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Ville awoke again from his sleep in the dusty bedroom. He coughed into his hands; his coughs had been getting worse; possibly because of the musty and damp room he was in. He stood shaking and light headed, he gripped the side of the bed to steady himself before pulling himself to the small bathroom. He looked in the mirror, his appearance was fucking awful, he was paler than Brendon and there were dark circles under his brown eyes. His root where starting to show through his black hair. He sighed before someone smashed his head into the mirror.
The glass showered over him as he fell to the cold tiled floor, gazing up he saw Pete. His eyes were dark with anger.
“Look I’m getting tired of waiting, tell me where Beckette manor is.” Pete growled. His fangs were bared at Ville.
“Like I said before I will not tell you.” Ville said. He sound ill, if his father heard this he would know something was up and his secret would be out.
Pete nostrils flared as the rage bubbled inside him. Pete’s hand reached out and grabbed Ville; he slammed Ville into the nearest wall cause paint chip to snow down. Pete then slammed his fists into the young boy’s body.
Ville let out grunts and gasps of pain. Pete slammed a fist right into Ville’s rib, which snapped and ripped into one of his lungs. He let out a scream, which caused the other hunters to run in. they pulled the violent vampire off of Ville. He slumped to the ground, coughing and trying to breathe.
“Your plan is failing you just as much as my lungs are failing me.” Vile rasped out.
“Mr. Beckette” the nurse called, Ville sighed standing up and walking into the small room. The room was cold and smelled of clinical bleach.
“Well there’s no easy way of saying this” the burly doctor said to Ville “Your lungs are failing…”
After Ville heard this he knew that he would die, how could he tell his father?
He was going to die if he wasn’t careful.

Brendon ran a hand through his dark hair, worry and morning heavy in his eyes. He stood outside his master’s office having to tell him that Pete and the hunters had killed his only son. He finally got the nerve to knock the door.
“Come in” a muffled voice came
Brendon slipped inside “Master …”
“Unless-” William cut him off sharply “you have come to tell you know where my son is, Brendon I don’t want to fucking hear it!”
“Well sir, I know where he is.”
“Well where is he?”
“Sir I’m sorry…”
“No” William said “no Brendon it can’t be”
“It was Pete and the other hunters”
“They killed him”
William looked down at his white gloved hands, tears brimmed his eyes.
“Brendon” William said addressing the second in command “We have some business to attend to”
Brendon smiled knowing exactly what his master meant
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