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A little more than sixteen candles.

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Ville was suddenly yanked from the bed by the hair. He took in a harsh breath and willed himself not to cough; not to show weakness. He was then tossed onto a hard floor. He felt the grain under his fingers as he pushed himself up to look at the man who had dragged into this room. If you could call it that; it was more a hole behind a door, lit with ominous candles and drawing focus to the boarded up window. He spat out a small sound that may or may not have been an attempt to speak and turned his head, to narrow his eyes at Pete.
He heard the cold clank of the rusty lock as it slid into the door; securing his place and Pete's behind it.Ville was left alone in the room, knowing Pete would do something,but unaware of what that might be. He was scared although he would never verbalise that fear.
He let out a shaky breath, then coughed into his hands, his lungs burned and his full body shook with anger at his needing to hack up his internal organs again. He wondered, for a moment, if these new precautions were even helping; he was feeling even weaker these days- probably due to Pete's broken Factory of Revenge being caked in dust.
Ville brought his knees to his chest, resting his forehead on them and contemplated the situation. What he wouldn't give for Brendon to burst through the splintered door and save him. He laughed away the thought.
Ville heard the lock click and the door open again, but didn't look up; he didn't want to know who was there because he knew it wouldn't be Brendon. No, he wasn't ever that lucky. The sound of the door re-locking worried him slightly and he felt a hand push and stand of hair behind his ear. He jumped at the sudden contact, but was soon stable and forced into staring at the hazel eyes trimmed with eye-liner of Pete.
"Let's play a game shall we?" Pete asked rhetorically, smiling cruelly,
Fear and curiosity bubbled in the pit of Ville stomach as Pete began to walk round Ville three times. After the third time, a cold, dead hand graced over Ville's cheek, a sharp thump nail ran over his bottom lip teasingly, then Pete grabbed the young boy by the collar of his shirt. He was trudged over to one of the many candles.
"Here's how it works," Pete hissed in Villes ear "I ask a question your answer it, if you don't you get burned got it?" Ville nodded and Pete smiled- baring his teeth warningly, rather than showing happiness.
"Good, now first question: Where is Beckette Manor?" Pete asked.
Ville looked at the orange flame as it flickered, he was sweating now; small beads were forming on his forehead and desperate to trickle down his temple.
"I'm waiting." Pete snarled, his fingers twisting round Ville's collar to tighten his grip a little- not that Ville had the guts to try and struggle away anyway.
Ville had no time to think of an excuse, or feasible lie to tell him; panic had flooded his body.
"Please," Ville begged hoping Pete had a small prang of sympathy somewhere amongst his blood-thirsty body, had the capabilities to go back on this plan and let Ville go.
"Please," he said again, "I'll do anything, just, please-"
Pete let go of Ville's collar; practically throwing hiim to the floor.Pete kicked him hard in the ribs, and Ville swore he physically felt them crash into his lungs. He rolled over clutching his side.
"I'll be back. Make no mistake about that. And you'll play by the rules next time." Pete sneered at him, before turning and making for the door. Ville coughed up ...blood.
Oh god, Ville thought, this can't be good.
Soon Pete was right in front of him, kneeling down he gripping his chin. Ville was sure Pete would kill him right there. He knew that Pete had been without the taste of blood for sometime and he also knew how dangerous that could be,even Brendon had been tempted by Ville's blood after going a mere week without drinking any.
Pete's tongue snaked out and licked the blood from Villes lips before making it's way into his mouth. He couldn't really do anything about it, and in all honesty, he'd prefer this to being burned alive, so, soon Ville was enveloped in a kiss, easily. Pete moved to on top of him, a hand making it's way up his shirt; skimming the milky flesh underneath.
It didn't last long, because Pete had regained himself as quickly as the taste of blood had disappeared. Ville's eyes flickered open to catch Pete marching fast towards the opposite side of the room. Even in the dim light it was obvious that he was shaking; hands jutting from his side, to his face, to his hair and back to his side again, just trying to find a distraction. Something to cease the shaking. He slammed a fist into the wall and grunted in anger; refusing to turn to see the space behind him. He stayed mostly still after this and the room filled with an echoing silence. All Ville could make out, was the dark shadow of a figure breathing heavier than he, himself, could even control.
Ville stuttered to his feet and walked quietly over to the dark vampire. He walked carefully; he had no idea why he was doing this; but none the less he was.
"Pete." He mumbled, shaking as his hand inched out to lay itself on the older male's shoulder. Pete turned fast, anger flared in his eye, almost hissing. He knocked Ville over with ease.
"No." He grunted, but more to remind himself than Ville. Then his eyes flickered evil and he spoke with more certainty, "I have better plans for you." He concluded, narrowing his eyes at the heap of man left in front of him, before leaving the room. The hollow clank of the lock in the door told Ville he was locked in all and somehow, he just knew he'd be there for a while. All he could was sit and watch the wax run from the candles.

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