Every things going to be ok Pete” he promised “But that kid is your prisoner” Patrick got out of the car.
Pete sighed this was going to be fun he thought sarcastically

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