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Waking In Strange Places Thinking Of Old Kisses

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Ville blinked away the black spots that plagued his vision what the hell happen? Where am I? he thought. He looked around he was on a bed in dark room he could make out the door and a set of drawer but beside that there was nothing else in the room. The room’s air was thick with dust. Ville coughed into his hands wheezing slightly. He looked at the door recalling the night’s event in his head he remembered the punks and Pete oh shit now he knew where he was with Pete and the other hunters. But where, where are Pete and the other hunters that was something his father had been trying to figure out since Pete escaped.
Ville tried to take deep breaths but the air made him cough more and his lungs burn. He cheeked his pockets not phone, keys or ipod. He bit his lip trying to think what to do.

At that moment the door open and there stood Pete Wentz. His black hair fell over his hazel brown eyes. He was wearing a red and black hoddie with black jeans. His eyes where dressed with eyeliner. Ville hated to admit it but he was hot.
“I’m going to make this simple for you” Pete said and Ville could make out the of his silhouetted fangs “You tell me where Beckette Manor is and I let you walk out of her unharmed and not dead”
Ville looked straight at him trying to hide the fear that lay underneath, “You’re a fool if you think I will tell where my father is” Vile said
Pete growled at the young boy “Fine have it your way” he said then slammed the door and locked it. Vile again sat alone in the musty room. He was alone with his thoughts something he never like you see for the passed few mouths Ville had been confused over something rather important.

Brendon waked the halls of Beckette manor his master was out of town he had the joyous job of looking after his son, but the thing was he couldn’t find him
“Ville” he said looking for him he hadn’t forgiven him for hitting with a bottle of water earlier this evening which exploded over him soaking him.
“Ville” he said again he turned too looked for him down the west if the house when he spotted him with one of the blood whores. They where in a heavy make-out session. Ville broke from the girl looking at her.
“Um... thanks” Ville said then started to walk away from her
“The third still nothing what’s wrong with me” Ville said to himself “Am not gay am I. I’m confused”
He walked right into Brendon who was taller than himself Ville was only about 5’5 to Brendon 5’9, the older male raised his eyebrow.
“What was that about?” he asked the young boy
“Nothing” Ville said trying to walked by him Brendon stepped in front of him
“I heard everything you said” Ville looked shocked
“Please Brendon do tell anyone I’ll do anything just please...”
“Calm down I won’t tell anyone anything you will have to once you have figured things out” Brendon said he pulled the young boy in for a hug, Ville felt strange Brendon was never nice to any one but he welcomed the embrace. Brendon pulled away they where closer now. Ville pushed himself up on his tip toes, then placed his lips on Brendon’s. Brendon was surprised but melted into the kiss he quickly dominated it Pushed Ville against the nearest wall. Ville wrapped his arms around Brendon’s neck. Brendon let his expert tongue slide into Ville’s mouth, Ville involuntarily moaned as Brendon worked magic on him.
Brendon pulled away sucking and kissing Ville’s neck. Ville’s eyes rolled back into his head this was bliss for him then Brendon stopped, Ville let out a whine of protest.
“I do hope that helped you” Brendon whispered in his ear, then kissed him lightly on the lips

Ville looked at the celli he touched his lips yes being left alone with his thoughts was not a good thing, him and Brendon never spoke of it again he would be a liar if he said he didn’t want Brendon because he truly did. Ville sighed he had no idea why he liked that asshole. He let his eyes shut and fell into a dreamless sleep.
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